Meh, my old computer died, so I've created a new account due to forgetting my password.
And now, my computer temporarily died. But I'm back again.

Tropes that apply to me:

* BerserkButton- racism, homophobia, and sexism. Display any one around me and you take your life into your hands.
** To a much lesser extent, I react... badly to almost anything resembling a MotivationalPoster.
*** And flies. I cannot stand [[GoddamnBats flies]].
*** Also, I can't stand being condescended.
*** Child abuse, particularly religion-related child abuse.
*** [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Christmas decorations on sale prior to Thanksgiving.]]
*** Most real-life invocations of MiseryBuildsCharacter, and the concept of "character" in that sense in general.
*** The concept of cultural appropriation. Culture is not a finite good, and a culture is not diminished by "outsiders" participating in it. Quite the opposite.
*** [[AntiEscapismAesop Anti-Escapism Aesops]]. They strike as a case of StopHavingFunGuys, often implying a case of SourGrapes. ... I think I may have misused a couple tropes there.
*** On a related note, albeit probably to a lesser degree, the SourGrapes trope and things like it. It strikes me as very... last man-ish.
* BiTheWay
* BrilliantButLazy- I made good grades in school and generally prefer games that involve a degree of strategy. I'm also [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] lazy.
* ChaoticNeutral, or non-proactive ChaoticGood
* DeadpanSnarker
* {{Kuudere}}- I'm a male version.
* LargeHam- Pretty much.
* LiteralMinded- Although [[MindScrew I'm no longer sure how much of this is intentional on my part.]]