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Xix's actions after being turned into a Undead

  • It is possible that Xix was acting under the influence of Semek for a period of time after Siana resurrected him, hence why he was so powerful as to know how to kill the knights quickly, why he tore out Siana's heart and took it into his body and was how he was powerful enough to crack Caladbog's shields .

is Nex and Serin's only child

  • It is possible that Xix is a red herring and only passed the blood trials because of Siana's heart and Siana is the real child Serin left behind before her capture and imprisonment by Nex.
  • A bit more than possible since it was shown that a woman resembling Serin dropped off a single child instead of two. And of the two children, Siana chanted a signature spell of a Necromancer, raising Xix as an undead.
  • Jossed: Ninurta is revealed to be their son in Chapter 125. The circumstances behind this are unknown.
    • Also, Hecadoth's foresight stated Nex had only one son, and Serin's the mother.