[[WMG: The save points are canon, and created by Schala]]
Schala at the end of the Antiquity arc is jettisoned outside of time, there she uses her magic to create the "Save Points" that Crono and the Gang unknowingly run into, then if anything happens to the Schala uses her limited power to go back to the moment the party touched the points and influences them to do something different, thereby saving them and restoring the timeline.
[[WMG: The recording of the Day of Lavos is incomplete.]]
The recording show Lavos getting out of the ground and launching his attack at the same time, then stops. We don't know what happened latter though, or what made the world be destroyed. We assume it is just what is shown on the screen, but:
1- The scene is the one in the Lavos Ending, where the place is destroyed and evacuated mid-attack.
2- As said, the video is from Lavos coming to the surface... where it already is when Crono & Co. fight him, meaning it is already past the video.
Thus the real reason for the EndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt happens latter.
Thus, if Crono and company saved the world there was a full footage of it somewhere, which Belthasar could very well have used -- maybe even together with Lucca -- to make them see that incomplete version during their accidental first time travel, sending them back to keep the cicle going and avoiding a paradox.
* To be fair, every time travel story in existence- whether the characters visit the future or the past- has this problem, so the general rule is that the characters' memories can't be altered. A better question is, how is it possible that their massive interference in the past doesn't eliminate their own births?
[[WMG: The Main Characters are now stuck in a never-ending time loop.]]
The motivation for them going after Lavos was witnessing the record of him burrowing to the surface in 1999 and destroying the world...which won't happen now that Lavos is dead. The ensuing time paradox caused the continuum to wrap back around itself, hence the New Game Plus. This also explains how Porre was able to take over Guardia in Chrono Cross - in the normal, unaltered timeline, the Mayor's ancestors weren't taught the value of sharing, and Crono et al are still happily reliving their halcyon days as saviors of the world. (Uh...I'll need more thought on how Lucca manages to start an orphanage and raise Kid.)
* Time Traveller's Immunity.
* The canon in the DS almost seems to imply a tier system where Lavos merges with Schala to become the Dream Devourer who then on near defeat merges with the new fangled dimension power with other near defeated Dream Devourers, which after all Dream Devourers are either killed or merged becomes the Time Devourer. So by time VideoGame/ChronoCross comes about all Lavos, lavi?, have been defeated in all dimensions. So either there are many parallel parties doing this, as hinted by the "evil" clones merging with the main characters, or there are a limited number of parallel universes of this type.
* The Chrono Trigger timeline has a way of correcting such paradoxes, shown when Marle is torn apart from the inside out because of her ancestor never being saved.
* Chrono Trigger definitely ends in a [[TemporalParadox temporal paradox]]. The whole point of Chrono Cross is to undo that paradox by making the defeat of Lavos part of the true timeline. In the original timeline, Lavos emerged in 1999AD and destroyed the world. The events of Chrono Trigger created a paradox where it became possible to have a different outcome, that being the defeat of Lavos. The events of Chrono Cross then made it possible to take that newly created outcome of defeating Lavos and replace the outcome where Lavos destroys the world in the original timeline, thereby completely remaking the truth of the original timeline. By the end of Chrono Cross, we've closed the paradox from Chrono Trigger while simultaneously ensuring that Lavos will always be defeated in ALL timelines. Of course, this was all a MASSIVE [[BatmanGambit Batman Gambit]] by Belthasar. The Belthasar in 2300AD of the ruined future had to not only help orchestrate the events of Chrono Trigger, but he had the foresight to realize that if Crono succeeded in defeating Lavos, it would create a temporal paradox that would have an alternate version of himself in the newly created good future who would then realize that a paradox actually existed in the first place. Knowing himself, Belthasar knew that the alternate Belthasar would then seek a way of closing the paradox in a way that would result in always ensuring that Lavos was defeated, and he did this through orchestrating the events of Chrono Cross. And to top it all off, 2300AD Belthasar masterminded this entire scheme knowing that if his plan was successful, it would ultimately result in him having never existed since the ruined future would be completely replaced by the good future in the true timeline. Belthasar was basically the ultimate [[ChessMaster Chess Master]].

[[WMG:The Mystic-Human War was deliberately arranged to distract Magus.]]
In 12,000 B.C., mankind gets its hands on magic by tapping into Lavos's power. Eventually, however, they get too close to it, and Lavos responds by bringing Zeal to the ground and cutting off the power source. Janus, one of the queen's children, falls into around 580 A.D. and eventually becomes Magus, leader of the Mystics. Lavos is at least partially outside time (''Chrono Cross'' establishes that it is aware of alternate timelines, thus the CosmicHorrorStory bit), and knows that Magus will eventually attempt to destroy it. Therefore, it alters human DNA so that certain humans will be able to wield magic... but are also hideous in the bargain. Man rejects them, and they become bitter about humanity. When Janus emerges in 580, a pointy-eared boy with magical talent, they embrace him as a leader. Thus he spends his life leading the Mystics in their war and not fighting Lavos; indeed, the Mystics come to think he ''created'' Lavos (witness Heckran's dying comments). By the time he tries to attack Lavos directly, Frog (and his allies) have broken into the fortress and interrupt him. Lavos's existence is secured.
* But in the original, pre-Crono-et-al-finding-time-gates timeline, nobody breaks into Magus's fortress, but he is killed by Lavos after summoning him, ending the Mystic War. If he had succeeded in defeating Lavos at that point, Guardia, already losing the war, would have been conquered.
* Magus however, doesn't seem to care about the Mystic-Human conflict. All he really cares about is Lavos. If Magus had beaten Lavos, he could have stopped caring about the war and the humans would win. Or perhaps he was mortally wounded in the battle.
* The monsters on the Mountain of Woe seem to imply that Mystics already existed before Zeal's fall; however, it's possible that they were created in advance of Janus even being born.

[[WMG:The Chancellor and [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Emperor Gestahl]] are one and the same.]]
Seriously, take a look at them. Pretty strong resemblance, wouldn't you say? The main difference is hair color -- obviously, some time after he went from Chancellor to Emperor, his hair turned white.

[[WMG:C(h)rono's last name is Trigger.]]
Somehow, I doubt the Chrono Trigger is the only eponymous thing.

[[WMG:Chrono coming back to life is canon.]]
Chrono Cross doesn't seem to drop any hints.

[[WMG:Lavos was artificially constructed by an alien race.]]
When you fight the inside of Lavos it looks less than organic. It looks like a machine, with cables connecting it to the shell. An alien race constructed Lavos as an interplanetary weapon and sent it to the Chrono Trigger planet, or Lavos revolted against its creators and launched itself into space, eventually coming to the Chrono Trigger planet.
* Or it had humanity develop technology based on itself.
* In the beta, certain promotional materials, etc. shows the second form's chamber as clearly more mechanical in nature. Taking into account time altering powers, distance travel, ability to reproduce, etc. perhaps it was post singularity product of said race gone horribly wrong.

[[WMG:Lavos was a Arena of Ages product.]]
The new DS MiniGame has you breeding monsters, feeding them and equipping them with items to change states and having them fight each other, then training their skills in different time periods to evolve into stronger monsters. And apparently there's an entire sect of Time Travellers who do nothing but this. Lavos is a MillionToOneChance evolution to the 7th Tier. The Time Devourer is then another MillionToOneChance evolution to the 8th Tier; and he "equipped" Schala to do it. Since the Arena of Time was a PlaceBeyondTime, it's already native to TemporalParadox and was totally at home in the Darkness Beyond Time.

[[WMG: Crono was not the one originally intended to be saved by the Trigger.]]
Gaspar said that the person has to be "important to the flow of time." Yet this version of Lavos can be defeated without Crono in the party! No, what the party was supposed to have done was rescue Schala instead. Yes, there are no Schala clones; Marle was supposed to have dyed her hair and relinquished her necklace. Both she and Chrono would have died, but the Time Devourer would not have come into existence.
* Norstein Bekkler probably could've made a Schala clone, though Crono still couldn't have come back.
** Post Chrono's rescue, you can win clones of everybody else in your party if you put them in the lead. Too bad you can't get extra Time Eggs...
*** Well, then just rescue them both with the single Time Egg, then. Kill two birds with one stone.

[[WMG: Crono is from the future.]]
In 1999 AD, Crono's father is a scientist specializing in time travel. When a sudden increase in seismic activity hints at the approaching apocalypse, he sends his wife and son back to 1000 AD to avoid the cataclysm - and hopefully find a way to prevent it. Something goes wrong during the transition and both end up with amnesia. But because Crono finds himself inexplicably attracted to Lucca (a very intelligent and tech-savvy character, centuries ahead of her time) and Marle (a member of a very prominent family that's still going strong in the 'future'), HilarityEnsues and they eventually end up saving the world.
* Conversely, this troper once heard a theory that Crono was from the Dark Ages/Antiquity. The main support for this theory was his unusual hairstyle (on par with the other citizens of 12,000 B.C.), his love of sleeping (displayed during the game's opening and a few of the endings, and shared with the people of Enhasa), and the fact that Schala knew his name, having stated it right after she sends the rest of the team away in the Ocean Palace. The last point can be explained easily, since the rest of the team had been shouting his name mere moments ago, when [[spoiler:he was killed by Lavos]], but the other two make a strong point. There's also the fact that Lightning/Light magic users don't seem to be terribly common.

[[WMG: Crono is the son of Lavos.]]
Nine months before Crono was born, Lavos had taken an interest in a human woman (Gina) in whom it detected an untapped potential. It decided to take advantage of the situation and, using methods similar to how it absorbed DNA from humans, implanted its seed into her. It did this as an experiment to potentially make a race of superhuman people from which it would have a penultimate source of DNA. That Lavos is the only person in the entire game who's spikier than Crono is supportive, and even though Lavos may be gray, not red, if you take note of the Dream Devourer, as well as the Time Devourer in Chrono Cross, it begins to turn red, which only happens when it has a human become a part of it; Crono has the reddest hair in the game, nearly a bloody crimson, which shows his relation to Lavos, in that human genes and those of a Lavoid have a side effect of redness.

[[WMG: Right after Crono went back after Marle, while attempting to replicate the results, Lucca was pulled into the Temporal Research Facility at Chronopolis to develop the Gate-Key. She returns, but chooses not to tell anyone.]]
Yes, she's good...but nobody is ''that'' good. Later she instantly knowing how to operate computers and fixing robots thousands of years into the future. She lectures about how robots are only evil when programmed that way as if she's deeply familiar with the subject; yet is supposedly from a medieval time period where nobody except her has ever programmed robots.
* This is also how her name shows up in the Chronopolis records; as well as why Chronopolis shows up in her "alternate universe" in the DS.
* Also, consider Doan. He shows up at the good ending to congratulate the heroes for saving the future, but if it was changed, he wouldn't have any memories of an apocalyptic one...''unless'' he'd done some temporal hopping to pick up Time Traveler's Immunity. Sounds like someone's been taking passengers and making trips to the future behind everyone's backs. No wonder Miss Ashtear was so many centuries ahead of her time.
* Robots existed in 1000 AD, even before Lucca's supposed visit to Chronopolis - Gato was built by Lucca, so she must have at least some knowledge of robotics. We could also assume that off-screen, Lucca takes a screwdriver to the defeated robot enemies for scientific research, allowing for the repair of Robo (and possibly the knowledge of computer systems - you can't use any computer systems until defeating the Guardian robot, which would have a ''lot'' of future-circuitry to educate oneself with...)

[[WMG: Lavos was afraid of humanity from the beginning]]
...and was retarding human evolution as a result, to keep it from getting too powerful. There is no other explanation for humanity remaining almost exactly the same in 65 million years, the time it took real-life humans to go from ratlike creatures to monkeylike creatures to apelike creatures to ''Homo sapiens sapiens''. Also note that the only change Crono-verse humanity made was development of magic, which, in part, draws on Lavos, making it less likely to be useful against it than a development entirely under human control.
* Of course he's afraid of humanity. Look at what Ayla can do at level 99! Good thing he replaced their "Hand" abilities with just magic.
* Perhaps humanity died out in the ice age after 65000000 BC, and had just evolved back to the point of humanity again by 12000 BC?
** Except that Kino and Ayla where mentioned as Marle's ancestor in one of the endings.

[[WMG: The "Entity" is actually the [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Integrated Thought Entity]]]]
Lavos, given his reality bending powers could be a self aware form of Haruhi. Or maybe Lucca or Schala is Haruhi, given both of their talents. The "pocket dimensions" are actually closed space and the magic is a result of the Entity. Possible interfaces include: Robo, Magus and Spekkio.

[[WMG: Crono is [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender an Avatar]].]]
Or some variant. This world divides them differently, though. Light, aka "Heaven" includes Air (Cyclone and Wind Slash) and Lightning. Instead of Earth, we have Shadow, which also results from mixing any of the other three. Crono is the earliest character that can use any element by teaming with his TrueCompanions, because he's a natural at it. Furthermore, he's a fully realized avatar and enters the Avatar State when using Luminaire.
* Magus can control other elements, so he's a fully realized Avatar. Maybe Crono has a little bit of Magus kicking around inside him?
** They're both Avatars! Magus was born 12000 years before Chrono. Chrono is his reincarnation.
*** Crono is Aang, Robo is Toph, Lucca is Zuko, Frog is Sokka, and Marle is Katara. Only with this Avatar, his earth(ish)bending friend is a DefectorFromDecadence, and not [[spoiler:the firebender.]] Ayla and Magus aren't part of the FiveManBand, so I'm not counting them.
*** Ayla is Suki. (Ty Lee fits her better, but eh.)

[[WMG: Time-Travel was different for Marle the first time because she didn't have a foci and the Gate wasn't fully developed.]]
She dropped her necklace before getting sucked into the portal. Thus she was susceptible to the Film/BackToTheFuture disappearing effect. Similar actions later in the game don't have the same results because the Gates have solidified due to the Gate Key.
* I like this one. At every other non-1000 AD point in the game, you have (or at least, can potentially have) the Gate Key, Marle's pendant, if not both.

[[WMG: The kid being chased by Alfador the cat after the Kingdom of Zeal collapses is Janus.]]
Originally as seen in Magus's flashback, Janus tried to rescue Schala with the help of the three Gurus. All four of them get sucked into different time portals. In his Main/AntiVillain way, Magus tried to save the Gurus from getting sucked into Gates by having them confined elsewhere. Thus this second time around, though, Janus ''doesn't'' get sucked into a Gate! Using the same powers to send the Necklace to Marle, she erases the "second" Janus memory (she really likes doing that), and removes his Zeal hairdye and make-up.
* For those keeping score, this means there are ''three'' different Jani seen in the game. The one from the original timeline who became the Magus that you either kill or allow to join your party, the one becomes someone new in the "second" Antiquity, and the one who challenges the Devourer at Time's Eclipse; but gets memory erased (apparently into Guile.)
* IIRC There's a person who tells the party that Janus was sucked into a strange black portal.
** Said person was an Earthbound One who would ''never'' have been at the Ocean Palace to witness what he described. More likely he witnessed this occurrence while Melchior and Janus were at Terra Cave. The circumstances altered because of Crono & co's interference.
*** That's [[{{Jaabi}} this troper]]'s theory. In the original timeline Janus and Melchior are sucked into black portals in the Ocean Palace. When Crono and co. interfere; the same events occur - they vanish, they just happen to be with the Earthbound Ones.
*** In relation to the DS remake's Magus, he seems to recognise Crono and co (clearly stating "we"; though because I didn't kill him, who knows if the line can be different) so it is likley he is the same Magus from the original timeline (and the one who joins your party) just from the future without Lavos.

[[WMG: The Gurus never gave up seeking a way to defeat Lavos]]
If you look carefully, you'll notice that Magus, Melchior, and Belthasar ''all'' based themselves at around the same point on their respective World Maps, as does the Black Omen. We know this is true with Magus because he specifically worked to summon and destroy Lavos. Belthasar was near Death Peak (where Lavos' spawn were) working on the Epoch. His stated reason is to return home, but he also leaves behind a message for whoever claims Epoch asking them to save the world. Melchior was in the worst position, but remained at his home and it's no coincidence that one of the first things he does in-game is try to get ahold of Marle's pendant. Even Gaspar, at the End of Time, had a Gate specifically to go to the Day of Lavos set up and worked on his Time Egg, which proved of invaluable aid to those who would eventually defeat Lavos.
* VideoGame/ChronoCross [[spoiler:is one huge BatmanGambit by Belthasar designed to destroy Lavos, as transformed into the Time Devourer, and free Schala.]]

[[WMG: The kitty gags are all Crono's cat from the ending]]
The ending with the intact Epoch has Crono's cat running into the Gate just before it closes for good. Subsequently, all of the kitty gags throughout the game; the cat in the future sewer, the one that defeats Ozzie, etc, are Crono's cat having its own adventure across time and space.
** That...makes a crazy kind of sense.
** Alternately, since the more cat food you win from Norstein Bekkler the more cats you get, they're different cats, but they're still all the cats Crono owns and the ones that jump into the time gate during the regular ending.
*** OR are they the same "different" cat? Perhaps Norstein has a time portal where he feeds one cat in one end and 2 come out from the other side (slightly different time periods, like a puppy farm but ethical). Read below, Norstein could be a time traveler from Zeal. It makes this troper wonder if the cats were a "catalyst" (hur hur) for the whole adventure.

[[WMG: Dalton didn't break the fourth wall when he said to stop the music]]
* He actually had someone playing music during his battle, and told them to switch because he needed something more appropriate.
** Given his inflated ego and show-off attitude, that actually makes a lot of sense.

[[WMG: Lucca is a descendant of the Enlightened Ones.]]
Think about it. Blue hair with purple streaks was common amongst ladies in Zeal, and Lara actually had blue hair. There's also Lucca's somewhat reserved, intelligent and science-driven personality.
* Given that she has very strong magic, I would say that's probably true. She seems like a Kajar descendant. Perhaps her mom's anscestor came through a portal to 600 AD.
** Isn't everyone (except Ayla and Robo) technically a descendant of the Enlightened Ones? That's the whole reason Spekkio can unlock their magic in the first place. For all we know, there are more people who have seemingly unusual hair colours, but they're rare and we can see numerous houses in the world map that we don't get to enter.
*** Yes, but it irritates me when people go on in fanfiction about blue being such a rare hair color in the world when a pretty notable non-Zeal NPC has it.
*** You have to admit, though, that she's pretty singular in that era. In fact, howbout we take it up a notch...
*** Several of Queen Leene's attendants had that coloured hair.

[[WMG: Lucca is not only descended from the Enlightened, but the current scion of their royal house!]]

* Recall Gaspar's words: Zeal is now "living out a normal life", or something to that effect. Given her atemporailty when you defeat her, she could concievably end up anywhen; why not somewhen in the vicinity of 980? This would technically make Lucca Janus' and Schala's half-sister! (or niece, possibly some degree removed, depending on just when Zeal actually got dropped)
** The theory that Vera, from Radical Dreamers, is in fact Queen Zeal supports this. She's no longer connected to Lavos, and therefore mortal, so she continues to age again (Vera is, in fact, pretty old when you meet her). If she was dropped to around 980 A.D., then she would, by the time Radical Dreamers' story comes along, be in her sixties at least, probably closer to seventy. That would help fit the old crone look she's got by then.

[[WMG: "English" in the game isn't the native human language.]]
The reptites in the past speak perfect English, but the humans speak it in a garbled manner plus mentioned a native language. "English" is the Reptite language that humans picked up and adopted as their own. Possibly even a in universe "Reptoid Conspiracy" is why it never changes. The Reptites maintain their language flawlessly, somehow, as part of their race, and force human "english" to remain relatively the same to make their conspiracy easier to pull off.
* This actually comes up in [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2192794/42/Chrono_Trigger_The_Sands_of_Time a fanfic]] that [[MugenKagemaru this troper]] read once. When the party first meets Ayla, she wonders why they're speaking the Reptite language. This makes sense in the game's plot since it's possible Ayla had the humans adopt the Reptite language to honor Azala after the latter's death.
---> '''Ayla''': '''Azala... me not forget...''
* It would really suck if Ayla decided to go back to the first human language after her victory. The rest of the gang would go back to their times unable to understand anything said to them.
** Languages evolve faster than creatures. There is no way the people from 1000 AD would sound just like the people from 600 AD (Eyes Cream notwithstanding). But to say that people from 12,000 BC speak the same language as people in 65,000,000 BC AND 2,300 AD is just nonsense. So I must assume that the main characters all have some kind of invisible translator key item.
*** Or...

[[WMG: The Entity is translating everything.]]
Everyone is speaking their own language. Ayla is talking in a series of grunts. Frog is speaking incomprehensible Shakespearean English (not faux Shakespearean but the real thing). Magus is likely speaking the same, with an occasional Zealean word tossed in when he's talking about something for which the 600 AD people would have no word (complex magical things, certain objects, etc) or when he's feeling particularly emotional. Crono Marle and Lucca are speaking Modern English, and Robo may even be speaking in beeps and whistles, or possibly just Future English. The Entity, however, is producing a [[Series/DoctorWho TARDIS-like]] translation field, simultaneously causing everyone to understand everything spoken around them regardless of language, and causing them to not question this fact.

[[WMG: Norstein Bekkler was from Zeal.]]

If you think about it, how else could Belthasar know of his existence and how he likes fairs, and how else does he have the ability to create extremely accurate clones/dolls of anyone, even if he has never seen them? My theory is that Norstein Bekkler was once a normal person from Zeal, but at some point, Queen Zeal banished him and changed his form. When Lavos woke up in the Ocean Palace, the time distortion affected Bekkler and sent him to 1000 AD or some time before. Either that, or he was sent to the End of Time and showed up shortly after Gaspar did, and figured out how to travel through time. Either way, he found a job at the Millenial Fair, which kept him happy during the events of Chrono Trigger. It also explains why he was willing to make a Chrono clone, as he understood the events of the Ocean Palace, how much of a corrupted monster Queen Zeal was thanks to Lavos' power, and was happy to help anyone who could defeat Lavos.
* This actually comes up in a fanfic that [[MugenKagemaru this troper]] read once. He's currently looking for it as he's typing this. when he finds it, he'll edit this.
* Belthasar knew Bekklar was at the fair because he also worked at the fair, remember? And being one of the only human-esque magic users of the era, he might have had an interest? The others are interesting points.
** Umm, no. Melchior was at the fair. Belthasar was in 2300 A.D.
* Don't forget about the room where you fight Queen Zeal in the Black Omen(before she transforms). There are a bunch of clones of the party there. Maybe Bekklar was responsible for that.
** Look at Norstein Bekkler, now look at what the Queen Zeal transform into at the top of the Black Omen.

[[WMG: The Lost Sanctum BonusDungeon in the DS remake is an alternate timeline.]]
Specifically, the timeline visited in ''VideoGame/ChronoCross'', where Lavos never fell, Humankind was defeated, and the Reptites became the dominant species of the planet.
* [[http://www.chronocompendium.com/Term/Lost_Sanctum.html This article]] on the Chrono Compendium notes it as a mass of land somehow separated into it's own dimension before the events of 65,000,000 BC. IIRC, the Reptites there don't even recognize humans either. So you are right in some aspects, but it's probably not visited in VideoGame/ChronoCross.

[[WMG: The DS remake represents a completely different timeline than the one seen in ''VideoGame/ChronoCross'']]
Specifically, a timeline where Guardia will ''not'' fall. In the Dimensional Vortex, Chrono and Company encounter Dalton for one final boss battle, after which he ''tells them'' that he's going to raise a Guardia-conquering army in Porre. Chrono, Marle, and Lucca have defeated Dalton before, and they can do it again when he shows up. More importantly, they know where, if not ''precisely'' when, he's going to show up. So, after the Moonlight Festival, Chrono, Marle, and Lucca use their pull with the King, and their knowledge of Dalton's plans, to stop the war before Dalton has a chance to start it. Bam! Dalton's been stopped, Guardia remains, the heroes don't die, and everything's peachy.

"What about the Dream Devourer and the SequelHook?", I hear you ask. That's actually pretty simple. The alternate-timeline Magus that initially tries to stop the Dream Devourer ''is'' from ''VideoGame/ChronoCross'''s initial timeiline, where the Dimensional Vortex never appeared, Dalton conquers Guardia, and a mindwiped Magus goes searching for Schala. He gets sent back to a different part of his ''own'' timeline, not the one where the Dimensional Vortex appeared and Dalton gets stopped. Which is why "the fall of Guardia" plays after we see him, and nobody else. Like he said, "there are as many worlds as there are potentialities."

* This troper took the same away from the DS remake. Chrono and co. meet Chrono Cross Magus and try to defeat the Dream Devourer, fail, and are sent back to their own universe by Schala. Realizing the danger if Lavos merged with Schala they promptly destroy Lavos, save the future, and with peace restored, Magus goes off searching for Schala whom in the absence of Lavos to merge with is out there somewhere. Possibly reincarnated as the baby Lucca finds. Lucca just happens to also invent the RX series while she's at it, which also ensures the peaceful future we see Robo in occurs. Meanwhile bad stuff happens in the Chrono Cross universe but that's not our party's problem.

[[WMG: The party has a different hit point ratio compared to the bad guys.]]
Magus deals more damage when he is a PC than when he is an NPC but he has more HP as a villain. I believe this is because [=PCs=] have hit points that are proportionately worth more (so a PC hit point compared to an NPC hit point is like an American Dollar compared to a Mexican Peso)
* [[HealthDamageAsymmetry We have a trope for that.]]

[[WMG:Azala predicted the 'Day of Lavos'.]]
When she said 'we have no future' just before she died, Azala wasn't referring to the end of the dinosaurs, but to the end of ''everything'' when the Day of Lavos occurs in 1999 AD.
* Jossed by the DS remake. She no longer says this and instead asks for the humans to take care of the planet.
** De-jossed by the fact that in [[http://kwhazit.ucoz.net/trans/ct/earthlaw.html the original Japanese version]], her last words are simply "The future..."

[[WMG:Yakra and Lavos are related.]]
They both have needle-based attacks.
* Lavos has partaken of the genetic diversity of the entire world. Perhaps he took that from the Yakras.

[[WMG:Lavos is a [[VideoGame/StarControl Mycon Deep Child]].]]
He seems to be both biological and yet artificial. He crash landed on the planet from space and promptly burrowed into it. He spent time buried under the earth, incubating and preparing, before erupting forth and essentially terraforming the planet for purposes of the production of Lavos spawn, which would then crash into other planets and repeat the process. Juffo-wup indeed.

[[WMG: Lavos is a [[Franchise/MassEffect Reaper]], and the universe runs on ''Franchise/MassEffect'' rules]]
Lavos indoctrinates several people over the course of the series. Queen Zeal was like Saren, and many other Zealians and Earthbound were subjected to similar treatments. Lavos harvests evolution, as explained at the end. He also employs the tactic to allows races to live and abruptly end them. Compare Lavos physically to a Reaper, and he is actually very similar looking. The talons, the pronged mouth, the spaceship-like interior... Also, it is said that he lives in a pocket dimension. Could it be similar to mass relay technology? Naturally this makes Magic also based off of Biotics, which appears to be much more advanced than other biotics, since it is themed on nature. This is probably Lavos' motive. 65,000,000 years ago is much longer ago than 50,000. Maybe Lavos is a different generation of Reaper, or a rogue Reaper. This WMG remains as it is whether the universe is a parallel universe, spin off, future, past and/or different planet from Mass Effect.
* This... May be the greatest WMG in the history of anything. In fact, one might even be able to prove WHAT Lavos was doing sitting on a single planet for those millions of years. It's been well established that the Reapers are absolutely ancient, and[[spoiler: since they seem to need MASSIVE amounts of living resources to be able to reproduce,]] one can come to the logical conclusion that Lavos was Reaper damaged by some form of weapon by a species ''predating the aliens which destroyed that Reaper over Mnemosyne''. Noting a planet with some serious evolutionary potential, he landed, burrowed within the ground, and unleashed the ultimate indoctrinating artifact, the Frozen Flame. As luck would have it, the inhabitants of the planet had even more biotic potential than the asari, essentially giving them near-magical abilities. Simply by guiding the planets evolution, Lavos' ultimate plan would have been to use these humans to repair itself fully, returning as what would likely be an immensely powerful being, even by Reaper standards, and torch the planet after it was finished with it. Thankfully, a Shepard-esque figure, Crono, would rise up and kill him before it was too late, saving not only their planet, but perhaps the entire universe from 'Lavos the Super-Reaper.'
** Perhaps Lavos is a proto-Reaper, the species that became the Reapers. At some point, a one of the Lavos-entities decided to evolve itself into a mechanical form.
** [[spoiler: You mean a Leviathan? Yeah, actually the size is about right...]]
* Also, take a look at the Black Omen, the thing that was [[spoiler: built using Lavos' power]]. Take a good, long look. Are we ''sure'' Creator/BioWare wasn't playing this game when they came up with Sovereign's design?

[[WMG: Robo is RickAstley]]
Okay, okay, okay! This is not the first time this has been brought up, but we know that his theme does in a ways sound like ''Never Gonna Give You Up'' ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-_XvOAF8zk as heard here]]). Apparently, RickAstley's fame on the internet had him preserved in some way and he winds up years later as [[spoiler:Prometheus]].

[[WMG: Guardia and the Magic Kingdom are matriarchies, following the tradition set by Ayla.]]
Ayla was the strongest, and ruled because she was the strongest, but it's not too farfetched to imagine that, as time went on, it became a tradition for the female to rule, and to pick her husband, like she did. Queen Zeal mentions her husband, at most, once or twice, and barely anyone else mentions him at all, except in regards to her StartOfDarkness. And as for Guardia, the present king rarely does anything but sit around and be an ObstructiveBureaucrat, and the king from 600 AD seems completely focused on the Mystic War. When Lucca is explaining why Marle disappeared, the line of Marle's ancestors is entirely female, and they're all wearing {{Pimped Out Dress}}es. The 1000 AD king didn't get all KnightTemplarParent just because Marle's his only child (still a very reasonable reason), she's also the royal heir. And, to get completely speculative, it's why Marle's wasn't stuck in an ArrangedMarriage with an airheaded prince/noble (like, say, Dalton).
* Unfortunately for this theory, before they're seen in dresses, the queens use the commoner sprites, but this could possibly be {{Hand Wave}}d [[ItRunsInTheFamily that the royal family has a penchant for]] {{Rebellious Princess}}es, or just that they didn't want to make whole new 'young princess' sprites that would show up for all of ten frames.
** They also show only four, including Leene and Marle, when there would actually be a fourteen-generation difference, and it showed Leene being kidnapped by a Blue Imp. At any rate, the most it shows is that Guardia's succession is not male-only.
* Crono is, at one point, accused of being a kidnapper, and trying to "[[StockholmSyndrome confuse the princess and take over the throne]]".
* In the alternative...

[[WMG: Guardia is a matrilineal patriarchy.]]
As the previous post mentioned, Marle's descent from Leene is traced through the female line. This suggests that, for the monarchy of Guardia, inheritance is through the female line. However, we see two kings: Guardia XXI and Guardia XXXIII, who have regnal numbers, which is indicative of being the ruling (or at least reigning) monarch, and Guardia XXI seems to be in charge of things (in addition to having a regnal number) despite Leene's presence. (Consider that, in RealLife, despite all the Elizabeths who were queens of England, only two are counted in determining regnal numbers because they are the only ones who have actually reigned.) With 33 King Guardias, this suggests that the kings are the ones with the royal power. As an alternative to the above-mentioned theory, I posit as follows. The royal line passes from mother to daughter, but each royal princess marries someone who becomes the reigning King and takes the name Guardia. Therefore, Leene was the daughter of Guardia XX and his wife, the previous royal princess of Guardia. Leene and Guardia XXI will eventually have a daughter who will grow up to marry a man who will succeed as Guardia XXII. After several generations, Aliza, the daughter of Guardia XXXII, married a man who became Guardia XXXIII on the death of the previous king, and their daughter, Nadia (Marle) married Crono, who might have succeeded as Guardia XXXIV. This explanation would also explain the king's concerns regarding Marle and Crono discussed in the previous post. As far as Guardia XXXIII not seeming to do anything, it could either be an example of ConservationOfDetail (just because we don't ''see'' him ruling doesn't mean he doesn't; after all, a lot of VideoGame kings aren't shown to be doing anything) or a nod to the RealLife modern tendency toward constitutional monarchy, in which the king is largely a figurehead who reigns rather than rules.
* Jossed. It's stated in 600 AD that Leene married into the Guardia family.

[[WMG: EVERYONE of the member of the party are [[spoiler: descendents of Ayla]]]]
[[spoiler:even Magus]]. Robo could be made from Lucca's descendant, so, technically, he ''can'' be a member of the ''family''. Ayla's descendants could be the first ones in receive magic and, quickly, become the leaders of the new world. Century's later, in 600 A.D, the blacksmith who made the bell, is hinted to be Lucca's ancestor, why he can't descend from Magus sister? Now is Marle. She could descend from Magus, Frog or The king of 600 A.D mainly because there is an ending showing that Frog have a children with queen Leene, obviously, Frog have the ''Royal blood'' in his body. Magus...only because when we travel for the first time, ino one noted that Marle hasn't the necklace. Magus could gave it to her as a proof of love. The last one is Chrono. There are three possibilities:
* He is Frog's descendant
** This is manly because Frog say that Chrono was really good with the sword. Yeah, Chrono use a katana and Frog use a classic sword, but still. that could be because Chrono inheritace frog's ability with the sword.
* He and Lucca descend's from the blacksmith.
** And that's why they are so good friend, thay discovered that they have an ancestor in common and that's was the start of a good friendship.
* He descend's from ''another" line of heritage.
The main reason is...well [[FridgeLogic three persons from different ages thrust three teenage childrens with weird clothes and weird habits like ten seconds after know them]] why is that, where the hell that thrust come from? my only theory is that they can ''feel'' they have a connection.
* Note that basic population genetics shows that a past individual ancestral to any particular present individual will (and must!), if sufficient time has passed, be ancestral to all other present individuals too. Since it's canon that Ayla is an ancestor Marle, and 65 million years is plenty long enough, Ayla and Kino are, in fact, common ancestors of all the other human characters in all the other time periods in the game.

[[WMG: Dalton is supernaturally charismatic.]]
Unlike the other Enlightened Ones, Dalton shows no real talent for magic or combat - even after he gets megaboss music privileges in the Dimensional Vortex, he's still a complete joke. However, he manages to get in deep with the queen, have a loyalist usurper faction ready to go when the opportunity prevents itself, control a family/species of powerful monsters, and allegedly stir up hell between ''Trigger'' and ''Cross''.

The only way any of the above makes sense is if all his magical ability lies in manipulating others, and for all his showmanship he's actually pretty good at the political game - he only seems like a blowhard because 1) the party is explicitly throwing a king-sized spanner in the works during Antiquity, and B) he activates his magic by overacting - Spekkio says magic takes strength of character, he takes it UpToEleven.

All his actions and abilities are based on this principle - when he loses a battle, he gets so spiteful it manifests as one last attack. He can convince enough powerful people to band together and, over time, build up an outlying town enough to take over an unprepared kingdom. He can even magically force the party to fall for a blatant GoLookAtTheDistraction long enough to knock them out with his limited attack magic. It all boils down to a sophisticated Jedi mind trick.

[[WMG: Azala was a WellIntentionedExtremist, as were the rest of the Reptites]]
When Azala dies, she asks Ayla to "take care of this world." This may indicate that the Reptites were only trying to kill humans because they believed that the humans' mannerisms indicated that they were unsuitable to be the dominant species on the planet.
* I never saw it as a 'good vs. evil' kind of conflict. Just two species struggling for territory and resources until one of them is gone. Given that, it could be seen as a WorthyOpponent kind of thing.

[[WMG: Frog is Marle's ancestor even outside the joke ending]]
* Since Magus had to die sometime, maybe that made the curse go away (and if Magus joined, maybe he undid it at the end because you see him in the cutscene at the end of the DS version) he turned back into Glenn (I guess that after saving the queen in Manolia Cathedral, not being able to tell her yet, and sulking in Cursed Woods for a while without being given the Masamune made him make his move even if he is a frog) and got with the Queen. When you travel through time with Frog, then since Frog was never there, King Guardia was the ancestor, so that at the end when Frog goes home, Frog's the ancestor again.

[[WMG: Spekkio is somehow related to Lavos.]]
* Spekkio has the ability to grant people magic power. The Frozen Flame, a piece of Lavos itself granted the human race magic power.

[[WMG: Lavos is related to [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Jenova]]]].
* I was always under the impression that Lavos and Jenova were related somehow. We don't learn a lot about either of their histories or origins, but both Lavos and Jenova are incredibly resilient cosmic parasites that can absorb DNA and memories to modify themselves. Jenova doesn't show any of Lavos' time-space warping powers, and in general it seems to be less intelligent, so perhaps at some point after absorbing the Lifestream, it mutates into a giant space flea and attempts to become the ultimate life-form.

[[WMG: The Planet itself is the great entity that created the time holes]]
* The planet (which somehow had sentience of some sorts) knowing the end was near, remembered key moments of it's life before it finally laid to rest. That is why each of the times you can go to are either essential to Lavos destruction of the world or were about important milestones to humanity. This coincidentally helped save the planet and create a better future.
** You're not alone in thinking this- this Troper has had the same thought for years.

[[WMG: There is no entity, the gates are formed of the energy of intelligent lifeform annihilation]]
* There is no entity, no dying planet, whatsoever, the gates are formed in period where mass annihilation took place and just before said annihilation take place:
** The reptite extinction in 65M B.C.
** The fall of Zeal Kingdom in 12k B.C.
** The war between humans and mystics in 600 A.D.
** The day of lavos 1999 A.D.
** The human extinction in 2300 A.D. at the hands of the machines.
** Something that was about to happen in 1000 A.D. Could be the fall of Guardia or a second Human Mystic war.

[[WMG:Chrono Trigger's timeline is partially the future of the Anime/DragonBallZ world in some way.]]
* Although this is just guessing, it may be a bit possible that not only due to the timeline it took place (at least in 1000 A.D. wise), but also some of the influences that was seen (ex. characters designed by Akira Toriyama), the Chrono Trigger Present Time may have taken place long after the ''Dragon Ball'' series had ended, but this is just a theory.
** So then, what happened to the Saiyans? Crono and Co. are powerful, but they ain't THAT powerful. Not even Lucca and Ayla.
*** The MMORPG VideoGame/DragonBallOnline (canon??) takes place 216 years after the end of ''Dragon Ball Z''. In that game, Saiyans are a thing of the past (I'm guessing because the few existing ones died out). However, the frequent breeding between Sayians and '''humans''' made so that the latter acquired traits of the former (including the transformations). All the detail given in the MMO about the future of the ''Dragon Ball'' franchise actually makes this WMG unlikely, though.

[[WMG: Magus could have beaten Lavos without Crono and crew's interference]]
Or at least his outer form. The reason why he stood a chance in 600 AD and not 12000 BC is one: Lavos did not have access to the Mammon Machine for a power up, and two: Magus had his spells in preparation which allowed him to shield himself against some of Lavos' attacks. Crono and crew screwed that up.
* The game is pretty explicit in insinuating that Lavos killed Magus AND destroyed his castle in the unaltered timeline. I think the 1000AD Mystics refer to Magus attempting to summon Lavos before "mysteriously vanishing", which eventually led to the humans winning the war with the Mystics in 600AD. Even as strong as Magus is with magic, he still vastly underestimated the power of Lavos. Crono and co. technically saved his life by interfering with the summoning ritual.
* Furthermore, the Mammon Machine isn't a power-up for Lavos, on the contrary, it works by draining its energy. The Lavos you fight on the Dark Age is stronger for gameplay reasons only.
** Or is it? After all, it seems somewhat odd that Queen Zeal - now completely in Lavos's thrall - would keep the Mammon Machine around after the Ocean Palace incident. Why would she bother to preserve a machine that makes her patron "deity" ''weaker'' rather than just destroying it after it's served its purpose?
*** I don't think it has an appreciable effect on Lavos at all, really. The Mammon Machine is kept around because it converts Lavos' power into power for Zeal, but given the scale that Lavos exists on, I would think it would more leech off radiation rather than actually sapping Lavos himself.

[[WMG: Every time the party time travels, a new world is created]]
In Chrono Cross, the second dimension is created when [[spoiler:Kid]] travels back in time to save [[spoiler:Serge.]] If time travel is capable of making new universes once, doesn't that mean that a universe is created whenever the party time travels, and that Lavos is only defeated in the few universes (one in standard playthrough) in which he is defeated, and that he destroys the world in all the others?
* Time travel alone doesn't cause timelines to split. You can only get [[TemporalParadox temporal paradoxes]] this way. Split timelines occur in the CT/CC universe when something that exists outside of the flow of time directly affects the timeline in question. This happens in Chrono Cross when [[spoiler:Kid, who was the avatar of Schala, saves Serge from drowning.]] In the original timeline [[spoiler:Serge was supposed to die]], and by changing that event it caused the timeline to split in two. Crono's party does a lot of time travelling back and forth in their timeline, but they always exist within their timeline. [[spoiler:Schala, after being absorbed by Lavos]], exists outside of the timestream from that point on and as such does not require time travel to affect the timeline.
** Well, it's never addressed how big of a change splits two dimensions. Why does the universe care more about Serge than a Reptite you may have killed in 65,000,000 B.C.? What if the Reptite had descendants, and they all vanish from existence? That's enough to constitute a different reality to some degree, even though the changes don't affect the main characters. Since nothing changes before the only incident of time travel in Chross, that means that a change only needs to affect ''part'' of all of the time in a universe. If you leave footprints in a time period that weren't there before time travel, then a short period of time is now altered. Also, as [[spoiler: the future and/or alternate dimension Magus]] says when he meets the party before [[spoiler: fighting the Dream Devourer (DS version),]] "There are as many dimensions as potentialities."

[[WMG: A new universe is created whenever the party dies]]
When the party dies, the player goes back to a point in time and does something different, to create one, ultimate timeline in which Lavos is defeated, and one in chich the characters die.

[[WMG: Characters don't drink tonic]]
The name, tonic, is the name of a healing salve. Not a magical, energy boosting drink. The Chrono Trigger Tonic is effective at healing biological wounds, as well as a great lubricant like oil, and good for conducting electricity through wires and such. The tonics help fix any rust or dents gotten in battle, and by taking off a couple of metal plates that protect Robo's inside wiring, frayed wires from heavy blows can be reconnected and fixed with the tonic. And, as far as I know, no one drinks ointment.
* {{Jossed}}, at least in the DS translation, where they're just called "potions".

[[WMG: The entity is actually the creators of the game]]
After defeating the monster under the desert in Fiona's sidequest, we are then treated to a cutscene when the party is talking about "the entity". They said that "the entity" is what set the gears into motion, and want the party to see it. Obviously, who else would set such events and wanting a spectator to see it other than the game creators? And at the best ending, they said that "the entity" is finally at rest. Well, since it's the ending, it would make sense if the game creators were also at rest.

[[WMG: The Mana Fortress from ''VideoGame/SecretOfMana'' is The Black Omen pulled from The Darkness Beyond Time from VideoGame/ChronoCross.]]
The Darkness Beyond Time is where things erased from the timelines go and as such The Black Omen from the BadFuture should have ended up there once said future was averted(with The Black Omen of the present being destroyed). It's possible that The Black Omen was somehow pulled from the Darkness Beyond Time(possibly by either Queen Zeal ''herself'' or the [[VideoGame/SeikenDensetsu3 Dragon Emperor]] who was the first person seen in possesion of the Mana Fortress in the World of Mana series)into the ''VideoGame/WorldOfMana'' universe where the citizens began calling it the Mana Fortress(Gigantes in the Japanese version of Secret of Mana which also appears in the hands of the ''Wizard of the Crimson Lotus'' in ''VideoGame/SeikenDensetsu3''). It's also likely that Lavos is ''inside'' The Black Omen which is the reason the fortress is able to ''drain'' Mana from the World of Mana universe.

[[WMG: Schala is the entity]]
Through the course of the game, you discover what happened to everyone at the original summoning of Lavos during the time of Antiquity, except for Schala and her mother. In fact, each character at the summoning corresponds to a time period you can arrive at:

* 600 AD - Janus(Magus)
* 1000 AD - Melchior
* 2300 AD - Balthesar
* End of Time - Gaspar

Of course, that leaves 65m BC and 1999 AD as unaccounted for arrivals. My theory is that Schala was the one sent to 1999 AD, where she encountered Lavos again, which ended with Lavos' spatial/time warping sending her to the darkness beyond time. Now existing in a place beyond time that would still allow her to affect the timeline, she created gates where her family and friends had been banished to in an attempt to get them to help her avoid being jettisoned outside time, but refusing to sell Melchior Marle's amulet meant the wrong person jumped at the call.

[[WMG: In 12,000 B.C. the Enlightened Ones are descended primarily from the Laruba, the Earthbound from the Ioka.]]
Compare the two tribes and notice something: Ayla and Kino are fair-haired, and most of their people are likewise either fair-haired or brown-haired. The Laruba? They mostly have anime-style platinum-mauve hair. Later, the Enlightened Ones almost all have platinum-mauve or platinum-blue hair, whereas the Earthbound are nearly all brown with a scattering of blonde. Coincidence? I think not! While the Laruba and Ioka tribes probably did intermarry a bit, the Laruba already had some genetic advantage for acquiring magical powers that the Ioka didn't, which led to the racial divide between them. This racial rift was only healed much later after Zeal fell and the Earthbound had to teach the former Enlightened Ones their natural survival skills and intermarry with them in order to ensure humanity's continued survival.

[[WMG: The game is secretly a Dating Sim.]]
So we have a HeroicMute everyman character traveling the world with the GirlNextDoor, a RebelliousPrincess, a BrokenBird FailureKnight, a WildChild, a RidiculouslyHumanRobot and a former EvilOverlord. Sounds like the recipe for UnwantedHarem shenanigans if you ask me!

[[WMG:Chrono is the original Super Saiyan God.]]
[[WebOriginal/YugiohTheAbridgedSeries Screw the continuity, he has red hair!]]

[[WMG: 65,000,000 B.C. Humans always had the potential to use magic. Lavos just woke it up when started manipulating them.]]
Take note of the fact that Ayla can be blasted with both fire (Flame Kick) and Thunder (Volt Bite / Thunder Chomp), and not only be unharmed, but use the attacks to increase her own offensive ability. She can absorb elements and use them to her favour. Humanity in that era could naturally absorb magic, but needed an outside source. Lavos simply granted them the ability to create it on their own.

[[WMG:Lavos was never successfully destroyed at the end of Chrono Trigger]]
What's the last thing seen when Lavos is defeated and its "pocket dimension" goes out of whack? A silhouette of that inconspicuous right bit. No matter what, Lavos refused to accept a change in fate - even in weakened form, it managed to [[spoiler:seek Schala and]] become the Time Devourer in ''Chrono Cross''. This explains why the Time Devourer is much smaller than either the original shell or the core forms, and lacks solid traits of either - it's actually a warped version of that surviving bit, serving as the last remaining piece of its existence! Slightly jossed in that the DS version removes this detail (and includes the Dream Devourer, which looks just like a palette-swapped shell), but as far as the SNES and VC releases go, this makes sense.
[[WMG: Lavos is like a fungus, and Death Peak is its fruiting body.]]
You'll notice it's a different color than all the other mountains on the world map, including notable ones that can be entered like the Sun Shrine. It also wasn't there in earlier time period versions of the map. It was crawling with Lavos Spawns (spores) that were going to be launched into space from there to infect more planets. The Day of Lavos was just a side effect of Lavos entering the last phase of its life cycle, with its massive fruiting body erupting from the ground with enough force to send horribly destructive debris everywhere and cause something similar to an impact winter, blotting out the sun, which is why it's so dark and dead in 2300 and why the survivors can't grow any food.

[[WMG: Schala is Lara]]
She got sucked into the timestream along with the Sages during the Ocean Palace incident / Fall of Zeal and emerged in roughly 980 AD. Yes, I know this is contradicted by Chrono Cross. I don't care. Chrono Cross is fanfiction.

[[WMG: The end of time, and all events after you discover it, are in an alternate reality.]]
There are actually two timelines. In one of them, [[spoiler:The Guru of Time]] never gets sent to the end of time. In the other, he does. The first part of the game follows Crono's role in the first timeline. When we see four time travelers enter a gate for the first time, the first timeline comes to an end. The universe is destroyed, along with [[FridgeHorror every person in the world.]] In the second timeline, crono and the gang are saved, as [[spoiler:The Guru of Time]] has created the gate room at the End of Time. The game follows the second timeline from here on out.

[[WMG: The Black Omen never "appeared" at all]]
Granted it is odd that only when it appears on the map is when anyone mentions it, but look at HOW they mention it. With complete indifference. It's been there all along, but since you were ground bound anyways and it's just...there, you never think twice about it. It's only when you see precisely why it's relevant that you pay it special notice it at all.

[[WMG: Robo survived the trip to the future. Guaranteed]]
He remembered (though only vaguely referred to it) the Day of Lavos occurring, or at the very least the events leading up to it. Thus, his existence predates Lavos' emergence and effects that would have followed it.

[[WMG: Chrono Trigger is a prequel to Mother 3.]]
The Palace of Zeal has fallen. At the back of their minds, everyone in Zeal had an inkling it would happen, then it actually happened. Janus, as the Prophet, knew this was going to happen and gathered together what few residents of Zeal would listen to him to escape. However, he is unable to save Schala in time. Fast forward to the Ocean Palace. Lavos has just killed Crono. Instead of trying to fight Lavos, Magus reveals himself, takes Schala and flees. The rest of the party is tossed into Time Gates, their memories erased.

The people aboard Magus' ship knew that Zeal's destruction was a direct result of the way they lived, so Magus persuades her sister to erase everyone's memories and let them start new lives, as equals. She succeeds... for everyone but Magus; they are in a rush, and he is too powerful for it to take. So Magus disguises himself as a bellringer (getting the idea from Leene Square), the villagers, now no longer in Zeal regalia, go about their day-to-day lives on the new islands they land on, and Schala has two children, both with extraordinary magical powers. Magus falls forever silent, knowing the person he cares about most no longer remembers who he is, but taking solace in the fact that he saved her. Then... well, you know.

Meanwhile, Lavos still exists beneath the earth, though everyone has a different name for it: a common one is the Dark Dragon. Dalton, having stolen and modified the Epoch with no resistance, attempts to use Lavos' remaining influence to take over the world. However, being Dalton, he fails, and is thrown through time and space into the body of a small child sometime in the 1990s. Despite his remaining delusions of grandeur he is powerless, weak, and disliked by everyone he meets... until he finds a device, akin to the Mammon Machine, that allows him to tap into Lavos' influence again. Having done so, and thus having regained his powers, he finds the Epoch again and uses it to do bad shit; he destroys Guardia then, looking for something else to do, kidnaps people from throughout time and space and heads for the refuge of former residents of Zeal. He takes the name of "Porky," after the taunts.

Spekkio, meanwhile, finally gets off his ass and uses his power to take on guises to split himself into seven humanoid forms, each of which seals Lavos away with a Dreamstone needle. For reasons only known to himself, those guises look like Flea. One of them, however, becomes corrupted by Lavos' power and becomes a traitor.

Of the main party:

Crono remains dead.
Lucca lands in the 1990s. Traumatized even further by their quest, devotes the rest of her new life to trying to stop Lavos and Dalton, primarily through the creation of part-human, part-mechanical beings like Robo. However, before she can, Dalton kidnaps her and forces her to work for him. She also has a kid, though she abandons him.
Marle's pendant reacts to the gate again and she's flung into the same time as Schala and the rest. Panicking, Magus basically makes a bunch of shit up in a hurry as her backstory and hands her to Spekkio to raise, as he's the only one around who remembers how to deal with magic users. During this time, she dyes her hair pink.
Frog becomes, of course, a frog, albeit one who makes himself useful.
Robo is also picked up by Dalton and is used as the prototype for the Claymen. While Dalton is in 2300 AD, he also picks up some of the Enertrons, which he slaps a pig nose onto and claims he invented.
Ayla gets flung back into her own time. Her connection to the plot was always the most tenuous anyway.

Random stuff:

Some Nus also make it onto the White Ship, but Magus can't think of anything to do with them, so they just wander off into their own valley and do their own thing. A couple of them are worshipped by far-off cultures.
The fate of everyone in EarthBound, except the ones Dalton abducts, is accounted for by the Day of Lavos.
Buzz Buzz would probably be one of the Gurus of Time, perhaps Belthazar as their names sound similar. Maybe his final act was to go to just before the Day of Lavos, trying to prevent it. You never do see his body.
The Ultimate Chimera is Lucca's attempt to splice a Nu and Lavos' spawn. It works as well as you'd expect.
Zexonyte is Dreamstone. The whole business about the Phase Distorter killing people was Lucca talking out of her ass (you'll notice nothing actually happens to any of the EarthBound heroes).