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    The Orchestrator and the Nature of the Game 

The Orchestrator is Prosecution's father.

Search your feelings...you know it to be true.

The Orchestrator is a Time Lord

Because it's mandatory for at least one character to be one in every WMG.

The Orchestrator is actually The Big Good.

He's just pretending to be The Big Bad.

All of this is Non-canon.

Nothing actually happens to the players in their own universes if they die. It's the only way that absolutely nothing could go amiss without them if they played an important role before the game.

The Orchestrator/John is actually [[Video Game/Eversion Zee Tee.

    The Players 

There is no such thing as "Execution", Prosecution's Superpowered Evil Side. Rather...

The evil text font is possessed and causes whichever character is using it to temporarily go crazy. So, in theory, the font is EVERYONE'S Superpowered Evil Side. If the above guess about Gear being influenced by GLaDOS is true, we're all fucked if he starts using the font. We can expect him to flood the vicinity with deadly neurotoxins.
  • ...Until we throw him into potatoes...

Dolphin had a role in a musical or opera before getting yoinked into the Game.

All of those times he ends up humming his leitmotif or starts singing, he's subconsciously doing this thanks to the hours and hours of vocal practice he had to do for said musical.

Dolphin was training to be a conductor prior to The Game.

Why else would he have a conductor's baton instead of some other sticks as concentrator?

Everyone in The Game is at one point, shady.

At least it was shown to be true for Key, Tyke and Tick.
  • Now confirmed for Gear as well. He might be one of them that takes the cake.
  • To elaborate, let's go over things thus far:
    • Key is an agent for an organization that keeps up the stability between humanity and the supernatural. In addition, he's formed a soul pact with a demon from Hell.
    • Tyke is a child soldier
    • Tick was being raised as a prostitute.
    • Gear (yes, I'm spoilering this, seeing as he's one of our most enigmatic characters) probably takes the cake when it comes to shady pasts. He had to resort to being a petty thief as a child in order to survive due to his family being shit-poor and usually unable to afford a decent place to live. He eventually became quite skilled by age 13, and was hired by an alchemist going by the alias CHIMERA, who was infamous among those with knowledge of the supernatural for being a madman that created artificial human hybrids - Humans with their genetic and biological structure merged with a demon or other fantastic entity - without the consent of the subjects. He and a girl of the same age by the name of Natalie Abrahm became his main thieves, stealing reagents and equipment he needed for his work. The two kids were eventually stabbed in the back, however, when CHIMERA decided to make them into his next subjects, genuinely believing it would better their lives. Gear ended up getting put into solitary imprisonment and given several depressant and sedative drugs for several weeks in an attempt to break down his will and resistance to the future experimentation. It was at this point he was dragged into the Game. He survived, and was dragged into another a year later. This kept repeating, and he basically had to go through the game six times already, and the repeated memory wipes eventually started eroding away at his actual personality and memories... Even outside the game, his life is likely quite bumpy, as he could be working for another faction or could be working for CHIMERA again, and that's saying nothing of how patchy his memories must be with the combination of the long-term effects of the drugs used on him as a child and the yearly memory wipes. Jeez.
    • Ryu is (was) a genetically modified desert dragon and is head of a quasi-Mafia family that does some shady shit.

Prossy/Alex Mandal has some sort of bizarre hatred for buildings
Well, he's blown up three already. And apparently blowing up their own buildings is him and his sister's definition of "anger management".

    Relating to valve games. 
Later on, Prossy's company, or a branch thereof, becomes Aperture Science, while Rosa's, which she will be revealed to have (That's another WMG), becomes Black Mesa.
Prossy's power was to make portals. Think carefully... what does that remind you of? In short, the Portal Gun. Rosa, on the other hand, can move objects about and fire them at high speeds... just like... the Gravity Gun! Coincidence? I think NOT!

The Orchestra is a multi-dimensional organization whose membership includes, among others, John, Doctor Who, and The G-Man, that loves to bring two universes together... and see which one dies!

John, however, is a compassionate Orchestrator and genuinely cares about his universe and its occupants, and these games are his way of training them! Prossy is destined to get the portal gun from Chell and help to keep the resistance alive in the age of the Combine!

Gear is The Cake

It is a well known fact Gear lies. And it is even more well known that The Cake Is a Lie. Thus, Gear is The Cake. Perfect logic.

  • This and the below theory have sadly been Jossed.

Gear is the son of Caroline, The woman who became GLaDOS.

... Rather than being an imaginary cake, Gear's mother was the basis of GLaDOS' personality. Caroline would bring her son to work with her throughout his childhood. GLaDOS, having his mother's personality, "felt" a sort of maternal instinct for him and spent a lot of time with him After the whole Brain Uploading thing. Gear, being young and impressionable, ended up picking up some of GLaDOS' lying liar ways. As he aged, this habit of lying would develop, but he could never do it quite as well as that AI. Then he ended up here. Being involved with Aperture Science would also lend itself to Gear's theory that they were all selected for the specific reason of being unusual.

... Stop looking at me like that.
  • Sadly, this is most likely Jossed.