YMMV / Drop Dead Diva

  • Designated Villain: Kim. Though she's not particularly villainous, she's set up as the bad guy to Jane the protagonist.
    • She recently seems to have moved on from her one-dimensional "Alpha Bitch grown up" role to a character with stories, flaws, and strengths in her own right, though when she and Jane face off as rivals Jane is still usually portrayed as being in the right.
    • She has, as of season four, reverted back to Designated Villain status.
  • Derailing Love Interests: Owen gains several levels in Jerk Ass come season 5 to make absolutely sure the Owen/Jane pairing gets wrecked.
  • Glurge: It certainly has its moments.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight : Stacy invented the pake. As of Thanksgiving 2015, we have the Piecaken.
  • Hollywood Homely: Brooke Elliott may be plus-sized, but she is not plain...
    • In fact, the show rarely, if ever, brings up Jane's size or appearance as an issue of any sort. Usually, it was more just Deb herself commenting on the differences (wondering why Jane picked clothing that didn't flatter her figure for instance) rather than making some sort of statement that Deb was unequivocally prettier than Jane. By the second season, the show has seemingly dropped this aspect too and the entire cast is treated as equally attractive. Deb herself comments that Jane has great teeth, hair, and skin.
      • Granted Old!Jane was heavily implied to not care much about her appearance or even relationship romantic or otherwise in general giving off a general air of frumpiness and only really having Teri as a friend.
    • Fred works as a male example. Deb!Jane mentions repeatedly that Fred and Stacey are in completely different leagues. It becomes a Wallbanger when, after he successfully romances her and she forgets (long story) that Jane still says he's not her type.
      • And yet Stacey says that Owen is good looking.
    • The inverse of Hollywood Homely is also, sorta, toyed with. Kim is slightly below average while Stacey would be the usual 'average' in a TV show. However, Kim is presented as just as attractive as Stacey.
    • Tony works as a male example. He's not quite the hollywood handsome that Greyson and Parker are.
      • Revisited in Season 6. Deb reveals to Grayson that she's returned. Part of the reason she kept her secret was that she didn't believe Grayson could love her "in this body." After which he delivers both an Armor-Piercing Question ("Did you really think I was that shallow?") and a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. It goes about how you'd expect.
  • Magnificent Bastard: A pair of them in "Grayson's Anatomy": Dr. Dumont and Eric Hayes arranged a scenario in which she would deliberately screw up his surgery and allow him to sue the hospital for damages. She subtly, but intentionally tanks her defense, allowing her and Hayes to walk off with fifteen million dollars. Unfortunately for Dr. Dumont, it turns out there's No Honor Among Thieves.
  • Narm: Maddie Ziegler's cameo scene in which she falls mid-solo. Not only is the fall sort of forced (and this is even without knowing Maddie's jumping capability), but Maddie calling out her dance instructor afterwards is way too wooden to strike any sort of emotional chord. Even worse is the fact that everyone around her treats it seriously, which only adds to the hilarity.
    "Why wouldn't you change my routine? Leave me alone! You're a terrible teacher! You ruined my life!"
  • One True Pairing: The universe seems to think so in regards to Grayson and Deb!Jane. Unfortunately, the two of them don't realize it yet since they're doing the reasonable thing and trying to move on from Deb's death/Deb!Jane's resurrection.
    • According to Luke, Deb's new guardian angel, she is meant to be with Owen French.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Season 6's Owen/Stacy pairing is very forced and the source of a bunch of drama, and only comes about fro the two of them acting wildly out of character to make it work.
  • Tearjerker: On her deathbed, Jane's mom, Elaine, reveals she's always known Deb wasn't the real Jane but loves her like a true daughter.
  • Values Dissonance: In one episode, Deb!Jane jumps on to a case already assigned to Kim and takes the case away from Kim. The audience is suppose to sympathize with Jane but if the roles were reversed, the implication would be that Kim is just being an overly ambitious shark taking away from Jane. Kim in general is the target of this trope being the designated ' Acceptable Target ' of the show.
    • To a lesser extent, Grayson and Deb/Jane's relationship. Grayson is denied and depicted slightly negatively for moving on from Deb (who he believes to be dead) by dating, moving out of their house, etc while any gestures he makes to remember her (which are many) are given highly positive light (like celebrating her birthday). Even Jane herself can get clingy with Grayson and upset. And yet on the other hand, Jane ends up in a relationship and this is considered a good thing (comparatively to Grayson) because the heroine is happy. And Jane doesn't hesitate over the relationship or have any real qualms.
  • The Woobie: Fred probably qualifies. First Deb gets him demoted from Celestial Bureaucracy when she self-resurrects herself. Then he finds the girl of his dreams only to have any memories of his existence erased from everyone and he's forced back to heaven. He gives up heaven to become human only to have the girl start dating someone else.
    • Not to mention when he and dream girl finally date (as he becomes a guardian angel again, but with a different contract - he can date humans- and all seems to be going real well, dream girl cheats on him, they somewhat reconcile, and dream girl cheats again (to him, since it wasn't dream girl who kissed first but dream girl may have kissed back.)
      • And to boot, even telling her just the romance stuff seems to violates his contract with heaven and causes her to forget again.
      • His replacement, Luke Daniels, seems to be in a similar situation with Kim. However, he doesn't seem willing to give anything up for her.