''Project Blackout'' is a MassivelyMultiplayerOnline FirstPersonShooter game with RPGElements. It was originally developed by South Korean software company Zepetto as ''Point Blank''; when it was published in North America, the name and some story elements were changed.

Like many other games of its genre, ''Project Blackout'' is fast-paced and violent, with a variety of weapons and gameplay modes. It falls on the realistic end of the FacklerScaleOfFPSRealism: for example, weapons are directly based on real-life guns; health is extremely limited, encouraging cover-based gameplay; recoil makes guns bounce, reducing the accuracy of automatic fire; and there's no HyperspaceArsenal, so players are limited to one primary weapon and a few smaller weapons.

It's free to play (mostly--the in-game shop [[BribingYourWayToVictory sells more powerful items for real-world cash]]) and can be downloaded at its website [[http://pb.gamerage.com/ here]].

!! This game contains examples of:

* AllegedlyFreeGame: This game is free, but to acquire better guns, you have to [[{{Microtransactions}} buy them]] with points (or time-based rent using real cash). Cash points also can be used to buy some perks and more durable characters.
* AnnouncerChatter: A voice announces all of your headshots, chain kills, etc.
* BoomHeadshot: Headshots are a one-hit kill if the target isn't wearing a helmet.
* BreakableWeapons: Your weapons decay. When they run out of charges, you have to buy them back from the store.
* BribingYourWayToVictory: Some items can be bought with the in-game Credits, but the most powerful items and powerups are only available by spending real-world cash.
* ColorCodedMultiplayer: Red and blue teams (although the Red team is something of a misnomer--they actually wear camo).
* CriticalExistenceFailure: Both for the players and the BreakableWeapons.
* EveryBulletIsATracer: There's a toggle for this in the options menu.
* FollowTheLeader: The game follows in the footsteps of ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty'''s multiplayer, with very similar gameplay; in fact, many of the higher-tier guns come directly from similar guns in ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare''.
* GameLobby: The game uses lobbies to put together games.
* GunsAkimbo: Some guns can be dual-wielded.
* InterfaceScrew: Flash grenades cause affected players' screens to shake, turn white, and blink in and out of focus.
* LifeMeter
* LoadingScreen: Displays a brief view of the level map before the game starts.
* LudicrousGibs
* {{Microtransactions}}
* OneHitPolykill: They're called "Piercing shots" and they occur fairly rarely.
* PistolWhipping: A SecondaryFire for some weapons.
* RealIsBrown
* RespawnPoint
* RPGElements: Your character can complete missions, gain experience, level-up, and stuff like that.
* ScoreScreen
* {{Stripperific}}: The female characters are quite... impractical about their combat gear choices.
* ShortRangeShotgun: Shotguns are very powerful at close range and can even kill in one shot without a BoomHeadshot; however, they're ineffective across larger distances, a weakness which is exacerbated by the cover-based gameplay.
* StandardFPSGuns: Knife, pistol, shotgun, automatic weapons, grenades, sniper rifles...the works.
* StockControlSettings: Standard PC shooter setup. Move with WASD, aim with the mouse, click to fire, etc.