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In the real world, MarissaTheWriter is the second coming of Jesus and Skepkitty is the Antichrist.

Marissa's spelling is terrible because English didn't exist when Jesus first left so he needs to learn it. Get easier!

Alternatively, Skepkitty is the second coming and Marissa is the Antichrist.

Skepkitty's relaxing stance on Marissa is a mirror of Jesus's alleged friendship with his enemies, and before you say Marissa is really a troll it is just as likely that Marissa gave Insane Guy of DOOM her password so he could "prove" Marissa is a troll. IGoD hasn't written a single Zimfic.
  • In either case, it is obvious the Mayans were right about December.
  • Actually IGoD did write a Zimfic: "GIR's Big Day", posted all the way back in August 6th of 2006.

Invader Zim: Born Again Christian and ITS MY LIFE! really are in the same continuity.

After the Rapture, Gloria decided to not bring what the Bible prophesied Jesus would bring, and instead somehow managed to revert humanity's technological advancement state and calendar year to several decades ago, while all the humans remained the same, and hence, historical sources became corrupted as these few decades repeated twice, creating the form of Anachronism Stew seen.
  • Skepness Man's child (as he's a boy) was named Business Man, after the dead father, and later became the principal of Portal High School.
  • Gaz was somehow resurrected, explaining her appearance in TEEN FORTRESS 2.
  • Why only bring calendar year several decades ago? If Gloria is the second coming of Jesus, why not mark Gloria's birth date 1 AD again and go on further?
    • Also works, and calendar years are conveniently absent from MarissaTheWriter's works so it helps.
    • Confirmed in Enchiridion Marrissa.
    • Excuse me? You mean AG 1. AG goes before the year. Period.
  • Alternatively, they exist in a completely ad-hoc crossover where Gloria somehow made ground for GLaDOS (the second Antichrist) to establish, creating an Earth-sized Portal Labs facility.