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Tropers: Meandering River
Twenty one, female, resident of Eagleland. Aspiring author, specificlly working on a story for a Magical Girl Warrior manga, but set in the US, plus this Just Before the End thing that's all crazy and violent and symbolic and stuff. Though first there's a Harry Potter fic I wanna write, for practice... and maybe a Sailor Moon one... hrm....

Pet Projects on TV Tropes:
  • Sfeer Theory: An amazing webcomic that I just discovered. Needs More Love, especially by someone who knows what they're talking about.
  • Artifice: Another awesome webcomic. It's more gay romance than yaoi—the creator is a gay guy, so the series isn't targeted at squeeing fangirls. It's an R-rated sci-fi action comic with the principle stars being gay guys. Therefore, it is probably more suited to the tastes of straight guys than yoai.
  • The Vampire Files page: At the moment, I'm responsible for at least 80% of the information on this page, even though I've only read half the books in the series. More contributers please!
  • Commuted To Community Service: A You Know That Thing Where entry. I swear I've seen this around, maybe just in cartoons. I need more brains on this please! Permanent link here:
  • Another Prisoner Another Professor: A Harry Potter fanfic that is amazing. I need to make a page for this... and add it to the fic recs....

Works that I enjoy:

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