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The Friends on the Other Side and the High Council of Heroes are both currently beginning scouting missions within the Marvel Universe.

Recently, one of Chernabog's attempts to escape the Other Side created a rift between worlds, opening the pathway to this world of heroes. The pathway is new, and not yet fully opened, so it's not possible to travel between the worlds yet. However, agents are able to cross the gateway, and have been sent by both the heroes and villains to begin reporting back on the possible allies that live in this world. Both sides have managed to acquire a few allies already. And now a new rift has opened, in a galaxy far, far away...

(Note: This is for Earth 616, NOT the Marvel Cinematic Universe)

The Friends on the Other Side:

Mephisto: An old friend of Chernabog's who deals in the same kind of magic he does and specializes in luring clients into his web, he was the first to make his way into the Marvel Universe. He first targeted villains, offering them their hearts' desire in exchange for their souls, but has now branched out into manipulating heroes, including Spider-man, who fell into Mephisto's trap, sacrificing his love as well as most of his moral strength to save his Aunt. The whole reason why every hero with the technology and magic to save Aunt May said her bullet wound was beyond their power was because the Friends had been controlling every single one of them so that Spiderman's desperation would become so great that it would lead him straight towards Mephisto's trap.

Chthon: An ancient demon native to Earth and perhaps the first and oldest sorcerer to ever live, Chthon is the creator of the race of demons known as the N'garai and the author of the Darkhold, the first and most powerful book of Black Magic on the Marvel Earth, which he left on the planet as a conduit for his eventual return and which is responsible for the creation of vampires and, by extension, the fall of Atlantis. A piece of his essence is sealed in Mount Wundegore in Eastern Europe, from where the Puppet Master gets his magical clay and where he encountered a young Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. Chthon placed a piece of his power inside her so that he might one day use her as his host, so the reason she is so powerful, and therefore the reason she became such a threat to the universe, is entirely his fault. And of course, being an Elder God, he carries some of the blame for the existence of Mephisto and the rest of The Legions of Hell as well.

Dormammu: The Chaotic Evil virtually omnipotent immortal and unstoppable monotheistic god-tyrant of the mystical "Dark Dimension", worshipped as a deity in thousands of other universes, something worse than a demon, older and far more powerful than any elder god, possessor of sufficient might to have defeated cosmic entities such as the Phoenix Force or Eternity in personal combat, able to rewrite entire universes, and creator of kings of hell of the highest order, with the ultimate goal of slaughtering any rival higher powers, assume control of all life and afterlife, and turn both into an inescapable neverending torture camp from birth to death and anything beyond. Arch-enemy, and most dangerous foe of Doctor Strange, and the first classic Dimension Lord. Arguably the most genuinely terrifying absolutely evil recurring villain in the Marvel roster, since he is a powerful Friend in the Marvel universe. Think Darkseid taken to a much higher scaled ultimate extreme. Some of his plots stretching billions of years before coming to fruition, but luckily he's usually extremely arrogant and not a particularly inventive schemer. Then again he doesn't need to be, as he is one of the most powerful known Eldritch Abominations in existence.

The Phoenix Force:

"Dark Phoenix"/Jean-Grey's Clone Saga:

The Phoenix Five:

Surtur: The Demon King of Muspelheim. One of the first friends created by Chthon and Mephisto, this king seeks to burn all the marvel universe in order to finally fulfill his destiny to his fellow friends.


Doctor Doom: This king of Latvaria, Victor Von Doom is a king without peer. A man who could put the Magnificent in Magnificent Bastard, if he wasn't such a petty fool. The friends sensed a potential soul to corrupt when he sought to resurrect his mother. It is unknown how the friends tipped the experiment, but after the resulting failure, Doom swore vengance and sought to humiliate his Arch-Enemy Reed Richards as the supreme intellect of the Marvel Universe.

Loki: A trickster God with a mean streak, Loki's rivalry with his brother made him an ideal ally for the Friends. They use him as a Mole in Asgard, reporting back on the most powerful sources of good magic in this new world, as well as having him manipulate other villains. However, despite his trickster ways, he recently pulled a Heel–Face Turn during the Seige of Asgard, and was killed by The Void for his trechery. It is unknown whether he will abandon the friends to rejoin the Asgard gods proper after his rebirth, or come running back to them.
  • Loki's rough counterparts from other pantheons, including Marmoo, Wayep, Whiro, Ahriman, Aswang, Auberon, Mikaboshi, Erlik, Sagbata, and Nergal, when the last god isn't trying to make friends with the Grim Reaper in the WB Universe, have all been informed of the Friends' existence by Loki, but it remains to be seen how they will act on this information.

Ultron: a Killer Robot, originally created by Henry Pym, Mephistoles decided to have a little fun with the project, and corrupted the programming, leading Ultron to desire to kill his "father" and then humanity afterwards. Surprisingly resilient, and always brought back because Mephistoles loves a good game with his robot pawns, Ultron is a constant thorn in the Avengers's side, and once he even slaughtered an entire country just because Mephistoles wanted something fun to do at the time.

The Enchantress Amora: An Asgardian who asked for dark magic from the Friends, she has allied herself with Loki many times to try and win the heart of Thor, but has always failed.

Norman Osborn: A Corrupt Corporate Executive with an insane split personality who crossed the Moral Event Horizon dozens of times over, the Friends saw the promise in him to wreak havoc on a much larger scale. Indeed they did with the Friend known as The Void. They destroyed what little was left of his sanity by creating a real "Green Goblin" inside his mind, and helped him along as he rose through the ranks, until he wound up as the tyranical new boss of the Marvel Universe. He granted Norman his power both as the Sentry and the ability to fool the world into thinking he was anything other than pure crazy evil. When Norman's debt came due and he was unable to properly pay to Loki, it lead him into the scenario of the Siege where he was thoroughly defeated. (though not without killing several superheroes, bringing Asgard falling flat into the Midgard of Earth and causing much havoc) In order to cover it's own tracks the Friend!Void faked it's own death when it was crushed by the Hellicarrier and returned to the other friends in secret. Dark Reign has the Friends' fingerprints all over it.

The Red Skull: Obviously Evil and a Nazi heir. These and more have come to describe Red Skull, a man so evil that other villains shudder in his presence. Even among some of the big members such as Doctor Doom refuses to run joint operations. As of such, the friends consider him their greatest agent, and their most reliable man for causing chaos on a global level. However, the pesky Big Good Captain America kept charging through the skull's many plans, leading to both an unhealthy obsession with crushing the captain, and eventually, his untimely death. Yet his daughter then took up his mantle, so not all was lost from the friends's favorite client.

The Leader: Samuel Sterns ended up in the same explosion as another more famous marvel citizen The Incredible Hulk. Yet where hulk got Super Strength, Samuel ended up with Super Intelligence. However, it also turned him into a Smug Super Supervillain, determined to "lead" humanity to a future with him at the head. The friends thus far are disappointed with his lack of progress, but he's smart enough to help with side projects to help make up for his growing debt.

The Skrull Empire: Originally a fairly harmless group of alien shapeshifters, they Took a Level in Badass after the destruction of their homeworld - thanks to the Friends providing them with a hostile, imperialistic religion of conquest to latch onto. Their campaign of mass destruction and infiltration not only undid years of trust among the heroes, it paved the way for Osborn's rise. Their defeat means that their usefulness may have run its course.

Reverend William Stryker: Using the same template they used with Frollo, the Friends manipulated this bigoted mutant-hater into taking his war against mutants to the next level. He's become the voice of a movement of hate that's haunted the X-Men for decades.

The Giborim and The Pride: A low-level group of demons and their recruits, they essentially pulled off a small version of the Friends' scheme. The Biggorim decided to seek out a group of low-profile criminals, away from the more colorful heroes and villains, and build them into a supervillain empire. And it would have worked...if it wasn't for their kids.

Bishop: The presence of the Friends and the High Council in the Marvel Universe brought certain elements of their world into this new world as well. It's no coincidence that Hope, the so called "Mutant Messiah" was born around the time that these new forces entered their world - Hope is actually the first Princess of Heart born into the Marvel Universe. She's unaware of this destiny...but the Friends aren't. Targeting the Mutant lawman Bishop, they twisted him, convincing him that Hope would destroy mutantkind. The Friends sent Bishop flying over the Moral Event Horizon, leading him on a chase through time and space as he mercilessly hunted Hope and her foster father Cable.

Kang the Conqueror: A man from the 41st century, an a ruthless conqueror of his time. While he was successful in his time, his was technically an alternate timeline, and the friends enticed kang to become not just a conqueror of space but of time as well. Kang complied, leading countless invasions of the past, but though he did have some successes, he failed to hold his conquests, and each time he was driven away by the avengers.

Malekith: The Accursed. Leader of the dark elves.


Baron Von Strucker:


The Space Phantom:

The Void: The Void was an old Friend who worked his way into the Marvel Universe but initially decided against tempting the heroes and villains. Instead it took hold of a poor drug addict, Robbie Renyolds offering him the power to be one of the world's greatest heroes in exchange for not only his soul but access to his physcial form and the inability for his power to truly do any good in the world. Recently the Void used Robbie as pawn to manipulate Norman Osborn into service of the Friends but was thwarted by the Council's undoing of the tension caused by the Civil War. Robbie was killed in the battle but the Void is still at large.

Venom and Carnage: The symbiote species, to which Venom is a criminal, are actually an entire race of 1st class agents of the Friends. Venom, and his spawn, Carnage, are two of the vilest symbiote agents the Friends have ever recruited. Carnage is a murderous Ax-Crazy psycho, while Venom is a bloodthirsty brute in any host he picks.
  • The presence of Anti-Venom complicates things for the symbiote's attempts to defeat its old host Spiderman.
  • The greatest trouble with the symbiote is that human will and technology can override its desire, so that Spiderman could escape it, and Eddie Brock could control the symbiote to be an Anti-Hero rather than the villain the friends desired. Because of this, the symbiote has taken to sticking with overly vengeful and weak willed souls as hosts in order to operate on the friends terms rather than human terms.
  • It should be noted that Venom is not actually pure evil, and by extension symbiotes are not a purely evil race. Unlike the majority of its race, who have no problem using up a host and moving onto another, Venom seeks a permanent bond with a single host. The symbiote's allegiance seems to depend in part on who is is currently bonded to: while bonded to Peter Parker, it was used solely to fight evil. While bonded to Eddie Brock, both it and Brock expressed a mutual desire to protect innocents, while still bearing intense hatred for Spider-Man. It was used for evil by hosts Angelo Fortunato and Mac Gargan (despite the former's career as Venom being short-lived), and is currently being used for good by Flash Thompson. Then there is the Toxin symbiote, Carnage's spawn, who despite being spawned from Carnage and thanks to the influence of host Patrick Mulligan, and is a force for good, although the two are known to bicker. Carnage is also a unique case: Carnage's insanity stems not from the symbiote but from the host, Cletus Kasady, who seems to be the dominant half, if not in complete control (note that Carnage refers to himself as "I" instead of "we" like most symbiotes do.)

Shuma-Gorath: An Atlantean sorceror who wanted the power of the Gods themselves, Shuma-Gorath made a deal with the Friends to gain powerful black magic. The Atlanteans discovered his plans, and had him put to death. Freed from his mortal shell, Shuma-Gorath grew even more powerful, even becoming a Friend himself. With his own worshippers, and a gang of Eldritch beasts waiting for his every order, Shuma-Gorath is stopped only by the Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Strange.

Sublime: The first Friend to make contact with this universe, and one of the most effective, Sublime takes the form of a colony of sentient bacteria. His forte is mind control; specifically, whatever he infects is controlled by him. He has done this for billions of years, always to the dominant species of the planet, wherein he lay dormant for millennia until Chenabog reactivated him to deal with the mutant problem (mutants, being outcasts, tending to gravitate toward the High Council). Sublime was more than happy to oblige, at least partly out of ego, as mutants are the only species immune to his infection. He obviously hasn't succeeded in wiping out the mutants yet, despite many ambitious projects including an attempt to make the genocide of mutantkind PR-friendly by sponsoring a team of mutant-hunting superheroes, but his presence in the system of many if not most baseline humans makes him a useful ally for the Friends; he has even taken credit for being the reason why many baseline humans are such Ungrateful Bastards to the High Council's agents.

Ultimate Reed Richards: Although Reed Richards in the main 616 universe is on the side of the high council, his counterpart from the Ultimate Universe is a much different story. A man who seeks the betterment of humanity, his quest to improve mankind eventually lead him down the path of evil. He became a Well-Intentioned Extremist, and subsequently lost the support of the rest of the Ultimate heroes.

The High Council:

The One Who is Above All In the whispers of friends, there is said to be one so great he is higher than anybody in the High Council (including Zeus). Chernabog has attempted to reach this being many times but none succesful. So far he has only made his presence known subtly throughout the Multiverse and beyond. From conforting Aunt May, to giving advice to the Fantastic Four. However despite his apparent lack of presence, many Gaurdians see him as higher than they could ever be, and when the final battle comes he will be there.

Thor and the Asgardians: The closest ally to Zeus' pantheon in the Marvel Universe, they were natural allies for the High Council. They've got the sheer power to fend off the Friends, as well as the leadership skills to unite like-minded individuals under the banner of heroism. However, Loki's machinations have weakened them, and Norman Osborn's invasion threatens to strike a killing blow in the heart of Asgard. A more recent event lead to the majority of asgardians withdrawing from "Midgard", with even their mightiest champion Thor being forced back as he fell into serious wounds fighting "The Serpent".

The Olympians: Zeus's counterpart in this universe is a good deal less pleasant and a great deal more cynical; he believes that Gods exist so that humans can have someone to blame when the universe seems to be conspiring against them. Regardless of ideological differences, the Olympians are a powerful force of good, fielding Hercules, Prince of Power, to set wrongs right. The recent murders of Marvel Zeus and Hera by Typhon, brother to the Titans, and of Ares by the Void have caused the Olympians to redouble their efforts.

The Council of Godheads: The Asgardians and the Olympians are not the only divine forces in this universe. Others include the Heliopolitans of Egypt, the Daevas of Hinduism, the the Teteoh of Mexico, the Xian of China, the Amatsu-Kami of Japan, the Loa and Orishas of West Africa and the Afro-Caribbean, the Annunaki of Mesopotamia, the Manidoog of indigenous North America, the Tuatha de Danaan of the British Isles, the Apu of South America, the Dievas of Russia, the Inua of Canada and Greenland, the Ahau of Central America, the Jumalan of Finland, the Akua of the Pacific Islands, the gods of indigenous Australia, the Tenger of Mongolia, the Yazatas of Persia/Iran, and Yahweh ("call me 'Yah'") of the Abrahamic Faiths. They put aside their differences and meet at a grand assemblage called the Council of Godheads, where they discuss how to better the Earth, though they are sworn to personally not interfere unless the threat is world-endig in scale, as was the case with the Celestials, the Skrull Gods, and of course the Friends. Particularly concerned with these new arrivals are Allfather Buluku and his Loa and Orishas (whom Baron Samedi once framed during the crisis of Facilier), Svarog and his Dievas (who count among their number Chernabog's counterpart in this universe), and Anu and his Annunaki (many of whom have been transformed into demons by Mephisto's associate Marduk Kurios).

Steve Rogers: Sometimes, there's one figure who's essential to keeping the fabric of the universe together. In this world, that's Steve Rogers. A unifying figure of inspiration, when he was assassinated, the heroes of the world fell into despair, as corrupt authorities consolidated their control over them. The High Council, seeing this, intervened to bring Steve back from the void. He is back in the realm of the living, and despite handing over his famous title to his former sidekick, he is still a uniting force among heroes.

Tony Stark: The "Inventor" of the Marvel Universe, Tony stark was once a weapons dealer who experienced war and pain and in penitence donned Power Armor as The Atoner for having allowed Greed to let him bring pain to the world around him. Always striving towards a future where the Friends are defeated, Stark can sometimes clash heads with the other heads of the Marvel High Council due to some Well-Intentioned Extremist moments in trying to unite heroes against the many threats from suspicious citizens and the many supervillians. Both his closest friends Captain America and The Mighty Thor still believe that when things come down to it, Tony might have the best vision to defeat the friends and prepare the world for afterwards, and thankfully, the superhero community can always reign him in when he goes overboard.

The Avengers: Earth's "mightiest heroes", this superhero team has a habit of rotating membership, but the overall team in all its iterations still seeks to avenge and bring justice to the Marvel Universe.

Doctor Strange: Stephen Strange was once a surgeon, full of Pride and Arrogance. He outraged the High Council because he had no sense of compassion for his patients or even his family. To teach Strange a lesson, the Council abandoned him to his fate, and he suffered a career-ending injury in a car crash. Too proud to act as a consultant, Strange sought a cure for his nerve-damaged hands and eventually came to the home of one of the High Council's premier members: the Ancient One. Humbled by the Ancient One, and vowing to save him from his treacherous disciple, Strange learned the ways of sorcery, eventually rising to become the high council's greatest magic user. Due to the high demands of his battles, Strange prefers to fight alone, but nobody, aside from the occasional Flat-Earth Atheist, doubts his prowess as Earth's representative against other dimensions.
  • Strange suffered a fall after a desperation move against the Hulk resulted in the resurrection of one of his greatest foes: Zom. Shamed by this fact, and temporarily unable to trust his own sorcery, Strange laid down his title as Sorcerer Supreme and allowed it to pass to another. However, his successor was killed in battle, leaving Strange to hold the line once more without the power given to a Sorcerer Supreme. After years of selfless struggle, the Ancient One appeared to him and restored him to his former place, telling him that he had shown himself worthy to hold it.

Spider-Man: The council's Wild Card. Spiderman has always been difficult to work with, particularly due to his early days insisting that I Work Alone. In addition, he has often wavered between seeking to live a normal life and trying to accept that With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. Yet his sense of duty always pushes him back into the battle against the friends, especially since as a low level crime hunter, he frees up big guns like the avengers to deal with bigger threats. In addition, Spider Man also is very personable with many of the heroes on the team. His fighting banter can be a nuisance at times, but it also can give him an advantage as what Spidey lacks in true power, he makes up through Improvisation. Sadly, poor spiderman has lately fallen on hard times, as a distressed will and the friends's medding lead to an unfortunate incident that few but the strongest and most magical truly remember. Still, spiderman's Determinator power has given him a spot with the avengers, but many consider his glory days long past until his tragedy can be sorted out.

Magneto: The High Council loves to help a good Heel–Face Turn along. Magneto, a Holocaust survivor who became a Well-Intentioned Extremist, was a prime candidate. He's flipped back and forth between the two sides for years, usually pulled back over to the side of darkness by humanity's hatred towards mutantkind. But recently, he seems to have completed a full redemption, arriving on the X-Men's new haven of Utopia and working to make the island livable for his fellow mutants, including searching all of deep space to rescue Kitty Pryde from oblivion. He's quickly become one of mutantkind's greatest hopes - just as the High Council knew he was capable of when they made contact with him.

Uatu: Though he is bound to that oath of non-interference, he still relays the really important problems to the High Council for them to assign agents to solve them.

The Fantastic Four: Perhaps one of the most dangerous Generals on the council, The Fantastic Four are the council's premiere team of heroes, and act as an effective alien deterrent thanks to their many exploits. Each member acts strongly in the council's interests.
  • Susan Storm/Richards, the invisible woman, despite her meek beginnings, grew to be perhaps their strongest warrior on the team, thanks to her creative and powerful use of force field projection. She also acts as a powerful Morality Pet for the team as a whole, especially for her busy husband.
  • Johnny Storm, the human torch, is often called one trick, but his love of adventure and dedication to the team is without question, not to mention his willingness to go forth with a Heroic Sacrifice if necessary.
  • Ben Grimm, The Thing, is often at a storm of problems for the council. All sympathize that he often gets into trouble over his Ugly Cute appearance, but as a mentally stable bruiser, he's just too important for a permanent cure to transpire.
  • Yet by far, their most important member is none other than Reed Richards himself AKA Mr. Fantastic. Despite what some might think of him, Reed has proven himself time and again as the premiere Omnidisciplinary Scientist of the Marvel Universe. Thanks to his genius and quick thinking, earth has consistently been defended from mighty threats such as Galactus or Skrulls when the earth's defenses were still low on heroes. Reed though suffers from a pragmatist's mind. Always seeking the easiest option to move humanity forward, this has lead to him getting into trouble both with his family, and with the marvel community at whole. Regardless though, none but Doctor Doom doubt that all kidding aside, Reed Richards has made the high council's work a much easier task.

Rachel Summers's "Phoenix":

Guardians of the Galaxy: The space squad that defends the universe from the greatest enemies in the marvel cosmos. Membership is always rotating, with heroes like Adam Warlock, Quasar, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Dragoon and their leader: Star Lord. Together, they show up to fight the greatest threats of the cosmos, whether Thanos, Annihilus or the Cancerverse. While not always the nicest bunch, they're noble enough to permanently work for the high council patrolling the galaxy for trouble. Free Agents

Galactus: Not every Eldritch Abomination is an agent of evil. Some, like Galactus, are just indifferent. The Friends would love to get their claws into Galactus, as he could harvest an entire planet of souls at once. However, their envoys have hit a brick wall in that there is no power they can offer the cosmic being that he does not already possess - or at least, no power that he actually desires. The High Council's only interest in Galactus is in protecting worlds that find themselves on his menu, leaving Galactus a truly neutral party in the conflict.
  • Rumor does tell of at least one universe in which Galactus is actively malevolent and destroys planets out of a deep-seated hatred of life itself. The Friends would very much like the chance to speak to this Galactus.

Deadpool: Has been approached by both the Friends and the High Council as an ally, due to his Crazy Awesome combat skills and memory of the events leading up to OMD. Deadpool, however, has yet to pick a side, mainly because he wants to see who gets added to this page next.

The Incredible Hulk: Bruce Banner can be described as nothing less than a Tragic Hero. Dossed in Gamma Radiation from saving a man, his inner Rage manifested in a not so jolly green giant simply dubbed The Hulk. Hulk has racked up a huge Hero Insurance bill due to his Unstoppable Rage and Roaring Rampage of Revenge works around the world. Hulk is considered too dangerous to keep in the high council full time and his tantrums make him difficult to work with. On the other hand, Banner is too noble to have Hulk descend into full villainy, so for now, both sides try to push hulk towards the other side just to make certain that in his rampages, he smashes the other side more.

Howard the Duck: Due to misreading the legal mumbo-jumbo that lists Howard as not technically real under the Super Human Registration Act, both sides are convinced the alien duck is a far more powerful being than he really is. When the portal opens up so that powerful forces of good and evil can enter the Marvel Universe, poor Howard's gonna be caught in the middle of a war he'd rather ignore, if only it would stop following him home.

Man-Thing: The Guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, he takes his job very seriously, protecting it from whoever gets too close. Despite his apperance, he doesn't really have clear understanding of right or wrong, to most he gets it from the emotions he feels from other beings. The High Council dose its best to keep him calm and gentle unless something comes to threaten the Nexus. So far the friends have had little success of reaching the Nexus thanks to Man-Thing.

The Chaos King: It's no coincidence that many of the world's mythologies make reference to a primordial darkness that existed prior to creation. For, you see, all these stories are true, and all these seemingly-different darknesses are actually one entity. He was the Greek Khaos, the Norse Ginnungagap, but his best-known incarnation is the Shinto god Amatsu-Mikaboshi. In the aftermath of the Secret Invasion, he was left with an army of alien gods and, armed with the ability to assimilate the abilities of any being he slays, rampaged through the cosmos, intending to swallow it all within his being and be the only thing in the universe again. He knows about the Friends, he just doesn't care, and is both willing and able to slaughter gods and demons alike in his twisted quest. He eventually reached a level of power equal to that of Eternity, the embodiment of the universe, and it took Hercules gaining similar power to defeat him. Realizing that he was indestructible, and a fundamental force of the universe, the boy genius Amadeus Cho decided to give the Chaos King exactly what he wanted: by stuffing him into an empty pocket universe, he has now presumably never been happier, and both sides are content to keep it that way.

Thanos: The Mad Titan is certainly one that both sides keep an eye on but neither has made much of an effort to recruit. For one thing, he has a tendency to walk back and forth between the side of good and the side of evil. For another, he has a well-documented history of scamming beings much more powerful than himself, including Mephisto, and gaining incredible power; making Thanos aware of the Friends and the Council would be an open invitation for him to overthrow them from within, if not play them against one another for his own benefit. He is a very powerful piece indeed; but perhaps powerful enough to justify leaving off the board. If he discovers their existence, and invites himself onto the board, who knows the outcome of that game...

The Living Tribunal and the Abstracts: The living embodiments of the fundamental forces of the universe, they care about one thing, and one thing only: order, order, order. As such, they haven't chosen, nor will they ever choose, a side in this conflict, and they have more than enough power to annihilate both sides should they violate the balance. As a side note, it is a source of private irritation to the Tribunal that his boss, the One Above All, has chosen a side, but it's not like he can do anything about it.

Access: Years ago the Marvel Universe and DC Universe where merged into one by the entities known as the Brothers Yin and Yang. However a man known as Axel Asher otherwise known as Access was given the duty of separating the two universes and returning the multiverse to it's natural. Since then he has become the guardian of both the Marvel and DC Multiverse's, preventing another merging and sometimes helping heroes in the Marvel Universe. Both the Other Side Friends wish to corrupt him in order to spread their power to the DC universe and the High Council wants to recruit more heroes however Access is occupied with his job making him neutral.