A longtime gamer and power metal fan with a song in his heart and too much free time on his hands. I found this site a year ago because I wanted more info on the dreaded {{Mary Sue}}, and I've been a lurker ever since.

Beyond that, I'm hoping to become a writer of some renown in the next few years - having written [[DoorStopper three thousand pages' worth of content]] over the past couple of years will do that to a guy. So I guess you could say I've got hoop dreams...only...without the hoops...and with writing.

This is hard. Better throw in a video game reference to save face.

Grabbing is where you must begin

Shake for treasure from within

Throwing far is how to win

Ultra-Intergalactic Cybot G, [[MischiefMakers MARINA!]]
Her Iron Fist will destroy you!


I'm the mastermind behind [[Literature/DeadOverTwo D.O.X. (formerly Dead Over Two),]] and I've recently started a blog called [[http://cross-up.blogspot.com Cross-Up]] that you can check out. With any luck, both of them could be the start of a new age of heroes. So strap in and enjoy the ride, yeah?

!!Tropes that would probably make this troper more interesting:

* {{The Quiet One}}: Soft-spoken to a fault, but good humored.
* {{Black And Nerdy}}: And how!
* {{Funny Afro}}: Recent experiences suggest that the ladies find it endearing.
* {{Power Trio}}: The ego of the group with my brother (superego) and best friend (id).
* {{Nice Guy}}: The nicest guy you'll ever meet! Just don't push me too far or...
* {{Beware The Nice Ones}}:...you just might regret it. This mild-mannered troper once (and only once) broke a controller while playing a game with the rest of the {{PowerTrio}}. They made my wrestler bleed - and needless to say, [[BloodUpgrade I was not pleased.]] By the way, I won.
* {{Wide Eyed Idealist}}: Actually ranked second-highest idealist in my class back in high school! Thank you, Machiavelli.
* {{Trademark Favorite Food}}: HOT DOGS! (The only food I can cook reliably.)
* {{To Be A Master}}: A fairly general and [[SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism totally attainable goal]] via my writing (it also helps that I was a ''{{Pokemon}}'' fan back in the day).
* {{Ditzy Genius}}: On the plus side: consistently an A student, won a few writing contests. On the minus side: slipped on a banana peel to see if it worked (it does), once ran down an escalator that was going up, has a not-so-secret love of giant robots, and has plans to hold a conversation with a stripper should the {{Power Trio}} ever force me to go to a strip club. It's a very scary place inside my head. Very noisy.
* {{Four Is Death}}: Inexplicably, four seems to be my lucky number, and continuously pops up in my life, tag-teaming with the number ten. Also obsessively groups things in fours - along with...
* {{Author Appeal}}:...the number four being an {{Arc Number}} in a few works. Also, video game references. Lots and lots of video game references. [[PennyArcade Exquisite!]]
* {{Berserk Button}}: {{Final Fantasy XIII}} and everything related to it. The mere sight of it sends me into a rage.

'''[[ThatCameOutWrong Violate my page,]] fellow tropers! I want to hear what you have to say!'''