[[WMG: ''Project Exonaut'' takes place after ''Fusion Fall''.]]

After the battle against ended, the denizens of the Cartoon Network universe decided to found the Exonaut Academy to ensure that Earth's safety would never be threatened again. The HumongousMecha were designed after the heroes who perished in the war, in their honour.

As a side note, this troper seems to be the only one who finds the concept of Project Exonaut ''fucking awesome''.

[[WMG: FusionFall takes place in the Cartoon Network version of ToonTown.]]

Which is why the characters from so many different shows are able to interact with each other. It's hard to reconcile the Earth of WesternAnimation/{{Ben 10}} and GeneratorRex with the zany world of ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'', for example. The player characters are also toons which explains why there's no problem sending kids to fight aliens.
* I don't think you even need to go that far. Say it's an alternate universe where somehow all these things managed to happen. Finn coming back from the future is a little strange, I'll admit.

[[WMG: Why the Powerpuff Girls have realistic designs.]]

It's been about five years since the events in the series, I'm guessing. Enough time for them to grow their fingers. Why? Simple, they were essentially created as-is clothes and all in their show. They're crime fighting fetuses. So when they got older, their proportions changed, the skin between their fingers died and their eyes became, relatively, more reasonable.
* Does anyone else think that Crime-fighting Fetuses would be a AGoodNameForARockBand? No?

[[WMG: Jack undid the future that is Aku.]]

Jack indicates in the game that Aku is a bigger threat than Fuse will ever be, and yet, here's Jacky. Why didn't he return to the past? He can't. Seriously, only Aku had the power to send him back. After defeating Aku, the universe changed around him, like how in Ego Trip, the future changed immediately after DeeDee switched the flow of the Neurotomic Protocore from negative to positive. Thus Jack was stuck in the altered present.
* Jack seems to sport a scar in the cinematics, likely a going-away present from Aku. Dexter ''can'' send Jack back to his own time but Jack wants to stay to help fight Lord Fuse; in his show he will prioritize the safety of innocents over his own needs and this is no different to him.
** [[FridgeLogic Then what was keeping him here between Aku's defeat and Fuse's arrival?]]
*** Maybe Dexter didn't invent a reliable time machine until after Fuse arrived?
* Or, maybe part of Aku's spell is that it also ''keeps'' Jack in the future!

[[WMG: Dexter decided not to become a wuss.]]

This may not even count as a wild mass guess, but seeing as how he's got his own company, Dexter apparently decided to fore-go all that working for the man crap and just run his life the way he wanted to.

[[WMG: Dexter and Blossom are, or will end up, together.]]

Cartoon Network was originally going to hire Bleedman (writer of PowerpuffGirlsDoujinshi) to work on this, but he turned them down. [[CrossoverShip What is it everyone finds so interesting around that series again?]] Plus, picking Dex as your guide is the only way to get missions from Blossom.

[[WMG: FusionFall is a loose adaption of 2007's "Cartoon Network Invaded" event]]

A CrisisCrossover about aliens invading the Cartoon Network universe? Seems plausible to this trooper.