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  • I've had a happy, well-adjusted life (though at times it didn't seem that way), and I'm proud to say that no crippling childhood trauma contributed to my atheism. I regard God as something akin to a Disney villain; a cartoonishly evil figure that I'm glad is pure fiction, because if he did exist I'd be ethically obligated to kick his ass.
  • I know for a fact that I am better-informed on The Bible and Christianity than most adherents, and it was meeting my first self-proclaimed "true" Christian and being schooled in the worst extremes of Christian dogma that helped me begin to question my faith.
  • I have more arguments against my culture's predominant religion than against others because it's the only one people attempt to force on me. You could, in fact, consider me a Buddhist.
  • I am a materialist monist and a technophile/transhumanist/roboticist as well (and I regard obsession with the flesh and notions of some immaterial spirit to be, flatly, a bit crazy). I believe that proper logic is the foundation of cognition, and without it we have no right to call ourselves human.
  • I am a high-spirited Ethical Slut, have a thriving e-life and subscribe to the non-theme park version of Nietzsche, with a good dollop of non-theme park Epicureanism on top.
  • I exist solely to belittle religious people.
  • I am Above Good and Evil, having rejected an abstract, supernaturally-imposed morality in favor of a rigorous personal ethic. Compare and contrast ‹bermensch.

I'm also a shell-shocked JREF veteran, a former 9/11 truther, and the self-appointed custodian of Conspiracy Theorist and Conspiracy Theories; spread woo at your own peril.


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