WMG / Friends And The High Council Unaligned But Involved

There are those who remain neutral parties in the war.

However, just because they are not aligned, doesn't mean they're not involved.

The Enchantress: Okay, this one was in contention for years, as the ambiguity of her character was a point of anger for many, but now is the time to set the record straight. Once upon a time, the Friends saw potential making the Prince to be a client. Unfortunately for them, he was satisfied with being spoiled by his servants. So they decided to curse the castle through an agent. Unfortunately, they couldn't figure out who to do the deed, so instead they decided to trick another to do it instead: the Enchantress.
  • Her appearance and resemblance to other Disney faeries and wish-granters is no coincidence. Linked to the Blue Faerie, the Fairy Godmother, and others, she was once a member of Zeus's group of heroes. But unlike many of the other fairies, she believed more in punishment than encouragement. This lead to many reprimands from Zeus, but he kept her on as she never did anything too serious. The Friends saw an opportunity, and with Forte's help, tipped her off about "testing" a prince.
  • The Enchantress made her way to the prince's castle, alone and disguised as an old beggar woman. Being out in the middle of winter, she knew that this pitiful appearance would be helpful for testing the prince's compassion, and so knocked, offering a single rose as payment for a night's rest from the cold. The Prince sneered at the lowly flower and her appearance, and demanded she leave. Pressing further, The Enchantress asked that prince Adam not judge her by appearance, as beauty comes from within. But then he dismissed her again, and the enchantress revealed herself. While the prince tried to apologize for the mistake, it was too late. For she had seen that there was no pity, no compassion, no love in this ill tempered prince who would leave an old woman to die in the cold rather than give shelter for 1 night. And so, she cast her most powerful spell ever, transforming Adam into a beast, and cursing the whole castle with darkness and polymorph.
    • The reason she cursed the servants as well was because they bore some responsibility in making the prince this way. After all, a prince can't spoil himself without enablers.
  • The Friends had hoped that by the time Adam died, years spent in isolation would have twisted him into a soldier for their armies. And the servants, also trapped as common objects, might lose their faith in the more benevolent forces of the Disney Universe, thus leaving their souls up for grabs. Unfortunately for them, although The Enchantress was punitive, she also wanted the prince to grow from this. So, she gave him 2 gifts before departing. First, a magic mirror that would show him anything he wished, allowing him to see far beyond his own vision, hoping that he'd take the hint to see beyond just his reflection. And second, she chose to give the curse a time limit: instead of making the curse permanent, she gave him until his 21st year to learn to love, and earn love in return by the time the last petal fell. While the odds were slim, The Enchantress sincerely hoped he'd take a hint by the time the end rolled around. And ultimately, Belle's arrival botched the friends's plans, leaving them with only one soul, Gaston’s.
    • When Zeus found out about this though, he declared, "You've gone too far!" He exiled her from Olympus for her callousness, banishing her from ever working with others again. But, when the friends came to take her on as a member, she rebuked them, saying "Why in the world would I join the very group I've been fighting for hundreds of years!?" She currently wanders the land, dealing out punishment to the unworthy, always staying one step ahead of both friends and the council, as she finds the former unhelpful, and the latter too soft.

Agatha the Enchantress: In this universe, Agatha was a magic user affiliated with a Merlin. However, the magic she practiced was far more...dramatic, and much like the other enchantress, she was far more punitive compared with other magic users. However, her journey to the prince was actually undertaken with noble intent. For unlike Adam, her prince was hurting the town and others through heavy taxes to support his own vanities. So she showed up, did the whole rose and dance, and when he refused to give her shelter, she cast a a great and powerful spell on the whole area.
  • Her curse had several parts. First, a curse on the prince to make him as beastly as his heart. Second, a cure on the servants who could have stood up and changed him but did nothing. Third, she cursed the castle to slowly crumble as her rose lost petals, as well as changing its appearance. Forth, she cast a great weather curse on the immediate area, making it always winter. Fifth, she decreed that as the servants were being objectified through their inaction, they would become nothing but antiques once the curse was complete. And as a final punishment to the village refusing to speak up about his practices, she cursed the village to forget all they loved and all they valued about their prince and the people inside the castle. So that only one who could come with fresh eyes, open hearts and compassion could learn to love and change his heart.
    • But Agatha was different from the other enchantress. She did not do her work and move on. But rather, she stayed around the village, counting the days until she could reclaim her rose and move on. And as such, the years passed, but none seemed to come who might change the beast's heart. That is, until an inventor/artist and his daughter ran to the town to escape a Paris plague. And then Agatha began to take action.
  • She began one evening before her rose finished shedding pedals by casting a lightning spell to send Maurice off towards the castle. She didn't know whether he would stay or leave, but she thought he might serve her purposes to have someone see past who the beast was. But when Belle pulled a switch, she instead decided to keep an eye on Maurice as he tried to free Belle as she had grown fond of the kind man.
    • As such, she then rescued maurice from certain death when Gaston tied him up to be killed. Nursed him back to health, and accompanied him back to town as his witness to Gaston's cruelty. The town rejected her testimony, but she continued to drift with them when they rose to raid the castle. She saw Belle return from the castle, speak of him "not being a monster", indicating that something was going on with him, but she chose to not interfere with their attack as she was waiting to see if love or hate would triumph on this night. As the townsfolk were driven off, she steadily walked through the falling castle, finally ready to reclaim her rose and move on.
    • When she arrived at the prince's room, the rose had just lost its last pedal. She was finally ready to take it and go with her curse complete and her work done. But then she saw the beast dead, and belle sobbing over him, whispering, "I love you." And then giving him a kiss. Agatha looked at the scene, and with her magic, saw that indeed, they did both love each other truly. Moved with compassion and a little bit of pride in the two, she decided to have mercy on the both of them. So, Agatha rewound the spell around the rose, and then cast a reversal on the prince. As the gold light faded around him, Agatha took her leave. Ready to let the spell reverse itself naturally.
  • However, when she left the castle grounds, she was greeted by none other than the blue fairy and Merriwether. Both had sensed a flair of magic in the universe though for different reasons. The Blue Fairy had sensed an act of magical mercy had taken place to restore someone's wish, while Merriwether sensed that true love's kiss had broken a spell. While both were surprised at seeing an enchantress had done this, both had come to thank her for showing mercy to those whom had deserved it. And as such, invited her to meet Zeus and join a fight to protect against the gastons of all worlds. Agatha was touched at the gesture, particularly when she heard of the other enchantress, but did not accept right away. Why? Because after seeing what had come of her spell, she needed some time to think about how best to use her magic in the future. While she has gone missing for now, Zeus and the fairies are hopeful that they can bring a Redeeming Replacement on board to replace the enchantress's cruelty.

Witch Hazel: A minor client of the Friends who asked for black magic alongside Madam Mim, but realized the Friends were for pain and suffering rather than some good harmles scaring. So, Hazel quit the Friends while Mim stayed put, and now the witch plays a True Neutral party in this war, only helping those who desperately need her help, like Donald's Nephews for example.

The Lonesome Ghosts: Four souls who like to cause trouble, the Friends have them live in their abandoned house, getting the souls of anyone who comes knocking, or whom they let in. Their run in with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy was a coincidence. After their encounter with the heroic trio, the Lonesome ghosts decided to jump ship from the Friends and decided to do some harmless spooking from now on.

John Silver: The Friends recruited him to steal some powerful magical artifacts for them. He was more than happy to oblige - as long as he could have Flint's Gold (finding which had been his lifelong dream) for himself. The Friends gave him intimidation and charisma to keep anyone in his command under control, the cost of which resulted in the loss of his right eye, leg, and arm. Changed by his friendship with Jim and Morph, Silver left the Friends, and now does treasure hunting for the High Council. When he's not in it for himself.

Br'er Fox: The Friends are convinced he wouldn't make a good client, but he wants to be one very badly. His desire to do things the "clever" way stems from his desire to prove himself to them, which is the very thing that allows Br'er Rabbit to get away.

Bruce: This friendly shark was manipulated into becoming a killer every time he gets a whiff of blood by the Friends. Fortunately, he was strong enough to resist (most of the time) and uses his predator's instinct to help his friends. Still, he's a potential danger that both sides keep an eye on.

Ned Needlemeyer: This kid is not a client of the Friends, but rather a long term victim. The Friends are always coming up with new forms of torture, new horrors, and new grotesque creations that can act as soldiers in the ever growing armies. They test these horrors out in the mind of several children. What Ned dismisses as nightmares are actually agents of the Friends invading his mind to test their ideas. While he's managing to fend them off so far, all those nightmares are beginning to take their toll. If it keeps up, he might be twisted into the kind of person the Friends want.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz He's aware of the Friends and really wants to be a client, which is why he worries about his villainous reputation so much. The friends don't take him too seriously, so his scheming hardly catches their attention.
  • This is why Monogram keeps sending Perry even when Doofenshmirtz isn't doing anything evil; he's that Paranoid of when the Friends make the offer to him. Not that he doesn't have an excuse to be that way.
  • His Second Dimension counterpart on the other hand...

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz: She is also aware of this, and while she doesn't care either way, she's worried what may happened to her father if he's in too deep in debt, which explains why she tries to tell her mother about him doing evil; to prevent this from happening in case he does impress the Friends.

Candace Flynn: Like Ned, she's a long term victim and project for both sides. Because the friends liked to screw around with her, her mind became corrupt, which explains why, despite displaying intelligence, she Completely Misses The Point a lot, not to mentioned her lack of calm sanity. The Friends told Suzy to be nice to Candace on the babysitting gig, so they can tempt her to join them. However, The High Council made sure that doesn't happen with their use of Jeremy, because if she became a client, she'll be one of the most powerful clients in the business.

House of Mouse: The one True Neutral zone in the entire war, this nightclub in Toontown serves as a place for both agents of the High Council and the forces of the Friends to take a breather from their endless war, so long as there's no smoking, scheming or cannibalism. Chernabog doesn't like the idea at all, so he had Pete buy the deed and attempt to evict Mickey and company and close the place down, though Pete hasn't had much luck at this so far. The times Chernabog has supposedly shown up at the club were merely his identical twin brother Chernabog the Lesser, who serves as his brother's spy in the House (attempting to get info on the Council and its agents and perhaps their weaknesses) and acts cowardly to lure people into a false sense of security. Zeus personally had high hopes for the House, as a way to convince some villains to lay down their arms or maybe even convert to their side. Unfortunately, the times he went to visit Mickey at the house, he found to his disappointment that the villains were mostly unaffected by their time, and left the club still just as wicked as before, if not a bit more civil towards their enemies. Jafar once led other clients of the Friends to initiate a takeover on Halloween Night, only to lose it. The House remains very much an Oasis location for both evil and good. The House is still open due to the contracted performance obligations needed to keep Pete from closing it, but while Mickey was in The Wasteland, Donald secretly took the keys for himself, understanding the seriousness of keeping the place open as a symbol of unity. The House of Mouse will still serve both sides, at least until the Friends decide the Mouse's influence gets out of hand.
  • It should be noted that the one time Jafar restored the house to the tune of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo was not just him being tricked by Mickey Mouse: he actually thought the mouse's position in the High Council could legitimately get him the city of Agrabah. No reason Jafar wouldn't leave the House destroyed unless such a prize were being offered - especially when your master is Chernabog.

David Xanatos: A juicy client for the Friends, they’ve tried to win him over numerous times, but Xanatos, being Xanatos, does not get suckered in, and has become even less so thanks to his marriage to Fox and their son Alex. Nevertheless, he is amoral enough to be uninterested in becoming a full supporter for The High Council despite the pleadings of Goliath, and remains a True Neutral in the fight between the two.

The Labryinth Clan: Originally, the Mutates were created by Xanatos to serve as his Elite Mooks to replace the Steel Clan. But after the unit leader, Talon, realized the error of his ways, he took it upon himself to lead the other mutates in their efforts to safeguard Manhattan from the forces of evil. Their ways of keeping the peace put them on a neutral stance due to their somewhat ruthless nature. Only Fang has defected to serve the Friends in their efforts to conquer the universe, only to then quit and join the Redemption Squad.

Oberon and the Faerie Courts: For the most part, the faerie world is divided into two Courts, the Seelie (ruled by Oberon) and the Un Seelie (ruled by Nicnivin). There is also a third faction, known as Solitaries, who are unaffiliated with either Court. The Disney faeries who have chosen a side in the war, with either the Friends or the High Council, are all Solitaries, as the Courts are neutral. The Old Ones came from the realm of Faerie, a separate realm from Earth. They came over back as humans were just taking off as a species. Originally, there was only the one Court, ruled by Oberon and a handful of dukes. At first, they simply maintained the world, caring for the natural world as humans evolved. As humans grew, they were often used as playthings, by faeries and gods alike. As time went on, the views of the Old Ones began to differ. Oberon and Titania favored ignoring or even protecting humans, while Nicnivin thought they were to be used by their superiors. War broke out between the factions, dividing them into the two Courts. Oberon's court, the Seelie Court, currently resides on the island of Avalon. Its members come and go as they like, many of them preferring to play with the mortals, at least on occasion. After all, if you live forever, you don't want to spend eternity stuck on one island. Nicnivin's court, the Un Seelie Court, is the more malicious towards humans. In the war between the Friends and the High Council, the Courts are officially neutral. Oberon is dedicated to keeping the balance between the three factions—Friends, Council, and Mortal, despite his aggressive stances against Goliath. However, it is rumored that Nicnivin may have some under the table dealings with the Friends, perhaps tossing them a few souls every now and then for the fun of it.

Macbeth: While decidedly a lot more honorable than his literature counterpart, Macbeth is nonetheless an Anti-Hero that doesn't play by the rules of either side, due to his interactions with the Friends in the form of the Wierd Sisters, and the High Council in the form of the Manhattan Clan. Because he is immortal due to the Enchantress' curse on him, the High Council has tried many occassions to recruit him in order to become a great warrior for them alongside Arthur, while the Friends have tried to corrupt him fully to their side due to his brief and forced servitude to the Arch-mage. But Macbeth prefers not to join either side, because he feels that death by killing Demona is the only way to go. Right now, he seems to be on better terms with Goliath and his clan.

Puck: Like the Cheshire Cat and Chaos of Aladdin, Puck is a True Neutral with a wacky sense of humor who doesn't seem to be associated with either the High Council or the Friends. His dealings with Xanatos have mostly been for his own entertainment, and whenever he gets involved in the battle, it's never a good sign for either faction.

Hector Barbossa: A greedy and ruthless pirate, Barbossa was an ideal recruit for the friends. His keen interest in obtaining magical artifacts made him their top treasure hunter, and he quickly found himself rising through the ranks. But his lack of interest in evil for evil's sake and his interest in keeping the treasure for himself caused him to eventually pay off his debt and break with them (but not before he and his men were cursed for their efforts). After his resurrection, he now maintains a neutral stance in the battle between good and evil, helping whoever's working towards his interests at the moment. After a brief stint as a Privateer, he ended up defeating a high ranking agent of the Friends, Blackbeard and claimed his ship, crew and magic sword for himself, though Jack Sparrow and Gibbs have denied him the potential Armada of captured ships Blackbeard collected in bottles.

Captain Nemo: Like the robotic queen Ratigan created, a nuclear submarine wasn't very common in the Victorian world. Hearing of a sea monster attacking ships, agents of the Friends went in search of a monstrous servant, and found an amazing machine. The mysterious Captain Nemo had his guests treated to dinner, when they told him of the conflict which consumed the Disney universes. Though he was tempted by the promise of enough power to destroy his enemies forever, Nemo was smart enough to realize that this war would eventually come to his beloved Volcania, and declined their offer. Now a Chaotic Neutral party in the war, Nemo will aide whoever gives him a better offer, so long as it doesn't interfere with his own plans.

The Ghost Host: Like Jack Skellington, serves a gatekeeper role by holding back some of the dark forces in addition to having good spirits living in the various Haunted Mansions spy on the Friends. The purpose of the Haunted Mansion itself is to serve as a sort of boarding house/retirement home for wayward spirits and with Leota's powers, protects them from being taken away by the forces of darkness. Still, he's more of a neutral party than anything, and occasionally hosts Halloween celebrations where villain drop in, that being their holiday. note .
  • In order to keep his status neutral, he encourages the Multiple-Choice Past of the Mansion, keeping only the general events consistant. Whatever really happened, either grief or guilt has prevented him from resting in peace. He still leans largely toward the High Council, however. During the Halloween celebrations he often picks the villains' brains for secrets, which he then tells to Jack.
  • Because of his friendship with Jack, the Ghost Host allows the inhabitants of Halloween to drop by the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and celebrate both Halloween and Christmas on a yearly basis. He also allows Oogie to come so as to learn his secrets and retain some level of neutruality.

Madame Leota: Originally, Leota was a student of a dark voodoo sect founded by Madame Minuit that would also produce Dr. Facilier that assisted more sinister Loa. But Leota changed her ways and uses her spiritual connections to the afterlife for greater purposes and ended up transferring her soul into a crystal ball. Now she serves as a sort of guardian to the Ghost Host, protecting the good residents of the manor from the more...sinister members like Ramsley, Constance, and the Phantom by using multiple crystal balls linked to her soul to keep an eye on different Mansions.

Orddu, Orgoch, and Orwen: Three powerful witches with Reality Warper powers. No one knows what their connection to the Friends are. But whatever it is, it certainly can't be good.

The Hitchhiking Ghosts: A group of troublemakers like the Lonesome Ghosts, though a little friendlier. While they were guests of the villains during their Halloween takeover of the House of Mouse, they also take pleasure in trolling agents of the Friends like Pete. The Ghost Host uses the trio in offering homeless spirits a place around the Mansion's facilities by having them travel with different guests who visit the Mansion.

Gladstone Gander: Despite what some think, Gladstone's improbable luck is not a "gift" from the friends, but apparently an inherited trait, passed on from his mother. In any event, Gladstone is an irritation to both sides of the war, as he represents a valuable ally that will never be. The Friends have nothing to offer Gladstone that his luck can't provide-and besides, that whole "repaying" business sounds an awful lot like work. The Council has likewise tried to recruit Gladstone, but Gladstone's laziness, selfishness, and ego prevent him from taking an interest in anything that doesn't directly involve his own self interest. In addition, both Donald and Scrooge bitterly dislike Gladstone, and protest whenever mention is made of his joining the Council's allies. At current time, Glastone remains unaligned, doing whatever he pleases and assuming the world owes him a living. If his luck should ever run out, the Friends will be sure to turn that to their advantage-or the Council will be there to give him a well-earned kick in the tailfeathers.
  • Some of the magic users of the friends are actually floating an idea to curse Gladstone to trick him into joining their side, but nothing's come of it yet.

Ansem the Wise: This once-benevolent scientist-king was a good friend to his world's incarnation of Mickey Mouse, and his experiments with the nature of the human heart earned him renown from all over. Betrayed by his apprentices, he was cast into the World of Darkness, his identity stolen and his research turned to evil. Escaping, he became exceedingly bitter, and, taking the identity of DiZ, began formulating a plan to destroy Organization XIII, enlisting the young Nobody girl Namine and Sora's friend Riku, who felt he had some atoning to do. His efforts have caused nothing but grief for the Friends and their Heartless and Nobodies, but his willingness to sacrifice innocents for his revenge (including ordering the needless execution of a helpless little girl) means the High Council doesn't want him, either. That, and his voice is really creepy. At present, he is once again trapped in the World of Darkness and feeling very bad about what he has done.

Thunder Mesa: A sleepy little town in the Wild West, Thunder Mesa seems pretty much free of influence from the Friends at first glance. However, outside the town sits Ravenswood Manor, home to the vile Phantom. As he torments his daughter's spirit and buries alive any foolish townsfolk who enter his home, the Friends gradually get influence over the area. To ensure that the area does not succumb to this power, the High Council has sent several agents, such as Pecos Bill and Davy Crockett to keep an eye on things.

The Dunbroch Witch: This eccentric old conjurer dabbled in dark magic for a while, but had no interest in joining the Friends to wreak havoc. Now retired and working as a Woodcarver, she still occasionally likes to deal out spells with twisted karmic consequences, but only to those who actually seek her out. She remains a thorn in the side of the High Council at times, but she's not an enemy, so Zeus thinks it best to leave her to her whittling.

Alternate Walt Disney Companies: Ever noticed that in some Disney films there are scenes where the characters watch or mention other Disney films? That's because the Walt Disney Company in our world isn't the only one in existence. Within the Disneyverse, there are alternate versions of the company that mostly make films based on the the battle going on around them. The worlds that people in our world visit when going to the theme parks can also be accessed via portals in the Disney film and tv worlds, which is why the characters in these films and shows sometimes mention Disney World.

Gravity Falls: This sleepy little town in northern Oregon would be utterly overlooked were it not for the alarmingly high number of supernatural creatures occurring within and around it. There's no evidence of the Friends' influence yet, but the Council is rather nervous about the town, especially about local huckster Stan, who seems to be up to more than running a simple tourist trap. However, both sides waited to see what would happen once an extradimensional demon, Bill Cipher, was unleashed. However, the people of Gravity Falls, including Stan and his twin brother, inventor Stanford, were able to destroy Cipher and prevent his plot. This convinced the Friends to stay away, but the Council continues to investigate, even despite many of the heroes of the battle going their separate ways.

King George/Albert Spencer: Sometimes even the greatest tyrants try and stay away from demons. King George was perhaps the most nationalistic of the kings in the Enchanted Forest. He adopted prince James after his wife was cursed by the friends to have no children, but unwilling to sell his soul to them, turned to rumplestitskin instead to make sure he didn't become part of a deal he wouldn't like the end of. Unfortunately, George became a victim of Rump's manipulating when his prime trade partner: Queen Regina cut off trade, sending his government close to bankrupcy. Seeking an alliance with midas to fix those woes, he eventually became a kind of Archnemesis Dad for his other adopted son Prince David. However, in their battles, George was vengeful, but not pure evil. Thus, when they defeated him, Snow White and her husband merely exiled him. Reappearing as Attorney in Storybrooke, he helped prosecute Mary Margaret when she was accused of murder. After the curse broke though, he decided to concoct a ruse involving Ruby to gain power from David, who had taken over as leader of the town. Trying to frame her by killing off his version of Gus the mouse, his plot failed, but not after he burned the mad hatter's hat. Outraged, David decided he'd had enough of George's shenanigans, and sentenced him to being chained up in the mines as a grade A prisoner. The friends came to him offering him a means to escape, but to date, George has refused their advances, saying "If an imp couldn't help me keep what I want, what makes you think I'll ask for help from demons? I just need to bide my time."

Rumplestiltskin: The ultimate Wild Card in the war. This ordinary man originally was nothing but a common spinner, but through a series of events he became a being of ultimate power, strong enough that the laws of his universe ( All magic comes with a price ) didn't affect him as much as others. His entire motivation was to get back to his son in another world, but due to the enchanted forest having magic that worked different from most other universes, he refused any help from the friends or the council. His distrust of both fairies and sorcerers also proved hard for the friends or the council to entice him into an easy way through getting to his son. So he schemed for over 400 years, until he finally influenced Regina the Evil Queen to cast the dark curse, sending him to the land without magic.
  • In the land without magic, he ruled over the town as Mr. Gold, the power underneath the throne. And when Emma Swan came to town and spoke her name in his presence, his curse escape clause kicked him, allowing him to regain his memories and begin manipulating the whole town in a quest to break the dark curse and allow him to find his son again. After weeks of work, he succeeded, and the friends and the council could now enter storybrooke freely. After a period of time, he found his son as well.
  • However, despite having nearly everything he could've wanted: his son, his girlfriend Belle (the other belle) and magical power, events conspired against him, and eventually he realized that he could not take any of his family for granted. Thus, in a shocking move, before he left for Neverland to fight his father Peter Pan/Malcolm, he asked the high council to watch over his Belle, so that at least part of his life would be for something.
  • The quest in neverland was successful, and when he returned, rump promised to help out in the war once everything settled down. However, when Malcolm came back, Rump decided the time was now to make up for all the evil he committed, and he killed himself and his father with the dagger of the dark one, causing them both to disappear in a flash of light.
    • That is, until a year later, when he turned up...in the clutches of the wicked witch of the west: Zelanna. After getting free, he killed her. The Council was disturbed, and the Friends gleeful that they might finally get a new more powerful knight.
  • Then, during the next year, the Council became increasingly disturmbed on how much Rumplestiltskin would resort to doing evil to be free of his weakness.

Allister Krei: The CEO of Krei Tech, and a savvy businessman, Krei has little interest in fighting specifically for good or for evil. Merely for profit. He does have a generous streak in trying to buy out other people's inventions, but as a pragmatic entrepreneur, he can take some risks that others would find questionable, such as the incident with the teleportation gateway. On the other hand, he knows his limits as an executive when to mothball a project. For the time being, he's too principled to accept any help from the friends, but too wrapped in his own things to be interested in fully joining the council.

Mr. Big: The most feared crime boss in all zootopia, Mr. Big is an old school mobster, believing in family, honor, respect and courtesy, while also using polar bear muscle against any who would get in his way. As such, he's too brutal to gain access to Robin Hood's band of followers, but too much of a Noble Demon to be enticed by the friends. He mostly carries on in his own way, causing disruptions in different parts of the city. The council though keeps an eye on him. After all, even if he is a criminal, if he's the worst organized crime in the city, they get a bargain out of it.
  • However, with Judy's entrance into his life, there's signs that the future of the Big crime family might be changing toward the future. Especially with his daughter fru fru declaring her life debt to Judy. It's unknown how this might shift the balance of power in Zootopia in the future, but both sides are keeping tabs.

Leodore Lionheart: When he was elected to Zootopia, the council offered their friendship to Lionheart in protecting his city from the Friends. However, Lionheart was more interested in the perks of the job rather than doing good. While he did promise to keep relations open, he wasn't interested in fighting demons. Then Bellweather started turning predators "savage". Distressed, rather than seek the help of the council, he instead took to capture each predator and then try to cure them on his own. Unfortunately, illegal detainment of civilians landed him a one way ticket to prison once Judy and Nick discovered the truth. The council for their part is sorry that things came to this, especially since the Night howlers weren't technically his fault, but declined to cover bail for him. Lionheart pointed out the hypocricy in this given that they employ heroes like Jack Sparrow, but the council simply gave Leodore a sad look and said, "Sparrow has his own issues we are trying to iron out. You need some time alone to think about what it truly means to be mayor. You might not have caused the night howler plague, but you faciliated its use by keeping Bellwether overtaxed and not truly respecting her. Give it a few years, and then we'll talk."

Tamatoa: Similar to the cave of wonders, Tamatoa was originally meant to be a guardian of treasure. However, he began to consider the treasure itself more important than his goal of stewardship. His Realm of Monsters is adjacent to the Other Side, but not directly connected. (though the friends sometimes go there to find new pets) As such, Tamatoa began harvesting all the treasure and artifacts he could get his claws on, hoping to become impressive enough to have the friends and the council give HIM domain over his world. Unfortunately though, the friends find him boring, and functionally uninteresting as his raw power is useless given his selfishness. The Council meanwhile doesn't particularly want him back as his shallow nature makes him a lousy hero and a horrible guard compared with their "diamond in the rough" security the Cave of Wonders has.
  • He did know all about the war and troubles around him though. Hence how he knew about Sebastian and what Maui was originally like.
  • The Ocean and Friends both wanted to hold onto Maui's Fish Hook once he lost it when he was exiled for stealing Te Fiti's heart, but unfortunately for them, Tamatoa got his claws on it eventually. While he could never get it to work, it did become his greatest treasure.
    • After Moana and Maui tipped Tamatoa over and got the hook back, it took Tamatoa a month to get back upright. While somewhat sobered after his humiliation, he's still no more interested in rejoining the war on one side than Gladstone is. Both sides rolled their eyes in irritation at his shallow declaration on shining brighter than them both, and both are privately considering sending their pirates and scoundrels to rob him blind and take the treasure for their efforts.

Sterling: A rich entrepreneur car who had a great love of Lightning McQueen, though more as a historical figure than as a being with wants and needs. Despite his more..weaselly tendencies though, he wasn't malicious. Just thinking that Lightning needed to accept that the world had moved on. Still, he was willing to give Lightning a final chance to prove himself, though that didn't exactly help his treatment of Cruz Ramirez. Eventually, the council decided that Lightning and Cruz deserved something better, and through some wrangling, borrowing some treasure from the Gates's and Sparrow and some gentle negotiations, they ended up purchasing Rust-eeze to be a subsidiary of Dinoco. Sterling ended up a little disgruntled from this, but thanks to the purchase, he ended up doing ok, moving on to work with other teams.