[[WMG: The [[WMG/FriendsAndTheHighCouncil Friends on the Other Side and the High Council of Heroes]] are both currently beginning scouting missions within the Franchise/MarvelUniverse.]]

Recently, one of Chernabog's attempts to escape the Other Side created a rift between worlds, opening the pathway to this world of heroes. The pathway is new, and not yet fully opened, so it's not possible to travel between the worlds yet. However, agents are able to cross the gateway, and have been sent by both the heroes and villains to begin reporting back on the possible allies that live in this world. Both sides have managed to acquire a few allies already. And now a new rift has opened, [[StarWars in a galaxy far, far away...]]

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[[WMG: Friends on the Other Side]]


[[Film/DoctorStrange2016 Dormammuu]]: And old ally of Chernabog, Dormammuu is a conqueror of universes and dimensions. Possibly the biggest friend with his face dwarfing humans easily, Dormammuu was powerful and successful enough to even rival Chernabog on some of their infighting. However, his vast success came to an unexpected halt when he reached Earth. For the original Ancient One saw the danger in having Dormammuu approach, and thus set up several sanctums around earth to shield earth from the dark dimension. As such, Dormammuu became obsessed with absorbing this "meddlesome" dimension and claiming its power. However at the same time, with a near infinite number of dimensions to conquer, Dormammuu still finds other dimensions to take out his rage on with his repeated failures to take earth.
* Dormammuu got a bit of a scare recently when Dr. Strange trapped him in a time loop. Unable to think of how to act differently in stopping Strange's "bargaining" technique, and thus found himself forced to recall his acolytes and leave earth alone for a bit. That being said, he's always planning on finding a loophole to get around his bargain. After all, he's Dormammuu. And he has all the time in the world to figure out another way back to earth.

[[Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol2 Ego The Living Planet]]: Ego was a friend who decided he was tired of the constant scheming against the physical world and tried to leave it all behind by joining it. Forming a planet around himself as a "celestial". He then decided to see whether life really was worth protecting the way the High Council did. So he sent probes out to investigate life. And he found it "Profoundly disappointing." And as such, he decided to obliterate the universe in the name of the friends, harvesting the universe's souls in one fell swoop.
* While he did manage to get a couple thousand souls when he activated "The expansion", the Guardians of the Galaxy killed him, and Ego returned to Dormammu, who was none too pleased to see him again.

[[AC:The Inner Circle]]

[[Film/AvengersInfinityWar Thanos]]: The Mad Titan always had a fascination with conquest, power and death. As such, he became enamored of the friends and their philosophy of oppression. Gathering armies and allies, he planned to collect the infinity gems and destroy things to pay off his debt of intimidation and resources to a supernatural degree.

[[Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger The Red Skull]]: Johan Schmidt was the first test subject for a super soldier serum to make people smarter, stronger and faster. Unfortunately, Schmit was evil at heart, and thus became The Red Skull, the super genius super soldier. He made a deal with the friends for charisma and technical know how, and in turn promised to harvest the souls of the free world to help satisfy his debts. Joining the Nazi Party at first to gain influence, he eventually founded a branch of the government called HYDRA which he turned into his own futuristic army thanks to the use of the cosmic cube/tesseract, one of the infinity stones. He was effective, realistic but also ambitious, and his plan to bomb the allies with superbombers was..pleasing for the friends to say the least.
* Unfortunately, there was one man who founded a resistance to destroy everything: Captain America. The Skull had gathered plenty of souls through the process of raising HYDRA to heights, but in his final battle with the Captain, he unfortunately triggered the cube, transporting him away from the bomber. However, despite the disappointment in his failure in his final campaign, Dormammuu and Ego admitted that he was still a master organizer, and as such gave him role of DragonInChief of their Inner Circle, planning their next great battles with the High Council.

[[Series/TheDefenders The Hand]]:

[[Film/IronMan Obadiah Stane]]:

[[Film/IronMan3 Aldrich Killian and AIM]]:

[[AC:Dark Masters]]

[[Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol2 The Sovereign]]: The Friends helped them set up their society, gave them their ideas on perfection, but generally the friends leave the sovereign to their own thing. After all, their arrogance tends to naturally send souls to them anyways.


[[Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy Ronin the Accuser]]: A Kree judge, known for his brutality in the Kree-Xandar war. He was hired on by Thanos as an agent, promised power and an army to destroy Xandar. And indeed he did get that in time, finding the power Infinity Stone. He planned to back out of his deal with the stone now in his possession, but the Friends weren't amused with that. They planned on having the Chitari attack Ronin again, but then the Guardians of the Galaxy killed him, putting the stones out of reach for a bit. Ronin meanwhile pleaded his case in the dark dimension about killing the legions of Xandar for the friends, but for his attempted betrayal, they harvested his soul.

[[Film/SpidermanHomecoming The Vulture]]: Adrian Toomes was an ordinary joe salvager and cleaner who got the break of a lifetime to clean up the mess the avengers made after the chitari invasion. Instead, the new division of Damage Control pushed him out, and threatened to destroy his life. As such, the friends came to him with an offer: bring us the technology that the avengers have, and we will make you secure for life. They helped the Tinkerer with his modifications, and as a freebie even provided Toomes with his first Vulture wings. For several years, he worked below the radar, providing the friends with plenty of material to restart their war. That is, until one friendly neighborhood Spider-Man came upon the operation and tore it all apart. The Vulture was grounded and arrested, and the friends for now are done with him, figuring they'd find other worthwhile agents elsewhere.

[[WMG: The Marvel High Council]]

[[AC:The Leadership]]

[[Creator/StanLee Stan Lee the Watcher]]: the most powerful being in this universe. Is he an old World War II veteran? A postman? A security Guard? No, he's a cosmic being who takes time to briefly visit parts of the universe during great crisis.

[[ComicBook/NickFury Nickolas (Nick) Fury]]: The former Director of SHIELD was once the council's go to man for ground operations in defeating the friends. While a bit manipulative and paranoid, nobody doubted that he was a good coordinator in taking on threats from the friends. And of course, there's all his good work in preparing them for handling the Chitauri crisis. But then the Tri Carrier crisis came about, and Fury was supposedly killed. He wasn't of course, but with the collapse of the visible SHIELD in the aftermath, Fury decided to take up full time work with the Council. Coordinating missions with their warriors, and preparing for the next big threat.

[[Series/AgentsOfShield Phil Coulson]]: Fury's good eye, Phil was a dedicated and mild agent who gradually rose to favor due to his gentle love of what SHIELD does. Believing in their goals to protect people wholeheartedly. In fact he was so well regarded that Fury even tried an experimental process on him to bring him back from the dead. It was...painful to say the least, but he chose to use his new life for a re-commitment to helping out with the next crisis.
* Given a team, and picking up a young hacker on the way, he became a SHIELD ground agent again, until the collapse of SHIELD, at which point Fury made HIM the new director of SHIELD.

[[Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger Steve Rodgers]]: An ordinary, asthmatic and skinny kid from Brooklyn, Steve Rodgers didn't seem like much at first, but ultimately what he lacked in physical skill he made up for with a combination of Patriotism, intelligence and bravery. And as such, became the 2nd recipient of the super soldier serum, transforming him into a minor superhuman and eventually into the first modern superhero: Captain America. Helping to fight off HYDRA during World War II, he sacrificed himself to keep america safe from bombs, but miraculously was found again in the 21st century to fight for liberty, justice and the american dream.
* Cap proved an effective field commander, but unfortunately his older ways of thinking made doing less pleasant activities..troublesome to him. Indeed, he lacked administrative skills to rise higher in the High Council, but was the go to leader for countless missions as TheLancer. Furthermore, after discovering the Rot of HYDRA within SHIELD, despite the high cost, Stan Lee gave him a gracious thank you for saving the world from a near disaster again.
* Of course, that's when the Sokovia Accords began, and the hero community split over accountability vs freedom. Steve chose to go rogue to protect his friend Bucky from his wrongful actions, and everyone paid a high cost for it, as the avengers were reduced to 2 healthy active members, and Cap took his team underground. Despite this though, Cap still sends messages to the Council as though in public Stark has to condemn him, in the secret high council meetings, he's always willing to give Cap a hug and a pat on the back for helping the world.

[[Film/BlackPanther The Black Panther Line]]

[[AC: Warriors]]

[[Series/{{Daredevil}} Matt Murdock, the Daredevil]]: The devil of Hell's kitchen did not have an easy life growing up.

[[Series/AgentCarter Peggy Carter]]: The Council's OG power female.

[[Series/AgentsOfShield Robbie Reyes, The Ghost Rider]]: The Spirit of Vengeance always had an arms length relationship with the council due to his more brutal methods compared with others. However, Stan Lee vouched for his good heart and intents, and due to his overwhelming power, he's usually used as a shock trooper for sudden strikes against the pure evil. Some are also contemplating letting him get a crack at Thanos when the time comes.

[[WMG: Other Forces]]

[[Series/{{Daredevil}} Stick and the Chaste]]:

[[Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy The Ravagers]]: An organization of space pirates, the ravagers are a frustration for both sides of the war. They're far too greedy to become warriors for the council, but at the same time too honorable to be bought by the friends...usually.

[[Film/DoctorStrange2016 Mordo]]: The green prodigy of Kamar Taj, Mordo was once a dedicated and rigid warrior for the sorcerers of earth. He was strong, talented, a teaching assistant despite his relative newness, but unfortunately he was fanatically dedicated to "the rules" of magical use. As such, during the crisis with Kaicilius, he found out the Ancient One was using power from the dark dimension just as her enemy was. While he did help save the world, he felt that Strange was using reality bending magic too much, and thus left the order, with a new goal to remove magic from all sorcerers. The friends are very invested in getting Mordo on their side so Dormammuu could attack again. For now though, Mordo does his own thing, both sides trying to get a powerful ally back on their side.