An onion is an edible bulb with multiple layers. 'Shew' is an archaic pronunciation of the word 'show'. Put together, that probably makes me some sort of abomination of botany and linguistics.


* Perhaps a play put on with puppets made from onion? -[[{{Tropers/MemyselfandI2}} The Everyman]]
** Doesn't seem unlikely. Onions can be used for virtually everything, especially when combined with duct tape. -[[{{Tropers/OnionShew}} OnionShew]]
* Hope you don't lose this account's password now :P -[[@/{{Sixthhokage1}} Sixth]], aka @/{{DJPon3}} and @/{{PKMNTrainerRed}}
* [[VideoGame/{{Worms}} Pre-pare for re-talia-tory ac-tion!]] -the ''[[@/{{desdendelle}} Fate Amenable to Change]]''
** I remember that game from so long ago... I should play it more sometime.
* You're crazy, man. Onions have caused me nothing but pain~ -[[@/{{QuarterDollar}} Quarter]]