M'kay. I'm -- or was, I haven't been playing for a long time -- FadingSuns player and made that entry (though not all mentions of FS were my own work - my regards to those responsible). I'm male. I live in [[{{UsefulNotes/Poland}} that funny place in centre of Europe]]. I left some lines at the bottom so that you may ask questions or vandalize, or stuff.

!!These are what I consider my best or most notable contributions -- treat it as invitation to see and expand them. Take a look:

[[folder:my stuff]]
'''Works pages:'''
* BattlePope entry.
* ChineseGhostStory entry.
* {{Conservapedia}} entry.
* FadingSuns entry.
* {{Literature/Fiasco}} entry.
* MagicznePrzygodyKubusiaPuchatka entry.
* Film/NinthCompany entry.
* Literature/ASongForArbonne entry.
* [[Characters/TheWitcher Witcher's character sheet]].

'''Trope pages:'''
* DoABarrelRoll - [[strike:my only YKTTW launch so far. I've tried several times, and I think at least one of the others was good enough, but, you know.]] [[ThatCameOutWrong My first time.]] [[IThoughtItMeant What?]] [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial My first YKTTW lauch, I mean.]]
* FlauntingYourFleets - I just read the YKTTW Guidelines, and it says YKTTW "is a tool that is here to help make a good article, not the 'Committee To Approve Articles'", so I guess I am allowed to launch. [[EvilLaugh Mwa ha ha haa]].
* WonTheWarLostThePeace - well, you said JustLaunchItAlready...
* TheWitchHunter

'''Other stuff worthy of mention:'''
* {{Janosik}} is neither a work nor a trope, so I put him here.
* GaiasVengeance surely divides into three subtropes, dontcha think?
* several edits in PlayingWithWiki... One day I'll make them a story, hopefully.
* I developed TheLeftHandOfDarkness and DarkFantasy.
* I launched TheHashshashin, a trope by {{@/Koveras}}.
* I also do occasional work on the UsefulNotes (SlavicMythology, {{UsefulNotes/Poland}}, UsefulNotes/PolishLithuanianCommonwealth and so on) and related pages.