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Tropes That Will Never Happen: Attracts Potholes
These tropes will only attract potholes so they will never happen.

Compare Too Ambiguous.

Dishonorable mentions:

  • Partial Subversion
  • And How
  • Explanation Is In My Head
  • I Wish I Was Making This Up
    • I Am Totally Making This Up
  • No Explanation Needed
  • No Points For Guessing
  • Nuff Said
  • Oh, And ...
  • Quipping - Because You Fight Like a Cow really shouldn't be the trope's name.
  • So There You Go
  • That Is All
  • The - with specific instructions to link to The page every time you use The word "The" on The wiki.
  • Full Stop
  • Well Then
  • I Love You
  • This Is Awesome
  • Overstatement
  • I Know Already!
  • I Would Rather Not Discuss It
  • What a Shame
  • And That's All You Need to Know
  • The Best
  • The Worst
  • But Why?
  • Think Again!
  • Do I Need To Say It?
  • You Decide
  • And I Would Like To Emphasize This Statement
  • The Epitome Of This Trope
  • However
    • But
    • Whatever
  • Oh So Much
    • Oh So Very Much
  • Partially Playing With a Trope
    • Somewhat Playing With a Trope
    • Brutally Playing With a Trope
  • You'll Just Have to See For Yourself
  • Says You
  • What The Hell?
  • So This Guy
  • To Be Fair
  • Actually
  • Oh Really?
  • Bitch Please
  • My Ass
  • Prove It
  • Citation Needed
    • That already happened. It won't happen again, but that just isn't the same.
  • Natch
  • Just Because
  • Shut Up
  • Fuck Off

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