Heartwarming / Cavalier of the Abyss

  • Any interaction between Nex and his daughter Miya.
  • Yuan getting to dance with Xix in the Dragon Festival Side Story.
    • Also the entire story leading up to the dance is a heartwarming one between Xix, Yuan, and the little girl they found wandering alone.
  • Chapter 82: Siana's Declaration of Protection to Ninurta.
  • Ninurta keeping Rana safe so he could take her to Cal, who could treat her. This stops him from taking his own life and facing his father.
  • In Chapter 120, Ninurta confronts his father in front of everyone in order to plead for his mother's life, who in turn does the same for him.
    • Really, most of Chapter 121 which shows their relationship growing up. They became utterly devoted to one another, which is surprising given she knew he wasn't really her son. She simply loved him that much.
  • Chapter 133, Nex and Depore reuniting after having been separated. Considering how he'd been up to that point, it's a stark change.