Funny / Top Hat

  • After Jerry finally meets his employer after waiting all evening in a men's club's oppressively silent reading lounge, he can't resist tarrying a moment at the room's entrance before leaving and then suddenly rapping out a loud tap dance move to shake the stuffy members up.
  • The Mistaken Identity plot goes on a bit long, but it is all worth it for the dinner scene where Jerry is wooing Dale, Madge is trying to play The Matchmaker for them, and Dale thinks Jerry is Madge's husband. The dialogue is excellent, and Dale's reactions gradually shift from anger to surprise to "well, if she's okay with it..."
  • After the famous "Cheek To Cheek" number, Jerry asks Dale to marry him. Still thinking Jerry is Horace, Dale says "How could I have ever fallen in love with someone as low as you?" before slapping him and storming off. Left alone, Jerry simply says... "She loves me."
  • The Bilingual Backfire scene between Bates and the Italian policeman, with Bates amusingly insulting the policeman in English and admitting he's broken the law. The policeman reveals he can speak English and promptly arrests Bates.
  • Horace's conversation with Bates about Jerry putting his foot in a hornet's nest.
  • Horace getting a black eye from Madge due to another miscommunication. Jerry suggests a steak for it, but no one tells Bates it's not for dinner. The steak comes cooked and goes straight on Horace's black eye. Ouch.
  • When Beddini is telling Dale about how his family has a history of killing men who dally with women, he concludes by proudly stating "My father killed a man once just before I was born!" She gives him a double-take.