[[folder: Harsh (Tsun)]]
* Both Sasha and Daichi from ''Literature/GreekNinja'' are this.
* Web author Twisted Hilarity's popular story [[http://www.twistedhilarity.com/fiction/long/tlph.html The Last Pure Human]] features Max, who finds himself centuries in the future on an alien planet after being cryogenically frozen on his way to a colony, ExtyYearsFromNow. To summarise, he finds himself unwillingly 'married' to giant alien [[CatGirl Cat-Man]] Kasan: cue a long, long series of "I hate him. I'm not even gay. I am totally not into his huge hot body. I am not going to lead him on, especially not when he does that sexy smile of his. Nope. Not one bit." Thankfully this grows less prominent as the story goes on.
* [[http://notalwaysromantic.com/persistence-pays-and-pisses-off/19049 This girl]] from [[Website/NotAlwaysRight Not Always Romantic]].
* Gardevoir in ''[[http://www.superstuffpro.com/pkmnchaos/ Pokemon: World of Chaos]]''. She is always mad at her master Tee-Jay, calling him "jerk" and stuff, partially due to the fact that she is a Shadow Pokemon (and a former Dark Pokemon), and so her heart is "closed". But she is very jealous when TJ speak to women and blushes everytime he made her a compliment.
%%* WebAnimation/TokyoMagicStar: Umi is Harsh.
* David Chapman from ''WebOriginal/YouCouldMakeALife''. He's convinced that he hates his rival Jake Lourdes, but when Jake asks him ''why'' exactly he hates him so much, the only response David can come up with is to kiss him. Add to that how his icy treatment of Jake begins giving way to blushes and shy replies when Jake doggedly keeps on pursuing him and how he has no experience whatsoever in dealing with feelings of love/attraction, and you have a bonafide tsundere on your hands.
* Knife from ''Inanimate Insanity'' is a huge jerk to pretty much everyone in Season 1, but in Season 2 he became less of a jerk and started showing signs of caring for the others.
* ''Franchise/KagerouProject'': [[http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130706030140/vocaloid/images/3/37/Takane_Enomoto_Kagerou_Days_manga.png Takane Enomoto]] ([[spoiler:the past life of Ene]]). She has no friends - due in part to her [[PerpetualFrowner hostile expression]], and also due to being in a special class with only a boy to keep her company. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVupc6DYKaI Naturally, her character song is about her developing a crush on him]]. And she ''hates'' it. By the end of the song, she's showing signs of becoming Sweet, reflecting her own acceptance of her feelings. [[spoiler:Too bad they both die before she can tell him.]]
* ''WebAnimation/TheMostPopularGirlsInSchool'':
** [[AlphaBitch Mackenzie Zales]] is prominently a Type B around her idol Jeannie Halverstad, but is a Type A to pretty much everyone else (though certainly not to the same extent as Brittnay below).
** Brittnay Matthews is normally quite [[HairTriggerTemper bitchy]], but she does save her Dere side for people she genuinely cares about.

[[folder: Sweet (Dere)]]
* In ''WebAnimation/TheMostPopularGirlsInSchool'', Trisha Cappelletti is normally sweet, but do ''not'' ever get on her bad side. Just ask Ashley.

* WebVideo/ImAMarvelAndImADC: Random Gal... [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7G10Tvejn9g And HOW!!]]
* [[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee]] comes across as a Tsundere whenever he has to grudgingly admit that he actually likes something. The fanbase has picked up on this, too.
* Creator/NeilGaiman [[http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2003/01/i-know-that-at-this-time-of.asp apparently]] thought of UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush as being Tsundere towards Saddam Hussein.
* [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Princess Peach]] in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv-dEz9HW10 this video]]. Mario and Bowser actually gush over how {{Tsundere}} she is!
** Although that may actually be a subversion; she's not being "tsundere", she's just sick of them both and their ugly faces, not to mention this whole fruitless kidnapping/rescue thing.
* Church from ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' probably fits in here somewhere. He's a jerk most of the time, but on occasion shows that he really does care about the rest of his team (and about Tex). The instant he realizes that he's done so, however, back comes the tsuntsun side. Tex is just plain tsuntsun, though. It particularly shows up in [[http://rvb.wikia.com/wiki/An_Audience_of_Dumb this episode]] when Tex and Church confront O'Malley.
** In season 8 his deredere side comes out a bit more. Then again, [[spoiler:it's kind of maybe not quite the original Church]].
* [[LetsPlay/ProtonJon Jon]] from [[LetsPlay/TheRunawayGuys The Runaway Guys]].
* Light Yagami in ''[[WebVideo/DeathNoteTheAbridgedSeriesKpts4tv Death Note: The Abridged Series (Kpts4tv)]]''. He acts Harsh towards [[NoYay Ryuk]] and Sweet [[VillainousCrush towards L]] [[spoiler:[[MindScrew or was it Beyond Birthday?]]]]
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