Well you see... there's not much to say... I'm just your average nineteen year old American anime, videogame, and manga nerd (can't quite say otaku... because I am taken - sorry ladies).

I am responsible for many edits, though no pages of my own (yet). Most of them involving {{Bleach}}, various VideoGamesOfNote pages and I have had a hand in more than my fair share of VideoGameTropes.

Favorite Anime/Manga
*{{Naruto}} - Shippuuden especially.
*VampireKnight - girlfriend introduced me to this, and despite it being shoujo... I kinda like it.
*DragonBallZ - Who hasn't seen this or read it in some way, shape, or form?
*CodeGeass - dub is actually quite good, casting Johnny Bosch as Lelouch was a nice touch.

Favorite Video Games
*KingdomHearts - One, Two, Chain, and soon to be 358/2 Days...
*DevilMayCry - One, Three, and hopefully Four... huh? Two, you say? [[DisContinuity What Two?]]
*TheLegendOfZelda - pretty much all of them... haven't played Phantom Hourglass yet.
*FinalFantasy - Most of them. Did not care much for VII or IX, never played XI, ''hated'' XII. X and the DS remake of III are my current faves of the series.
*Plenty of others that I don't feel like listing.