''Aikatsu!'' is a card collection/rhythm game for Japanese arcades (followed by four 3DS games) produced by [[Creator/BandaiNamcoEntertainment Bandai]], with an [[Anime/{{Aikatsu}} anime adaptation]] by Creator/{{Sunrise}}.

The gameplay revolves around managing the students who enroll in idol schools via getting high scores in rhythm game segments. In these segments, the markers moves towards a blank circle and the player presses the button of the correct color.

Has since spawned a mobile game adaptation, ''VideoGame/AikatsuPhotoOnStage'', and a [[ContinuityReboot reboot]], ''VideoGame/AikatsuStars''. In 2018, a brand labelled ''Anime/AikatsuFriends'' was announced shortly before the end of ''Stars'', beginning in the spring of the same year.

!The Video Games Contain examples of:
* ADayInTheLimelight: There's one stage which puts the player on the same stage with Johnny while he supposedly teaches about how to pull off special appeals. He even does the voice overs!
* CrossOver:
** With ''VideoGame/{{Tamagotchi}}''. The Tamagotchi toys get an add-on that feature Aikatsu characters, while Aikatsu's Datacardass game features a Tamagotchi stage. See [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ_qqUvK9ME here]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnYloy8ktx4 here]].
** Another one with the works of Creator/OsamuTezuka, along with ''Stars!''.
* ExcitedShowTitle
* OneWordTitle
* PlayerCharacter: Requires the use of a player ID.
* PowerGlow: The popularity/expertise/development of an idol can usually be determined by the size of her aura when performing.
* PressXToNotDie: Comes in three ways in determining success of special appeals: hitting a sequence of buttons in a small amount of time, when the shrinking circle marks is exactly on the buttons shown on the screen or coins falls exactly on the designated area.
* RainbowPimpGear: This can happen if attempts to make a good coord (a working combination of clothes of different types) fail or players simply use cards with higher score values without regards of compatibility. Even the good coords themselves are ''[[http://aikatsu.wikia.com/wiki/Data_Carddass_Aikatsu!_2014_Series_-_1st_collection?file=Img_special1.08.jpg not]]'' exempt from this.
* RelationshipValues: Maxing it out for a character allows the player to use her in the game unless the player has to compete against her.
* SocializationBonus: As of 2015 update, having friends in a player ID data allows players to form teams in-game using their characters. Some stages outright requires a team and friends' characters add to the starting score more than the default characters.
* SpearCounterpart: Received one in the form of ''Franchise/DreamFestival'', focusing more on a FiveManBand setup and more emphasis on idol groups rather than a school of idols.