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A strange, awkward, teenage guy who likes to wear the same black jacket every day (sometimes in the hottest weather imaginable) and has on a ridiculous TopHat that he wears everywhere. Is a literary genius, and knows everything. Well...pretty close to everything.

I made the following pages:

As part of my "Best Picture Project" that has me write articles for all the winners and nominees of the Best Picture Oscar Awards, I will also be writing:

  • Frost/Nixon

  • Milk

Damn, I didn't even see half of those movies this year. Just Benjamin Button. And I was paying extra attention to the movies this year too.

I remember seeing the trailer for "Frost/Nixon". From the trailer I didn't think it was going to be that good, so I didn't watch it. Guess I was wrong. Fuck me.

—{Note: For some reason, the site and forum can no longer recognize me as "Top Hat" so I went to get known again as "Top-Hat". Big freakin' difference. So that's whose going to editing this page from now on. I guess it no longer really belongs to anyone now, technically.
I'm a big quote guy. What follows are some of my favorites:

"I proceeded to burn him alive by saturating his clothing and his face with benzene and igniting it with a match. So horrible was this torture that in writing of it I have been tempted to attribute his death to some humane means-not with a wish to spare myself, but because I fear that it will not be believed that one could be so heartless and depraved."
— H.H Holmes

"...on the whole, people back then were apparently happier in their jobs and more satisfied with their lives. And get this: They had more friends.That's right. Even though they had almost no ability to filter their peers according to common interests (hell, often you were just friends with the guy who happened to live next door), they still came up with more close friends than we have now-people they could trust.It turns out, apparently, that after you get over that first irritation, after you shed your shell of "they listen to different music because they wouldn't understand mine" superiority, there's a sort of comfort in needing other people and being needed on a level beyond common interests. It turns out humans are social animals after all. And that ability to suffer fools, to tolerate annoyance, that's literally the one single thing that allows you to function in a world populated by other people who aren't you. Otherwise, you turn emo. Science has proven it."
— An excerpt from a Article

"Yes, that's right, I was going to [Commit a Crime]. I had everything planned, down to the littlest detail. The timing. The location. The tool. What I'd say. What she'd answer. The inevitable outcome. I was so prepared. I was so ready. She was coming home from her vacation today. I was going to wait for her. But then I found out......she's not coming home for another week. Because her father had a fucking heart attack. I can't believe this. It's the third fucking time. She got saved by a car crash. She got saved by her mother's death. And then she got saved by a fucking heart attack. Despite being insanely unlucky, she really is insanely lucky. It's really the irony that gets to me the most. The irony of having your life saved by someone else's heart attack. The irony of this happening again. Again. I am growing very tired of this. Very, very tired. Of being doomed to eternal failure and misery until the day I die. Of having to watch all these absurd things happen to us. It's life, I guess. But life is fucking weird sometimes. It's...I don't know.Fucking... weird. I laughed a little, I have to admit. It's funny, in a weird kind of way. She doesn't even know how lucky she is. She only knows that she's unlucky. She can't see the luckiness of it. Maybe I could tell her how lucky she is, some day."
— Some (messed up) dude at a forum I go to.

"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal."
— Albert Camus

"I'm funny in both English and Spanish!"

"Whenever I sing in front of the class, I feel like that teacher from Billy Madison who rubs paint on her face."
— Ms. Johnson, my spanish teacher

"Nope. Sorry. Brody's take on acting seems to be that all you need is a long, heartfelt gaze with dopey eyes and then let the audience read upon you what they will. I'm still not convinced of this guy's talent and then when you add that he beat out Daniel Day-Lewis for Gangs of New York, well, now you're just talking crazy. Gangs of New York was an absolutely horrendous movie, and it is a testament to the power of Daniel Day-Lewis' talent that you can sit through the entire thing."
— Excerpt from "The Ten Worst Academy Award Choices For Best Actor" on #4: Adrien Brody. It's just more
reinforcing to the fact that Daniel Day-Lewis is a kickass actor.

"Caesar, now be still./I Killed not thee with half so good a will"
— Brutus (V.v. 50-51) from Julius Caesar, right before killing himself. Just one of the many parts that make this a great play

"There's a difference between "the shit" and "'the shit!!"."
— One of the more...prominent members of my clarinet section in the marching band.

"Only his full-bodied beard rivals my hairy magnificence!"
— Bestovius from Super Paper Mario

"Hello girls. Since I know you can't see me or hear me, I'm here to glare at your sternly in hopes of triggering subliminal feelings of guilt in you."
— Roy's Ghost from OrderOfTheStick "Talking" to Hayley and Ceilia

"I be so illiterate, I don't be having the cultural knowledge to make a colorful metaphor describin' it in detail"
— Bikke, from Eight-BitTheater

"i brought things you can't commit suicide in front of. a puppy and a kitten. a kid i found who has a balloon. and i have a tape of mr. rogers. he says some nice things."
— Gary from picturesforsadchildren to a girl he talked to on his suicide help line.

"Your staunch atheism has awarded you a place in secular heaven. An afterlife reserved exclusively for those who don't believe in it."
— Nikola Tesla, to Kimiko from DresdenCodak.

"Iíve thought for a while now that the existence of nothing is almost as preposterous as believing in the existence of something."
— A commenter on the article 5 Scientific Theories That Will Make Your Head Explode[1], Which is itself something you should read.