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The Friends on the Other Side and the High Council of Heroes are both currently beginning scouting missions within the Marvel Universe.

Recently, one of Chernabog's attempts to escape the Other Side created a rift between worlds, opening the pathway to this world of heroes. The pathway is new, and not yet fully opened, so it's not possible to travel between the worlds yet. However, agents are able to cross the gateway, and have been sent by both the heroes and villains to begin reporting back on the possible allies that live in this world. Both sides have managed to acquire a few allies already. And now a new rift has opened, in a galaxy far, far away...

(To be re-edited with content from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.)

Friends on the Other Side
Dormammuu: And old ally of Chernabog, Dormammuu is a conqueror of universes and dimensions. Possibly the biggest friend with his face dwarfing humans easily, Dormammuu was powerful and successful enough to even rival Chernabog on some of their infighting. However, his vast success came to an unexpected halt when he reached Earth. For the original Ancient One saw the danger in having Dormammuu approach, and thus set up several sanctums around earth to shield earth from the dark dimension. As such, Dormammuu became obsessed with absorbing this "meddlesome" dimension and claiming its power. However at the same time, with a near infinite number of dimensions to conquer, Dormammuu still finds other dimensions to take out his rage on with his repeated failures to take earth.

Ego The Living Planet: Ego was a friend who decided he was tired of the constant scheming against the physical world and tried to leave it all behind by joining it. Forming a planet around himself as a "celestial". He then decided to see whether life really was worth protecting the way the High Council did. So he sent probes out to investigate life. And he found it "Profoundly disappointing." And as such, he decided to obliterate the universe in the name of the friends, harvesting the universe's souls in one fell swoop.

Thanos: The Mad Titan always had a fascination with conquest, power and death. As such, he became enamored of the friends and their philosophy of oppression. Gathering armies and allies, he planned to collect the infinity gems and destroy things to pay off his debt of intimidation and resources to a supernatural degree.

The Marvel High Council

Stan Lee the Watcher: the most powerful being in this universe. Is he an old WW2 veteran? A postman? A security Guard? No, he's a cosmic being who takes time to briefly visit parts of the universe during great crisis.

Other Forces
The Ravagers: An organization of space pirates, the ravagers are a frustration for both sides of the war. They're far too greedy to become warriors for the council, but at the same time too honorable to be bought by the friends...usually.