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A soon-to-be-PHD student. Fuelled primarily by tea, diet coke and braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains.


  • Awesome science lectures are awesome.-Dealan
    • I agree. :) Thanks for making my ramblings seem worthwhile.

  • Two words: giant sloths. - Erock
  • Shoooooooooot herrrrrrrrrrrr she's a zombie. -Tuefel
  • You get 20 Imipoints for being cool. - Imipolex G
  • ILY :3 -tendollarlameo
  • Just want to say that you and your informative lectures on neurology most appreciated. :D ~DRoy
  • Thought you'd posted today. Turned out to be an old thread someone bumped. Robin, I miss you. Where are you? - Feo