[[WMG: I'm gonna get the ball rolling and say that Clara's secret is that she is either Romana or the Rani.]]
* Someone has to say it, after all.
* Think she's either a regeneration of Susan, or another version of River Song.
* Or [[Recap/DoctorWhoS30E6TheDoctorsDaughter Jenny.]]
** [[spoiler: Jossed. All of them.]]

[[WMG: The Doctor's name is...]]
* William Hartnell
* Matt Smith
* ''John'' Smith
* [[spoiler:John Hurt]]
* Sweetie
* Every actor's first name + Every actor's last name, each as one.
* [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Time Turner]]
* Literally "Who"
** Possibly confirmed by 1981 spin-off ''K-9 And Company'' (''Series/TheSarahJaneAdventures'' in a previous life, for those who don't know) where one character asks K-9 "Who is the Doctor?" and K-9 replies "Affirmative." Simply a throwaway joke, or...?
* Jim Neidhart because Who and all that.
* Steven Moffat, due to Moffat being a troll
** Unlikely: What few clues we've gotten over the years, hint at it being some combination of 'Theta', 'Sigma', and other unknown words. It's debatable, though, how much stock that should be put in this, considering that Clara's reaction to learning it, seemed akin to disgust or horror. Not exactly something either normal human names, or a string of latin letters, would inspire...
** Actually, "Theta-Sigma" is a nickname they gave him back on Gallifrey based off his exam results (apparently Time Lords grade things in Greek). And YMMV on Clara's reaction resembling "disgust" - at least one viewer thought it was more of a "huh... fair enough" look.
** Clara just seemed to be in - what is becoming to be fairly common - a state of constant wonder/curiosity - she looked very similar when wandering around the bazaar in the second episode of this part of the series. Any part of the horror/disgust was likely due to the charred people following her around, and assuming the Doctor actually kept them on the TARDIS.
* Based on last series and how they got out of actually killing him - if he actually does reveal his name, it will likely be only to River - if for no other reason, than to start tying up the whole Forest of the Dead time loop. After all, Moffat ''loves'' his stable time loops.
* Alternatively, instead of actually revealing his name, on screen at least, he will answer with "Just the Doctor, actually."
** [[spoiler:For the intents of this episode, "The Doctor" turns out to be right]].
* [[spoiler:Please]]
* Leslie.
* Luke Intomyeyes, as revealed in "The Wedding of River Song."
* Doctor Song, by the same logic as Rory is Rory Pond.
* [[Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy Forty Two.]] The Answer to the Question.

[[WMG: The episode is not going to be about what The Doctor's name is...]]
* It's going to be about why The Doctor's name is some languages means warrior and what significance that holds. Moffat is a {{Troll}}, do you really think he'd reveal The Doctor's true name?
** It's the word "doctor" that means warrior in some languages.
* I wouldn't say that it will be specifically about his name - but that doesn't necessarily mean that the Doctor won't reveal his name in it either. Of course, Moffat being the troll he is, it doesn't mean that he's going to reveal it to we, the audience. If memory serves, at some point - the Doctor still has to tell River what his real name is, so she can eventually tell it to Ten, to gain his trust. This seems to be as good as time as any to do that.
** He already gave her his name in Recap/DoctorWhoS32E13TheWeddingOfRiverSong. But either way it's likely this is going to be another UnReveal.
*** No, he did not. He had only shown her that he's in the Teselecta.
**** [[spoiler: ...Confirmed. It was revealed that one of the regenerations did something so bad that he didn't deserve the name "Doctor"]]

[[WMG: Based on the trailer, is Clara surrounded by regenerative energy?]]
* [[spoiler: Semi-Jossed. She was travelling through his regenerations.]]

[[WMG: Clara was created by River (or atleast connected to the Doctor by River) in order to save his life at Trenzalore]]
She tried to affect the Silence's plan to kill him at Lake Silencio and it didn't work. So again this season finale she will try and save her sweetie from the impending "Fall". Also this would then make it that River (by proxy of Victorian Clara) made sure he was ok after losing Rory and Amy.
* [[spoiler: Jossed. However, River WAS there to try and keep an eye on Doctor and Clara as a data ghost from the Library.]]

[[WMG: The Fall of the Eleventh means...]]
Eleven just passes out and faints for a few minutes. When people faint, they fall.
* He is shown in the next time trailer falling down what looks to be fainting with the blurred effect.
* Alternatively, the TARDIS falls down to Trenzalore after the Doctor turns off the antigrav, with the Doctor and Clara in it. So technically, Eleven "falls"...inside the TARDIS.
** [[spoiler:Jossed. The "Fall of the Eleventh" meant that the Doctor [[ExactWords fell]] into Trenzalore from orbit when he shut the TARDIS' anti-gravity systems off.]]

[[WMG:The Man is the Trailer is a younger First Doctor]]
Assuming he's not just Head of the Whispermen or something, the Doctor said quite clearly he was crossing his own timeline in a big way. Alternatively...

[[WMG: The Doctor is crossing his timeline into his own ''future'']]
Nobody said the Fields of Trenzalore, the Question, and the Fall of the Eleventh have to occur at the same time. This first trip will result in the first two, and later the Doctor will return and encounter the third.
* [[spoiler: Confirmed. He traveled to his tomb.]]
* Dorium: "On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a Question will be asked, a question that must never, ever be answered."
** According to the above quote, I think they're supposed to happen during the same trip.

[[WMG: The Doctor will see River Song for the last time in this episode]]
Moffat has said that it's getting harder to do interesting stories with River, because we've already seen her birth, death and wedding. There's not much more for us to see, except the moment The Doctor tells her his name (Hence the title). And in doing so, he'll know that he's had every possible adventure with her, and that he will never see her again.(Also, the [[ShipTease budding romance]] between The Doctor and Clara... wouldn't it be convenient [[DieForOurShip if he wasn't married any more?]])
* [[spoiler: Seemingly confirmed. The Doctor and River (transmitting from the Library) say goodbye, and she fades away.]]

[[WMG: CAL was another version of Clara]]
* Many have pointed out the plot parallels between her and Oswin (the Dalek version), and they look fairly similar. Jenna Louise Coleman has said that the Doctor has met Clara more than three times before, and the fact that River Song's death is foreshadowed implies a CallBack to "Silence in the Library."
** Except photos released by BBC America imply that Clara encounters [[spoiler: The Sixth Doctor]] and [[spoiler:either the Third, Fourth or Seventh Doctor, as all three of them drove Bessie during the series]] as Clara.
** Though, as River explains, there are ''thousands'' of other Clara's after [[spoiler: she jumped into the Doctor's timeline]]. Not only do we have multiple Clara's bumping into the above, we even have [[spoiler: Clara as a Time Lord on Gallifrey, telling the First which TARDIS to take]]. During Clara's narration as she drifts, she mentions many near encounters and that she rarely got the Doctor's attention. This troper would like to think that CAL!Clara came to be because she would be the one who would unite River and the Doctor for the first time (from the Doctor's perspective), as well as enabling River to manage a mental commune with Clara without the risk of the Whisper Men finding and kidnapping her (as she will be safely stored away in the Library).
** This theory's already jossed on account of A: it not being pointed out or said (now that the truth of Clara is out, there's no reason to hide that) and B: CAL's real name didn't contain "Clara," "Oswin," or "Oswald," which occur in all the known Clara-incarnation names.
*** I kind of doubt that [[spoiler: Time Lady!Clara]] had any of those in her name, also remember she got 'Oswin' from combining Oswald and win in The Bells of Saint John. Perhaps sometimes it was names with similar meanings. For Example Lux means 'light' and one of the meanings of Clara is 'Bright'
*** She had over 12'000 shards which weren't all mentioned, how would it not being mentioned disaprove the theory? Actually the continued connection between Rivers dataghost and Clara makes a lot more sense if it is the case.
[[WMG: The John Hurt's Doctor is not the past or future Doctor.]]
He is not the one who stopped the Time War. Nor did he end some nebulous future conflict. He is the Doctor from the poisoned timeline created by the Great Intelligence whose every victory was turned into defeat, who gave up the moniker of the Doctor, and who perhaps destroyed his entire universe in the name of peace. In other words, he's the Valeyard.
* Normally, Valeyard guesses annoy me, because he's never been mentioned once in the new series... until this episode, when the Great Intelligence listed him with other names the Doctor would have... so if this isn't true, Moffat has deliberately tried to mislead us, because there is no way he couldn't realise how people would read into that.
** If he's not a previous Doctor (Which This Troper really hopes he's not) he ''has'' to be the Valeyard. After all, the ''Valeyard'' was the Doctor, albeit a future one. And this Season introduced the Great Intelligence as played by a [[TheOtherDarrin different actor]] why couldn't the Valeyard?
*** He can't be one of the eleven we know, as Clara explicitly set him apart from them (and called Smith the Eleventh Doctor). On top of that, the Doctor's dialogue suggests he ''already knows'' who this Doctor is, which means he may not be the Valeyard since that's a pre-Twelfth incarnation.
*** [[FutureMeScaresMe The Doctor already knows who the Valeyard is]]. On the other hand, the Valeyard is not the kind of person to do things "in the name of peace and sanity".
**** The problem with that is that the only things the Doctor knows about the Valeyard is what he saw of him in "Trial of a Time Lord." Beyond that, all he knows is the darker side of himself was manifested from his ''future'' self - and he makes it clear he knows what this Doctor-no-longer did.
*** You never know. He might have had CharacterDevelopment over time. Or he could simply use the claim as justification for his actions; plenty of other Doctor's foes have claimed to act for greater good while gratifying their selfish impulses.
**** But the Doctor agrees with the Hurt Doctor that what was done was without choice, for Peace and Sanity. Just not that they were in the name of the Doctor. He normally doesn't agree with the justifications his enemies try to use.

[[WMG: John Hurt's Doctor [[spoiler: is exactly what the Doctor said he is.]]]]
[[spoiler: He's the incarnation between 8 and 9 who did such utterly terrible things during the time war that he does not consider himself the Doctor. This would make the Ninth Doctor the 10th incarnation, but not the 10th Doctor, and so on. This means Simeon's mention of the Valeyard may become relevant in the near future, as that would make 11 the twelfth incarnation.]]
* [[spoiler: Perhaps John Hurt's Doctor is from a time [[IHatePastMe BEFORE he took on the persona of the Doctor]]. Before becoming the 1st Doctor, he acted closer to the Time Lord Victorious, [[TheAtoner which led to a event that broke him so greatly he ran.]]]]
** [[spoiler: The way 11 spoke to him and the way he replied sort of implied that it was an incarnation that had been the Doctor prior.]]
*** [[spoiler: He is the incarnation between Eight and Nine, as we have never seen Eight regenerate and this is the ''only'' possible place he can be from because the Doctor clearly remembers him as being in the past. However, given the Doctor's free admission of committing genocide and doing other horrible things to end the time war, the only explanation is that this one did something much, '''much''' worse to the point that The Doctor wants to expunge him from all memory for all time forever.]]
**** [[spoiler: We never see Two regenerating ''into Three'' either…]]
*** [[spoiler: He could literally be the Eight and a halfth Doctor, much like the Second and a halfth Doctor in the fanfilm Devious.]]
*** [[spoiler: Like the Watcher from Logopolis]].
*** [[spoiler: This Doctor being between 8 and 9 is seemingly confirmed. http://www.denofgeek.com/tv/doctor-who/26279/doctor-who-john-hurts-50th-anniversary-role-explained]]

[[WMG: John Hurt's [[spoiler: Doctor is what the 11th Doctor saw behind the door in "The God Complex!"]]]]
Think about it, the Doctor saw his greatest fear, which was his greatest secret. We learn that [[spoiler: John Hurt's Doctor did something so terrible that the Doctors kept him a secret and refused to speak about him.]] So the 11th Doctor simply saw [[spoiler: John Hurt's Doctor.]]

[[WMG: John Hurt's [[spoiler: Doctor is an older version of Eight.]]]]
Not as likely as the above ones, but... [[spoiler: ...there is always the possibility that Eight lived for a very long time in his incarnation, to the point where he had physically aged to that of an older man. Eight also had developed a lot in the Big Finish audio plays, with writers loving to play the BreakTheCutie trope on him several times to break his bubbly personality. So, isn't it possible that an older Eight did something that no normal Doctor would do? To the point where the Doctor would only acknowledge his Eighth incarnation up to a certain point in time?]]
* [[spoiler: Eight is recognized as being a Doctor by his future incarnations, though. Whatever this one did, he is completely disregarded by all future incarnations. I think that would include his entire lifespan, not just the point after his incident.]]
* Note that [[spoiler:Eight never appears in the episode]]. Whether that is relevant or even means anything at all, who knows.
** No, he appeared in the opening sequence just prior to the Second Doctor's appearance. He's there, but has the least appearances of any old Doctor (quite fitting, really).
* This theory at least works on sound logic. The novels and Big Finish established that the Eighth was (ironically) the longest-lived incarnation of the Doctor, living almost 1000 years just as him without even counting any of the Time War. Big Finish has even recently updated his appearance to fit his and McGann's aging, so this theory does run on sound logic.

[[WMG: John Hurt's [[spoiler:Doctor is the one who killed the Time Lords, but also the one who made it necessary to kill them.]]]]
During the Time War, the Eight Doctor [[spoiler:found out that he will one day destroy the Time Lords. He couldn't do anything about it, but then he died and regenerated into much darker John Hurt's Doctor. This Doctor decided to save the Time Lords any way he could, and came up with a plan, the same plan seen in ''The End of Time''. However, he then realized he didn't want to be responsible for that, and decided to stop it only way he could: by killing all the Time Lords. He then went to Trenzilore to await his death and regeneration into Nine. So the other Doctor's hate him, not because he killed the Time Lords, but because he made it necessary to kill them.]]

[[WMG: John Hurt's [[spoiler:Doctor is no one other than the Valeyard]]]]
* [[spoiler: The valeyard is all what is bad about the Doctor,]] and the Doctor is dead afraid of both of them. With time being rewritten, there is no need to [[spoiler: use the old actor]]
* [[spoiler: John Hurt's Doctor can't be the Valeyard, [[EvilCounterpart the Valeyard is all the hate and malice the Doctor didn't express.]] [[KnightTemplar John Hurt's Doctor did commit a terrible act, but still acted with some form a conscience.]]]]
** You only have his own word for it. Just because he claims that his actions are justifiable doesn't make it true. The Cybermen, for example, always insist that they are working in the name of peace and equality. Also, [[spoiler:while Valeyard is all the hate and malice that the Doctor has pent up, he is still the same person and is likely to have a conscience, just monstrously warped and capable of justifying almost any action in the name of greater good.]]
** [[spoiler: The Valeyard does not have a conscience, in every appearance he had in the classic series he was defined by his selfish desire for self-preservation and egotism, what John Hurt's Doctor did, the Doctor accepts, but not as the Doctor]].
*** The new series has added extra depth to characters like the Master. Giving [[spoiler:Valeyard similar treatment would fit the trend. As I already mentioned, he is still the Doctor and has his characteristics, albeit horribly warped. Furthermore, even the Valeyard could, for example, save the universe if his own life was at stake, even if he didn't have a better reason for it.]]
**** That's getting severely into fanwank territory, and besides, the Doctor ''agreed'' with the "peace and sanity" justification. He doesn't often agree with "for the greater good" justifications of his villains, if at all.

[[WMG: John Hurt's [[spoiler:Doctor is the OnlySaneMan]]]]
[[CloudCuckooLander The Doctor]] [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotHeinous just didn't]] [[OldShame take it]] [[FelonyMisdemeanor very well]].
* Well, he does claim his actions were in the name of sanity.

[[WMG: John Hurt's [[spoiler: Doctor was the incarnation before the First Doctor]]]]

Assuming he actually is a [[spoiler: previous incarnation]], then there are only two possible points he could have come from; between [[spoiler: the Eighth and Ninth Doctors]], or [[spoiler: before the First]].\\
Consider what was said about the secret, "you've been running from your whole life". The Doctor who started running was the First. So the secret dates back to him. So, although [[spoiler: he was the first ''Doctor'', he was ''not'' the first incarnation of that Timelord. He changed his name after regenerating and started running from whatever he had done]]. Yes, the First Doctor [[spoiler: wasn't really a good guy when we met him, but he was still reforming. Perhaps at that point he was thinking that he'd already done the worst he could, and couldn't really be any worse]].
* This would be consistent with [[spoiler: the multiple pre-Hartnell Doctors implied by [[Recap/DoctorWhoS13E5TheBrainOfMorbius The Brain of Morbius.]]]]

[[WMG: John Hurt's [[spoiler: Doctor is the Other.]]]]
* The EU toys with the idea that the Doctor was, in an earlier life ([[ContinuitySnarl via either]] an incarnation before the First, a literal reincarnation, literally made from his raw material, etc), a Time Lord known as "the Other", who co-founded Time Lord society alongside Rassilon and Omega.
** And the unforgivable crime he commited was none other than the very founding of Time Lords society. It has been implid several times in both series that Gallifrey held '''A lot''' of skeletons in its tardis sized closets, remember: ''The oldest civilisation: decadent, degenerate, and rotten to the core. Power-mad conspirators, Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen - '''they're still in the nursery compared to us'''.''
*** ...which the Doctor said because he was being put on trial in a kangaroo court. Either way, "implied"? We're explicitly told that Time Lords of old used to pluck beings from out of time and force them to fight to the death in gladiatorial combat, and we've seen what Rassilon - a ''hero'' to Time Lord society - was [[OmnicidalManiac really like]] in The End of Time. Every time Gallifrey was visited in the old series, we've seen Time Lord corruption, either on personal or widespread scales. The Doctor being the Other could still be true, though (and explains why he has no real name).

[[WMG: [[spoiler: The John Hurt incarnation's heinous act was that he willingly killed a companion that was going to do something catastrophic]].]]
[[spoiler: The person he was traveling with was brainwashed and was going to do something that would have had ''immense'' consequences if they came to fruition. As a result, he had to MercyKill them in cold blood, something that the Doctor would have ''never'', ''ever'' allowed.]]

[[WMG: The 50th Anniversary Special will be...]]
The 50th Anniversary Special will be a multi-Doctor story, only the Doctors won't be played by Creator/MattSmith and Creator/DavidTennant, but rather by Matt Smith and [[spoiler: Creator/JohnHurt]]. Tennant will not appear as the Tenth Doctor, but rather as 10.5 grown from his hand, the one that stayed with Rose on Pete's World. Likewise, Creator/BilliePiper will not be playing Rose Tyler during her travels with the Doctor, but rather Rose who lived with Doctor-Donna for several years by now.
* That's actually the same Rose, just at a later point in her timeline.
** I think they're trying to say they think this Rose is post-Journey's End. Not that this is the case, anyway.

[[WMG: John Hurt's [[spoiler: Doctor pushed the button referenced by Porridge in the previous episode]]]]
That would be enormous enough to warrant that kind of response.
* I figured Porridge pushed that button himself, considering who he turned out to be, and the rather pointed way he mentioned how much whoever did it must be suffering, but perhaps I misinterpreted that...
* Another possibility is that it was one of his ancestors, a previous Emperor, who pushed the button.

[[WMG: The First Question has yet to be asked]]
The events in this episode didn't fit the description given by Dorium Maldovar. The Great Intelligence asked the question on the Tardis, not on the fields of Trenzalore. When it was asked, it wasn't at a time when "no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer". If it was, then the Doctor would have said his name. And the Fall of the Eleventh didn't occur. A couple of things in the episode could be described as a fall, but nothing that stands out as a significant moment. I believe the true question will be asked when Creator/MattSmith regenerates, and this will also be on Trenzalore. He will be asked the question again, possibly by River Song, as we still don't know how she knows his name.
* Massive fanwank aside, most of these are readily explainable. The 'Fall of the Eleventh' refers to the Tardis' antigrav being turned off, which stood out quite readily. The Great Intelligence asked the question on the Tardis, but a version of it that had grown and had become overgrown with weeds and
had essentially become part of the fields/graveyard of Trenzalore. Finally, the reason that no being could speak falsely or fail to answer is due to the fact that the Tardis door would only open if the Doctor's true name was spoken.

[[WMG: The Doctor who [[spoiler: died in Trenzalore is the Eleventh]]]]
The crack in the TARDIS window is also present on [[spoiler: the giant dead future TARDIS]]. Also, Clara, having seen [[spoiler: the whole Doctor's life, past, present, and probably future as well]] mentions that there are 11 Doctors. Which would mean either that the [[spoiler:Trenzalore!]]Doctor is the Eleventh (and this will come before the TARDIS could heal her window, so pretty soon), or that no other incarnation of the Doctor will deserve [[spoiler: that name ever again]].
* This would mean that it isn't a permanent end; Sexy said in ''The Doctor's Wife'' that she goes through thirty control rooms over the course of her life, while the Doctor has only experienced a dozen so far (plus one after that episode); unless there's going to be seventeen more control rooms [[spoiler: before the next regeneration]], or [[spoiler: the TARDIS somehow gets used by somebody else for a while after death and before being returned to be used as a tomb]], things can't end yet.
* We know that the Trenzalore Tardis was left malfunctioning and dying after [[spoiler: the Doctor's last stand]]. Could be that the chameleon circuit might've also malfunctioned, re-setting Sexy's appearance to match what was probably the most traumatic landing of her working life: the one that she'd fought like crazy to avoid and that (incidentally) broke her window. As for Clara's failure to see any Doctors after the Eleventh [[spoiler: inside the timestream]], it may be that the Great Intelligence didn't bother attacking him any later than the point at which Eleven went to Trenzalore, as any later regenerations would've been aware of its intentions and been on guard against its attacks.

[[WMG: John Hurt is [[spoiler: the Shalka Doctor.]]]]
The meta implications alone are delightful: [[spoiler: an "official" Ninth Doctor later retconned out of the canon by the BBC, who ultimately becomes a Ninth Doctor retconned out of the canon (in a manner of speaking) ''by the character himself''. That the Shalka Doctor was originally played by Richard E. Grant (Simeon/The Great Intelligence) adds an extra layer of irony that seems irresistable - and possibly even intentional - to a TrollingCreator like Moffatt. Having Grant reprise the role, though, would've been too on-the-nose, so having him play the season's villain serves as the requisite nod to the character's origin.]]
** Best theory I've heard all year.
** This theory is by sfdebris.

[[WMG: [[spoiler: John Hurt's Doctor wasn't the one who ended the Time War.]]]]
[[spoiler: His actions are claimed to be so terrible, he cannot be acknowledged as the Doctor. However, the Ninth and Tenth Doctors mentioned the Time War every other episode, and the Eleventh used his genocide of the Time Lord as a BadassBoast in The Doctor's Wife. Therefore, Hurt's Doctor must have done something even worse.]]
* [[spoiler: There are two particular points in the revival where the Doctor is mentioned in conjunction with the Medusa Cascade. In ''The Sound of Drums'' the Master mentions that the Doctor closed the Rift in the Medusa Cascade single-handedly. In ''The Fires of Pompeii'', Evelina mentions that the Doctor's name "burns across the stars, in the Cascade of Medusa herself". Given that John Hurt's Doctor was likely using his real name, this is where his atrocity was most likely commited.]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler: John Hurt's Doctor]] started the Time War]]
Think about the Doctor's attitude about the Time War, now think how he must feel about whoever is responsible for it.
* Except that, according to WordOfGod, the first shot of the Time War was seen in ''Genesis of the Daleks.'' Meaning that if anyone was directly responsible for starting it, it was the Time Lord who sent Four on his unwilling mission to Skaro.
** That doesn't mean [[spoiler: Hurt's Doctor]] couldn't be responsible for sending the Time Lord who sent Four on that mission, though.

[[WMG: [[spoiler: John Hurt's Doctor]] saved the Daleks]]
This is a Wild Mass Guess for you. He did something even the Doctor is not happy with. But something in the end that was necessary. Because with the time lord gone, it is the Daleks who are ironically times best defense.

[[WMG: [[spoiler: John Hurt's Doctor]] was repressed because [[DisproportionateRetribution he shot Eleven's fez]]]]
[[AC: River Song: What in the name of sanity have you got on your head?]]

[[WMG: The [[spoiler: Silence...]] ]]
...were present in the episode, we just didn't see them. Specifically, they are spying on Jenny and Vastra. Jenny looks like she sees something that she couldn't quite focus on, just like when Amy saw the [[spoiler: Silence]] for the first time, and is then interrupted by Vastra stepping in front of her, just like Rory did. It could have been the Whispermen she saw, but there is a remarkable similarity to The Day of the Moon.

[[WMG: [[spoiler: John Hurt's Doctor was the first regeneration before William Hartnell's, due to Dorium's words]]]]
What did Dorium say? “The question you’ve been running from all your life?”

If he’s been running from his secret all his life, [[spoiler: John Hurt could not be 8.5 or the Valeyard. He has to be the Doctor that caused him to run from Gallifrey in the first place. The one before One! Ian Chesterton chose the name ‘Doctor’ for the Doctor and it stuck!]]
* And he could be responsible for the death of Susan's parents, or, indeed, of his entire family except her. That would be something to run from (and unDoctorly enough).

[[WMG: As a child, the Doctor saw [[spoiler: John Hurt's Doctor]] in the Untempered Schism.]]
* While this troper favors the theory that John hurt is a pre-Hartnell regeneration... If the Doctor saw the [[spoiler: John Hurt!Doctor]] in the Schism committing the unspeakable act he could still have the secret by the time he left Gallifrey. That way, [[spoiler: John Hurt]] could be anywhere in Eleven's past or future.
* Makes sense. We know the Doctor has been running from his secret all his life, but we also know that he ran because of something he saw in the Untempered Schism.

[[WMG: Clara somehow ends up being the intelligence/personality of the Tardis.]]
* She has spread herself across the time stream, and is now throughly embedded in the Doctor's timestream. This is how the Tardis always knows where and when to take him.
* She is always speaking to him, but almost never heard.
* Sexy claimed that she stole him. Time Lord Clara got the Doctor to pick the correct one...
* Clara is there to save the Doctor. The Doctor has been saved by the abilities of the Tardis many times.
* River was still able to use the mental connection with Clara to talk to the Doctor after Clara entered the timestream because they were in the Tardis (which is Clara).
* The Tardis doesn't like Clara because it recognises her as itself, and it's close to a paradox.

[[WMG: Clara was The Corsair]]
* We saw that as Clara entered The Doctor's timeline, she was split thousands of times. Each of those separate copies was shown to have been born and lived a life in that section of the timeline. One of those copies was a Time Lady on Gallifrey. The Doctor would have had no reason to trust some random stranger suggesting he steal a different TARDIS. It would have had to have been someone known to him, a friend. That version of Clara grew up on Gallifrey, met The Doctor, and became a good close friend. The tattoo of the ouroboros that The Corsair favored seems somehow appropriate in describing Clara's presence in The Doctor's life, now.

[[WMG: John Hurt [[spoiler:is The Doctor]]]]
* Torchwood establishes that the actor John Hurt exists in the Whoverse. [[spoiler: It's not that John Hurt is playing the doctor, it's that John Hurt and the Doctor are one in the same. In this incarnation of The Doctor one of the things he did was be actor John Hurt.]] Dude Who played Kane in Alien? [[spoiler:The Doctor. Why go by John Hurt instead of the usual John Smith? Because he's hurting over whatever the hell it is he did.]]

[[WMG: John Hurt's [[spoiler:incarnation had nothing to do with the Time war.]]]]
* We've already seen that the Doctor takes responsibility for his actions during the time war. He had to stop the Time Lords from destroying all of reality (twice!); he owned up to those actions, and they have not been touted as his ultimate secret. The Doctor accepted the truth when The Beast revealed it, he later told Wilfred Mott the same, and he told House while the Ponds were with him in the Tardis. The [[spoiler:John Hurt incarnation]] must be responsible for something much worse in the Doctor's eyes, for him to bury the secret so deep. Perhaps he killed as an act of revenge or personal pleasure, which the Doctor would see as the ultimate betrayal of his ideals. After all, the Doctor held a gun to the head of the man who killed his daughter and still said "I never would!(kill out of revenge)". Perhaps the doctor "never would", because there was once a time when he did.

[[WMG: One of the versions of Clara became Donna]]
Clare entered the Doctor's timeline to save him right, and Donna saved the Doctor under the Thames Barrier when he killed the Racnoss Queen, therefore a version of Clara was born Donna Noble. "Turn Left" was probably the Great Intelligence's fault too.

[[WMG: John Hurt's [[spoiler: Doctor killed his child]]]]
For a good reason; they were bad, and were planning something which would put them on the worst level. Ultimately, there was only one thing that could be done. Afterwards, he [[spoiler: forced his own regeneration, into the First Doctor, abandoned his name, grabbed his granddaughter (who probably didn't know what he had done), and ran.]] And how could he ever stop after that?

[[WMG: It'll turn out that John Hurt's [[spoiler:incarnation ended the Time war.]]]]
* I know, most obvious. and personally, I really enjoyed the reveal of the Clara mystery, and I'm a supporter of a lot of the ideas posted on this page, but all of the created during the Moffat era have involved lead up that requires a lot of mental gymnastics and interpretation of minor details just to make them fit.
** So, calling it now. We're all going to be guessing that since the Doctor has often owned up to the ending of the time war, and how it was terrible, therefore that couldn't be his secret, the big reveal will be his actual secret will end up being simply *how* he ended the time war.

[[WMG: Alternatively, [[spoiler:John Hurt's incarnation ''started'' the Time War.]]]]
My understanding is that there have been multiple Time Wars, and this was the Last Great Time War. Something had to have sparked that last great conflict. Which would be worse, being the one who committed grand scale genocide to end a potentially universe destroying war like the Doctor, or [[spoiler:being the one who necessitated all that grand scale genocide by starting that war in the first place]]? I could even see it being something like ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' and the Red Court / White Council War, a case of AlwaysSaveTheGirl in which Dresden kicked off simply to try and save a single individual. That is very much something I could see the Doctor doing.
* The problem with this one is that the Fourth Doctor canonically started the Time War in [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/DoctorWhoS12E4GenesisOfTheDaleks Genesis of the Daleks.]]

[[WMG: John Hurt is [[spoiler:the final incarnation of the Doctor.]] ]]
Hence why he says that he doesn't deserve the name. At some point, [[spoiler:the Doctor]] will do something [[MoralEventHorizon so unforgivable]] that not only will he forfeit his true name, but [[DrivenToSuicide deem him unworthy of life.]] Possibly [[FutureMeScaresMe by getting his past self to do it.]] Said horrific act resulted in [[spoiler:the war that ended the Doctor's life]], in order to take him out. The Doctor has been aware of this since his 1st incarnation, [[YouCantFightFate and for whatever reason is unable to alter this future.]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler:John Hurt!Doctor]] caused the cracks in time.]]
And he did it by revoking the name "[[spoiler:The Doctor]]", thus saying his true name.

[[WMG: [[spoiler:John Hurt!Doctor]] isn't the Valeyard, didn't start the Time War, or any other obvious answer. I'm sure the Time War plays into it, though. Just not in a way we expect. Hurt's Doctor was driven mad by the events in the Time War. He faced down evil like Davros too many times, and finally said "screw it, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. The only way to defeat Daleks is to make something more powerful than the Daleks themselves, something even they would fear." With that mindset, the Doctor spend eons (which is why he's so old) creating such foul, unthinkable beings as the Star of Degradations, the Horde of Travesties, the Nightmare Child, the Could-Have-Been King with his army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres. And the best part? He made them out of ''non-Time Lord Gallifreyans''. He no longer considered them more important than the Daleks. They were just a subculture, fit only for menial tasks. Why not experiment on them and turn them into the abominations listed above? It was all for peace and sanity. Among his victims? Susan Foreman. Perhaps she's even the Nightmare Child.]]

[[WMG: The Great Intelligence [[spoiler:isn't dead]]-yet.]]
Likely thanks to [[spoiler:Clara]] stopping his plan of screwing around with the Doctor. The Great Intelligence has proven himself to be an effective villian, and is one of the best culprits for the cracks in time-I doubt they're going to [[spoiler:keep him dead.]] That being said, [[spoiler:attacking the Doctor's time stream]] will result in the Great Intelligence being fatally injured, and with his days numbered will do whatever it takes to wreck the Doctor. Likely by bringing back [[spoiler:his forgotten incarnation.]]

[[WMG: The Silence are a version of the Whispermen.]]
The Silence mention that they've been on Earth since "the wheel and the fire", and humanity rediscovering fire was the plot of the very first serial. They were transported there by the events of this episode. Also, see the other parallels between the two groups on the fridge page and this one.

[[WMG: The Great Intelligence IS Dead, but we haven't seen the last of him]].
The Great Intelligence's willingness to destroy himself to finish off the Doctor suggests many more encounters than we've seen. So, due to the TimeyWimeyBall and HaveWeMetYet, they'll still encounter The Great Intelligence, though earlier in T.G.I's timeline than in theirs.
* Or, alternatively, they meet him ''after'' entering the Doctor's time stream, but its a time copy that Clara's time copies were unable to get to or otherwise stop.
** We don't know the full extent of the Doctor's timestream in the Giant Tardis, unless this troper missed something, so any and all events the GI could have interfered with would ONLY have already 'happened' in the Doctor's past, not its future versions. This troper being a fan of the theory that the [[spoiler: John Hurt's Doctor is a pre-Hartnell Doctor like a WMG further up this page]], would then have to assume that the GI also interfered with [[spoiler: John Hurt's Doctor]]. This would also mean that the GI never interfered with the [[spoiler: Valeyard as he's a future incarnation "in between his 12th and final regeneration"]]. Though there is still the trouble with that theory in that [[spoiler: Clara never met him, unless his experiences are locked out of his Timestream and only his identity remains]]. Although, since [[spoiler: Clara never met John Hurt, and followed the GI everywhere he went, that means the GI never interfered with John Hurt]]. My head hurts.

[[WMG: The Clara who told One which Tardis to steal is Susan.]]
One of Clara's splinters was born on Gallifrey as a young Time Lady, and hitched a lift with One when he left home. Like so many of her counterparts, she got killed protecting the Doctor, but unlike her other copies she could regenerate, so turned into Susan as she appears in the earliest episodes. As "Clara" isn't a Gallifreyan name, she didn't share that name with her duplicates; eventually she adopted the identity of "Susan", to fit in when she and the Doctor (whom she nicknamed "Grandfather" out of affection) started hanging around on Earth.
* We see Susan walking into the TARDIS right before Gallifreyan-Clara shows up, so that may put a dent in this idea.
** We see ''someone'' walking into the Tardis. Maybe she was just a caretaker for the Tardis repair bay, whom the Doctor conned into unlocking one for him.
*** That doesn't seem likely. A Time Lady would be dressed more like a Time lady (like Clara), and not like someone looking to blend into 1900's Earth (Susan walking into the TARDIS). That scene (as far as walking into the TARDIS goes) seems to have been modeled from the comic ''Time and Time Again'', where the Doctor leads Susan into the TARDIS when they leave Gallifrey. Also, it was established the Doctor's TARDIS was the ''second'' TARDIS he tried, because the first one was locked. So it was probably just a Clara undoing Great Intelligence vandalism. Also, and most importantly, Clara doesn't look anything like Susan.
*** We've never really seen how Gallifreyan ''civilians'' dress, just government officials and soldiers. And Clara not looking like Susan would be covered by her regenerating early on, between the Doctor's original theft of the Tardis and "An Unearthly Child".
**** Still highly doubtful. It is known that Susan left alongside the Doctor and that they left together. There is nothing to suggest that a third person went with them. We also have seen Time Lord civilians, and none of them dress like Jackie Kennedy.

[[WMG: John Hurt's [[spoiler: Doctor]] is what "Time Lord Victorious" could have become]]
It is clear that the Tenth was horrified by his after Adelaide's [[spoiler: suicide]] caused his memories of events to change, and that is not something that comes easily to the Doctor. At the point the Tenth declared himself the "Time Lord Victorious" in his growing insanity, he came dangerously close to turning back into what [[spoiler: The Forgotten Doctor]] was through his actions. As a result, we can potentially narrow down what the [[spoiler: The Forgotten Doctor]] did by looking at "Time Lord Victorious'" behaviour - he changed a crucial point in history.

Whatever happened at that point in time would have eventually consumed the universe in "chaos and insanity" - the opposites of "peace and sanity" - so '''He''' travelled back in time to stop the event entirely, or had travelled into that moment and stopped it from happening, having no choice or else everything would inevitably be eradicated. However, the end result and the means by which he accomplished this was more horrifying than "Victorious" could have done - what he almost did - so the Doctors after him decided to hide this act from the universe forever.

[[WMG: River is at the Doctor's last battle at Trenzalor, and she is the one to entomb him]]
1) The way River suggests that her 'grave' is a a secret entrance to the tomb implied that she knew exactly what it was.Perhaps because she put it there? A way to come back to visit if she so chose to. The battle is way off in the Doctor's future, considering he barely mentioned River to Clara beyond what was implied to be vague references to 'Professor Song' the chance he would even say anything to that extent to a far of future companion is negligible.

2) The Doctor had an absolute look of shock mixed with a bit of fear when River told him his name in the Library, he also said there was only one reason he could and would. River said it took a long time for her to get him to tell her his name, which rules out whatever he said to her in "Let's Kill Hitler". We still don't know what time is, but his actual death seems like a pretty good candidate.

3) Massive WMGing here, but it seems like something would have to be keeping the Doctor's timestream tangible, that something here most likely being the TARDIS, which is stated to be dying but is not dead yet. River would know how to set something up like that up and the TARDIS would help her do it.

4) It's quite a mirror, River and the Doctor both preserving the other as a form of data (a form of data that each knew would fade away as well. He told River that she should have faded by that point;and as stated the TARDIS was dying and IF that was keeping the timestream intact it wasn't going to be intact forever). Moffat does love his parallels, especially with those two. If she was at Trenzalor, maybe he died from doing something to save her bringing it all full circle.

5) The password was his name, something on the the Doctor and River have ever been confirmed to know, (though Clara might possibly know now through her link with River, I'm ignoring the book in Journey because some much weird stuff was going on with the TARDIS who knows what she may have actually read or if the book was even really real or a leaked echo of some kind) What better lock than something no one else would know?

[[WMG: Clara and TGI become the Guardians.]]

All those incarnations across all of time and space. Some of them eventually develop power beyond the forms we see during this episode. Clara becomes the White Guardian and The Great Intelligence becomes the Black Guardian. However, there is no possible explanation for the bird-hats.

[[WMG: The Great Intelligence was working with the Black Guardian or the Trickster]]
The Trickster earlier claimed it would like to erase the Doctor from existence and created an alternate timeline where the 10th Doctor died fully. This event seems like its modus operandi. The Whispermen look similar to him, perhaps they are part of his Brigade. Or the Black Guardian could be responsible, in the comic Time and Time Again he creates an alternate timeline where the Doctor never left Gallifrey. Potentially both could be involved, the Black Guardian could be the Trickster or they could both be members of the Pantheon of Discord.

[[WMG: JHD is a between the 8th and 9th Doctors like the Watcher]]
The Time Lords could have created an in-between Doctor who would be more ruthless.

[[WMG: John Hurt's Doctor is the founder of the Silence]]
Ok, so the goal of the Silence was to make sure that noone ever asks the Doctor his name on Trenzaolre. There are two options:
a) they knew that this is where the Doctor's timeline is, and that the key to that timeline is Doctor's name, and that the Doctor has not only saved lots of planets and galaxies, but has also saved the universe - in which case they were actually good guys and wanted to prevent anyone from meddling with his timeline.

b) they were described as a religious order. Their only belief was that 'Silence must fall when the Question is asked'. They have no idea why, they just know that they have to make sure that the Doctor never reaches Trenzalore alive to be able to answer it. Doesn't matter what the cost is - even if they have to blow up the universe, they have to fulfill their one and only commandment.

So...anyone that has seen the last 3 seasons will have no problem answering which of these options is more likely. If the Silence were good guys that wanted to preserve the timeline in which the Doctor saves worlds and universes they wouldn't have blown up the TARDIS. The only viable option is that they were obsessed about Doctor never answering the Question, no matter what the cost (even if it means blowing up the whole of creation).
Why would anyone be so desperate about achieving such a gole ? The only person that comes to mind is Hurt's Doctor. It has been said that he, not the Doctor's real name, is the secret. Perhaps he has founded the religion in order to stop this greatest secret from ever being discovered.

[[WMG: John Hurt's Doctor extracted the Valeyard from the Eleventh Doctor who is incarnation Number Twelve]]
According to [[http://www.denofgeek.com/tv/doctor-who/26279/doctor-who-john-hurts-50th-anniversary-role-explained this]]; John Hurt's Doctor is the real 9th incarnation of the Doctor. Judging by this fact I theorize that not only ended the Time War yet also extracted the Valeyard from incarnation Number Twelve AKA the Eleventh Doctor(Valeyard is between the Twelfth and Thirteenth) which may fit with the Peace and Sanity part as well as not being in the name of the Doctor...

[[WMG: The reason the Doctor was running from the question "Doctor Who?" all his life is not the literal answer.]]
The Doctor is not afraid of his actual name yet because of the implications of which Doctor he is... Is he truly the Eleventh Incarnation of the Doctor, or is he the Twelfth incarnation (according to [[http://www.denofgeek.com/tv/doctor-who/26279/doctor-who-john-hurts-50th-anniversary-role-explained this]]) he ''is'' the Twelfth incarnation) which depending on the answer would reveal if he is the Doctor who's evil and malice will birth Valeyard before his Thirteenth incarnation (of course since he ''is'' the Twelfth incarnation the Valeyard ''will'' be born from him).

[[WMG: JHD fought in the Time War but was not between 8 and 9.]]
* Perhaps a future version of the Doctor was pulled back to the Time War. The Doctor dreads becoming this version as it will mean he will perform this terrible act.

[[WMG: JHD killed Henry V]]
* John Hurt in the Hollow Crown appears at Henry V's funeral. He may have thought Henry V's death would prevent more fighting between England and France.

[[WMG: The TARDIS helped create many lives for Clara]]
* The TARDIS still has RealityWarper powers despite being in a dying state. As Clara scattered herself it helped create many lives for her. It wants to save the Doctor as well.

[[WMG: The Great Intelligence possessed people]]
* The Whispermen were immaterial. I think it likely the Great Intelligence possessed people to destroy the Doctor.

[[WMG: The Great Intelligence was just a pawn]]
* John Hurt used him to get the Doctor or Clara into the time tunnel
* The Whispermen are the opposite of the Silence- the Silence were using madam Kovarian as a pawn, the Whispermen were pawns.
* It has been hinted twice that the Doctor's greatest fear and/or somebody who is really good with messing with other people's heads, the most dangerous thing in the Universe, yadda, yadda, is the Doctor himself, and it is. Just the John Hurt version
* Think about it, what is the one thing the Doctor always does? He saves his companions. So, if you want to kill him or something, trap his companion in the Doctor's timeline and the Doctor will follow. Easy as pie. And it makes sense that John Hurt would know that, since he is the Doctor.

[[WMG: The first TARDIS the Doctor intended to board on Gallifrey was sabotaged.]]
It was set to explode, or take him and Susan to a deathtrap or some other terrible fate that the Great Intelligence was behind. Fortunately, the Gallifreyan Clara was on hand to convince him to take the TARDIS we know. In the unaltered timeline, before either of their meddling began, perhaps the Doctor simply changed his mind, perhaps due to some fault he found or just an arbitrary decision befitting of the old curmudgeon he used to be.
** Considering the TARDIS said she was unlocked, perhaps this TARDIS had the controls locked and so the Doctor wasn't able to leave. He is caught by the Time Lords and never able to travel.

[[WMG: John Hurt was another Time Lord altogether]]
At least at first. He merged with the Eighth Doctor to create a ruthless killer capable of ending the war.

[[WMG: The Doctor's greatest fear]]
During "[[DoctorWhoS32E11TheGodComplex The God Complex]]," the Eleventh Doctor opens a door that reveals his biggest fear. We don't see it, but it plays the [=TARDIS=] alarm bell:
--> '''The Doctor''': ''"Of course. Who else?"''
The person he saw was John Hurt's Non-Doctor.

[[WMG: The Doctor committed ([[TimeTravelTenseTrouble will commit?]]) suicide at Trenzalore]]
In ''The Name of the Doctor'', we learn that one day, the Doctor will take part in a terrible battle at Trenzalore which will be the cause of his death. But what if the Doctor was the one who ''caused'' the war to begin, and in his grief and despair from seeing even more blood being spilled, even more people dying because of him, chose to kill himself there? The Great Intelligence says "Not exactly the Time War, but enough to finish him. In the end, it was too much for the old man." We know that the Time War scarred him in untold ways, and although this particular conflict may not have been as devastating, it could have been just enough to push the Doctor over the edge emotionally. "Enough to finish him," as the GI put it. Even if the Doctor wasn't the cause of it, it still could have affected him in such a way as to convince him that there was no more hope.

[[WMG: Clara was scattered throughout every world in existence, not just the Whoniverse.]]
By jumping into the Doctor's timeline, Clara [[BreakingTheFourthWall Broke the Fourth Wall]]. There could even be versions of her in the real world.

[[WMG: The Gallifreyan Clara was named Claraoswinoswald]]

[[WMG: The Name of the Doctor is not the last time we will see River]]
While some see "The Name of the Doctor" as a heartfelt and effective way to end a long-running character, it does not mean that River is gone forever. Quite the contrary. This still leaves one thing open: River still needs to receive the screwdriver BEFORE the library. And before you say it can be assumed this happened off screen... the Doctor as we have seen him has never had that exact model. We recently saw in "The Cold War" that it DOES have a red setting (implying it is getting closer), it still lacks the trigger-looking feature seen in the Library two-parter. Therefore, the 11th Doctor will go out in a way similar to the Tenth Doctor as he will visit her one last time to give her the screwdriver, tying up every plotline regarding River and giving Alex Kingston and the character a good send off (in the 50th or The Christmas Special) and giving the 12th Doctor the chance to get a new screwdriver.
* There's a few short episodes on the series 6 DVD boxset, under the umbrella name Night and the Doctor. One of them involves the Doctor being bombarded from all directions by River at different points in her life (and hilariously trying to keep them from meeting each other), but just before the episode ends a version of him and River arrive just prior to the Doctor going to the singing towers (which is where River told Ten she was given her screwdriver) - so while we don't see the actual events, it's already happened.

[[WMG: [[spoiler:There is no "original" Clara]] (Spoilers for The Name of the Doctor)]]
[[spoiler:The Name of the Doctor implies that the Clara who has been travelling with the Doctor since The Bells of Saint John was the original version, and that the rest are all just temporal duplicates created when she entered the Doctor's timeline to undo the Great Intelligence's meddling. However, in The Bells of Saint John, Clara uses the mnemonic "Run, you clever boy, and remember" when entering the wi-fi password, which was the phrase that tipped the Doctor off to her identity both here and in The Snowmen. She subconsciously knew this phrase in modern London because that version of her was yet another of the iterations created when she entered the Doctor's timeline.]]

[[WMG: The Great Intelligence's goal had nothing to do with the Doctor]]
[[spoiler:When the Great Intelligence stepped into The Doctor's time stream it wasn't due to any personal vendetta, but because it wanted to be reunited with it's body. According to the EU, the Great Intelligence is actually [[EldritchAbomination Yog-Sothoth's]] disembodied consciousness. Anybody who is familiar with the Cthulhu Mythos knows that this means that The Great Intelligence's body consists of all of time and space, which is precisely where The GI's consciousness was sent when it entered the time stream. Screwing up The Doctor''s history was just a bonus.]]