''The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World'' is the second of two {{Platform Game}}s released by Creator/{{Acclaim}} in 1991 based on characters from ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''. Originally developed by [[Creator/AbsoluteEntertainment Imagineering]] (who also developed the game's predecessor, ''[[VideoGame/TheSimpsonsBartVsTheSpaceMutants Bart vs. the Space Mutants]]'') for the UsefulNotes/NintendoEntertainmentSystem, it was ported to the UsefulNotes/{{Amiga}}, UsefulNotes/AtariST, UsefulNotes/SegaMasterSystem and UsefulNotes/GameGear.

The game sends Bart on a tour of three continents, ostensibly for winning first prize in a dubious art contest hosted by Krusty the Clown, but really as a plan for the contest's judge and sponsor, Mr. Montgomery Burns, to fulfill his vendetta against Bart and his family.
!!Tropes appearing in this game:
* BarSlide: One MiniGame includes jumping over drinks that Moe slides down his bar, while catching the power-ups.
* BigfootSasquatchAndYeti: The Abominable Snow Burns is a humanoid monster living in the Arctic.
* BuildLikeAnEgyptian: Egypt includes the obligatory Great Pyramid level.
* CombatHandFan: Fu Manchu Burns uses one of these to deflect Barts attacks back at him.
* DemBones: Skeletons that throw their skulls.
* DoNotTouchTheFunnelCloud: Beware of hopping mini-tornados.
* FifteenPuzzle: Sliding around pictures of the Simpsons cast, as a MiniGame.
* GenerationXerox: All of Mr Burns evil relatives are his spitting image despite being ridiculously distantly related (third cousin removed, grand uncle, etc.)
* GuideDangIt: Some of the unique Krusty items can be pretty difficult to find, one of these being in the ''first level'', the Chinese Junk, where Maggie is hidden at the bottom of the ship by the rudder, which you'd have no reason to know is even there.
** The Krusty Snowman in the North Pole is a pain too, its clearly visible but locked behind two stalactites. To reach it, you have to knock it loose with snowballs that Marge throws at you.
* HundredPercentCompletion: To get the Good ending as well as an extra level of the game, you must collect all the unique Krusty souvenirs in each level. To do that, you must touch the Simpson family members who are spread out across the levels, which will cause the items to spawn elsewhere.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Eric Von Burns throws old-timey Hollywood director megaphones.
* LevelGoal: Most levels end at an exit door near a "MAP" sign.
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: The secret final level takes place in an animation studio where you're attacked by Itchy And Scratchy and The Happy Little Elves, but it could easily be seen as a Duck-Amuck style setting for the Simpsons themselves.
* MagicCarpet: Ramses Burns is fought while he's flying on a magic carpet. Unlike the other bosses, there's no way to damage him personally, instead you have to unravel the carpet by pulling on a loose thread until he falls off.
* MagicalMysteryDoors: The coffin maze in the penultimate level.
* PopQuiz: The Simpsons trivia quiz MiniGame.
* StalactiteSpite: The North Pole Ice Cave begins by deluging Bart with icicles.
* SuperDrowningSkills: If Bart falls into the water, he won't even try to get out, he will literally just stand there and drown.
* VideoGameFlight: Bart can become Bartman and fly for a limited time. Power-up only available in certain levels.
* WhackAMonster: The Abominable Snow Burns pops out of three holes.
* AWinnerIsYou: If you beat the game without collecting all the special Krusty items you just get Krusty telling you "Great work there, Barto... But it's too bad you didn't find all the unique Krusty items. We had a special surprise planned for you. Oh, well. Don't blame me -- You didn't do it!"
** If you do complete the game with all the special items, you just get a cheap (albeit interactive) animation of Bart throwing cream pies at Burns and Smithers on Krusty's show. It didn't age well, but it was pretty cool back in the days when "A Winner Is You" was your standard reward for winning.
* WorldTour: Bart goes to China, the North Pole, Egypt and Hollywood, California.
* YellowPeril: Mr. Burns's third cousin in China, Fu Manchu Burns.