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Quotes: Invader Zim Born Again Christian
I liv by myself becos Zooy is out doin movies so I liv alone.
Chapter 1: Zim's Bad Day

Zim was just starin at my crossifix like WTF.
Chapter 1: Zim's Bad Day

I dunno hoo Biscuty Goodness is but Gloria wasant listed as one of the charitures for some reson so I put that one instead becos it sounded cool!
Chapter 2: Lessuns of the Lord

“1 day befour anyone was alife there wus a girl named Mary (but her last name wasant Sue LOL) an wen she was sleepin God came a nocked her up an the babby was… JESUS!111″ Zim o-mouthed in all the shok from this.
Chapter 2: Lessuns of the Lord

“Go way Simon Cowleb no one liks u no more becos yer a sellot hoo lefted Amrican Idol for a dum ripeof.” A guy yelled.
Chapter 3: The Strangur

“Dib u didant killer so u loose yur ination.” Pretty Doog said an they charged at Dip to beet him up so Dib ran way an we wased safed.
Chapter 4: Battle for Zooy

“OMG STEFEN YES YUR LIKE A SIBARRIAN TIGER!111!” Zooy screemed ot an I was sooo grosed out.
Chapter 5: Christan Charity

Dib o-mouthed Ghos Rider was at his hoem? “Ghost R Idder? Yur more lik a Nite Rider lol.”
Chapter 5: Christan Charity

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