A shy, quiet teen who lives in her own world a lot of the time. [[YouShouldKnowThisAlready Is a big fan of Mst3k.]] Frequently writes MSTings.

Anything else? Um...I have Cerebral Palsy, which is severe enough that I can't walk. No, I don't drool, twitch or have seizures and I'm not paralyzed. I also HATE the tropes {{Inspirationally Disabled}} and {{Disabled Means Helpless}}, for reasons I'm sure you can guess why. I also like writing and want to be a writer someday.

[[folder: Things I like (Other than MST3K)]]

* {{Harry Potter}}
* {{Pokemon}}
* {{Corner Gas}}
* Reading bad fanfics
* Analyzing said bad fanfics for tropes
* Classic {{Simpsons}}, though I do enjoy some of the Post-Classic episodes.
* {{Retsupurae}}
* {{Nostalgia Critic}}
* {{ToddInTheShadows}}
* {{NintendoCapriSun}}
* {{Chuggaaconroy}}


[[folder: Tropes]]

* {{Bookworm}} I spend most of my lunch hour in my school library reading.

* {{Apologizes a Lot}} I say sorry every other sentence.

* {{Shrinking Violet}} I'm starting to grow out of this, though.

* {{Cloudcuckoolander}} Most people have a hard time following conversations with me because I always abruptly change the subject. BTW, what's for lunch?

* {{Genre Savvy}} Like the other people on this site.

* {{Meganekko}} People have always told that I look more beautiful with my glasses on. [[{{Apologizes a Lot}} That sounded a bit too much like bragging. Sorry.]]

And, added by other people.
* BadassBookworm

* BerserkButton:DisabledMeansHelpless/InspirationallyDisadvantaged

[[folder: Vandalism]]

A FELLOW MSTIE?! -brofists- {{Tropers/rifflet}}

Hello - {{Tropers/Schitzo}}

GREETINGS, HUMAN PERSON! I fixed your folder for you! :D Anything you like ''besides'' MST, by any chance? Just curious... - @/{{Noaqiyeum}}

YOU HAVE A PET RAT (in your avatar, at least) therefore you are awesome. - {{Tropers/Jace}}

You seem like a pretty sweet person, and I look forward to reading your [=MSTing=]s. (Live Blogginations?) --{{@/blamspam}}

I'm back! I see you took me up on my suggestion. Sadly we cannot compare notes as I am not fond of any of those works except the actual MST3K... :P Oh well. See you in LiveBlog[=gings=]! - @/{{Noaqiyeum}}

If you're GenreSavvy, that means you know in which genre we are right?...well what is it, then tell me! IS IT A FANFIC BY ONE OF GOD's ANGELS? IS IT AN ALTERNATE REALITY TO AN SUPERMAN'S ELSEWORLDS? ahem... you are awesome and funny by the way.

Oh, hello! -hugs- You're super cool. :D See you around the fora. -{{Tropers/Compassionate Sadist}}

The fact that I missed this page in my vandalism spree is completely unforgivable. I must correct this right now, or else my reputation shall be tranished forever. Also, good luck on being a writer. The world needs more writing in it. - @/{{Phoenixor}}

Thanks for all them snazzy hugs in the Emo thread!! :D - cutewithoutthe

And lo, the vandals descended upon the parchment, and inscribed upon it a token of their presence, their collective identity being known as [[{{-@/{{YouMustDie}}}} Thou Art Obliged To Perish]].

I can't believe the faeries didn't bring me here before. They shall not be allowed cake for such negligence. - @/{{StolenByFaeries}}

For all the times we've spoken on the fora, I can't believe I haven't paid you a visit yet. Cheers. --''@/SabresEdge''

Hi, Valentine! -- {{@/Tidal_Wave_17}}