Video Game / Amidar

Amidar is a 1981 Arcade Game by Konami, licensed in the United States by Stern Electronics. It's a cross between Pac-Man, Qix, and a Japanese lot-drawing game called Amidakuji. (Other video games featuring Amidakuji boards include Psycho Fox, Decap Attack and Super Monkey Ball 2.)

You play either an ape or a paint roller, depending on the level. You run around an Amidakuji board, a grid with regular vertical lines and irregular horizontal lines. You fill in areas of the screen, as in Qix, but the areas are predefined rectangles. Headhunters or pigs wander around, taking every turn as per Amidakuji rules, except for one called the Tracer which patrols the perimeter for a while and then chases you around. Fill in the corner rectangles, and the enemies become killable for a few moments, as in Pac-Man. In between levels is a Bonus Round where you make your way from the top of the screen to a bonus at the bottom, following Amidakuji rules.

It was released for the Atari 2600 by Parker Bros.

Amidar provides examples of:

  • Escape Sequence: When the Tracer starts chasing you.
  • Game Level: Alternating between an ape being chased by headhunters, and a paint roller being chased by pigs.