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At some point, an story arc will involve Deb/Jane going to court... in Heaven.
Not, however, to get the whole body thing fixed, but to allow Fred and Stacey to have a relationship with full disclosure (ie Fred's an angel).
  • And while up there, she'll look like Deb as she tries to defend her case to help Fred. Unfortunately, her extra smarts and knowledge of laws will be limited to what she gained during her actual time in her new life rather than any "headache-flash-of-insight" moments from Jane's old brain. In addition, she won't have enough knowledge of the legal loopholes for Heaven's court system and she'll start floundering... Until Original!Jane shows up to lend a hand. It'll turn out that she's been keeping an eye on proceedings concerning her old life and body and is rather happy with what Deb's done. Not to mention she's been in Heaven all this time and has been brushing up on some of those loopholes.
  • Jossed: While Original!Jane has been keeping an eye on her old life and body, she's very unhappy with what Deb has done and wants her life back. The fourth season ended with Original!Jane pressing the button and taking over the body of Deb's briefly dead new husband.
    • Jossed AGAIN: It seemed that Owen was going to be Jane, but Jane turned out to have come back as a model.

Deb/Jane and Grayson will get together eventually.
However, Deb will argue that Grayson fell in love with Jane not Deb this time and so that's not breaking the rules. Then she'll tell him who she is.
  • Jossed: Deb nearly told Grayson who he was, and he was hit by a car. Grayson eventually comes to believe Deb is Jane, and is trying to get her back. Deb is marrying another man.
  • Un Jossed: Grayson falls in love with Jane herself. Deb breaks up with Owen, but now Grayson is with another woman.
    • Jossed again : as of Season 6, Deb/Jane has revealed all to Grayson and they are together.

Deb/Jane's life will get more complicated when the events of Revolution occur.
Why? Because she gets killed off in the chaos, so she gets sent to the afterlife. But she presses the button and goes into someone else's body. Then that person gets killed off by one of the many things in the show, she goes back to the afterlife, and ends up repeating the vicious cycle.

Luke will father Stacy's baby.
After a serious of deliberations, or just one drunken night, Luke will wind up being the father of Stacy's child. This will have big ramifications Upstairs.
  • Jossed: Owen has agreed to father Stacy's child, and Luke has returned to Heaven.