[[quoteright:300:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/frogsandflies_5621.png]] ''Frogs And Flies'' is a PlayerVersusPlayer PlatformGame by Creator/{{Mattel}}, a port of the UsefulNotes/{{Intellivision}} game ''Frog Bog'' that was released in 1982 for the UsefulNotes/{{Atari 2600}}, and later ported to the UsefulNotes/{{Commodore 64}}. Now available as ''Frog Bog'' on UsefulNotes/XboxLiveArcade.

Each player controls a frog in a lily pond. Flies wander around overhead, and you [[JumpPhysics jump up]] and try to eat them. Each fly is worth two [[ScoringPoints points]]. Two lily pads are the platforms. If you land in the water, your frog will swim back to a pad. Each round lasts [[TimedMission three minutes]], and as the game goes on, [[InUniverseGameClock day turns into night]]. Finally, both frogs jump offscreen, and a firefly drags a "The End" sign to the middle of the screen.

If you leave a frog alone for 15 seconds, the computer will control it. This leads to an AttractMode, with the computer playing itself. No two games are identical; the frogs and flies are all controlled by some of the [[ArtificialBrilliance best AI]] ever seen on the 2600.

!!''Frogs And Flies'' provides examples of:

* ArtificialBrilliance: By 2600 standards, this is as good as it gets. Flies follow realistic semi-random paths, changing direction and speed. They even seem to become aware that you're after them. Computer-controlled frogs can time their jumps right to eat them, doing as well as a novice player.
* AttractMode
* BubblegloopSwamp: [[InvertedTrope Inverted]]. This is a peaceful swamp, with clean blue water, and you ''are'' the frogs.
* ColorCodedMultiplayer
* DifficultyLevels: The difficulty switches select between a fixed arc and free control for each frog. (The computer always uses the fixed arc.) If both switches are set to free control, the flies are much more variable.
* TheGoldenAgeOfVideoGames
* Instant180DegreeTurn
* InUniverseGameClock: Day turns into night.
* JumpPhysics: Hey, they're frogs! Free control allows a lot of variety, depending on which direction you point the controller and for how long.
* LeadTheTarget: The game's biggest challenge.
* NoPlotNoProblem
* PaletteSwap: The two frogs, and the two kinds of flies - the ones you eat and the firefly at the end.
* PlatformGame: Two lily pads are the platforms. Fall off and you land in the water, and lose some time swimming pack to the nearest pad.
* PlayerVersusPlayer: With the computer taking over if you leave a frog alone.
* ScoringPoints
* SideView: With the water lily leaves in top view with perspective, giving some three-dimensionality.
* TimedMission: Three minutes.