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Twoflower being a Widower.
  • If Twoflower was a widower before the events in The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic, he and his wife planned on taking the trip to tour Ankh-Morpork together. When she passed way, Twoflower still left to see the world outside the walls of the Agatean Empire because he promised her.
    • And as such, his continued optimism around Rincewind is really Twoflower hiding his grief with a big, innocent smile.
  • If however, Twoflower is a widower after the events of the first two novels, his wife was killed intentionally by Lord Hong's men, and the battle with Lord Tang was planned. This was a punishment for Twoflower publishing "What I did on my Holidays", along with his imprisonment.
    • His optimism can then be seen as him being strong in the face of his loss for his daughters' sake.

Twoflower's wife had a personality like Rincewind's.
  • Rincewind pretty much makes this wild guess in-universe. He speculated that "Twoflower's wife must have been a very smart person," and she probably saw the worst in people. She got on well with Twoflower because she couldn't find the worst in him.

Lord Hong didn't die.
  • He escaped the Barking Dog shot and made it to Ankh-Morpork . . . where he opened a takeaway fish-and-chip shop on the site of the old fish-god temple in Dagon Street on the full moon.