''Super Mario Galaxy 2.5'' is a [[GameMod mod]] for ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy2'', created with the team's LevelEditor, ''Anarchy in the Galaxy''. Its main purpose is to use ''[=SMG2=]''[='=]s engine to produce a new game, which includes new levels, new gameplay mechanics, and new features. The team's previous main site can be found [[http://www.supermariogalaxy2-5.com/ here]]. The Project's current official site, however, can be found [[http://kuribo64.net/ here]]. In addition, the team currenly uses a new editor called "Whitehole" instead of Anarchy in the Galaxy.

A [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iatTKUw00Vo trailer and demo]] have been released. However the team has confirmed that the galaxy featured in the demo, Planet Plains, will NOT be in the final game (as all galaxies have been decided). In January 2014, the game was canceled.

!!Tropes present in this hack:
* FanSequel
* GameMod
* GreenHillZone: Planet Plains Galaxy
* LethalLavaLand
* NostalgiaLevel: Bob-Omb Battlefield from ''VideoGame/SuperMario64'' is part of the game.
* NumberedSequels: Unlike most examples of this trope, this game's number is a decimal one.
* PowerUpMount: Yoshi.
* SaveThePrincess: As the cutscenes of the game cannot be changed, Peach will be forced to be kidnapped.
* SlippySlideyIceWorld
* {{Vaporware}}: The project was cancelled early in January 2014, due to the enormous scale of the project and lack of time and motivation.