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Ah, yes. Me. Not really much interesting to say. I'm a student of theoretical physics, and a little bit of an Otaku. I found out about TV Tropes from a friend of mine and have been here ever since. I add a fair number of images and examples, but have avoided creating any new articles due to my strange and annoying ability to dispell wikimagic. I probably will in the future though, and then I'll forget to update this page, so that is probably out of date. And thats really all for now, I guess.

(Last Updated: Monday, May 22, 2009)

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  • Hey MCE here, Hello! The chances are you don't dispel wiki magic, it just takes a fair bit of work and /or luck to get them up to a decent size. If you check the tropes and article templates I've made you'll see their quite a range of how well they've done, Second Sight did very well but others like Conquest: Frontier Wars are limited to my initial input. Give it a go, trope making takes time but I've enjoyed it.
    • Perhaps the dispelling wiki magic thing was an exaggeration. But putting "Because Im Lazy" at the top of the page didnt seem- wise. -Lemur
      • MCE:I see, an exercise in creative writing and truth bending then.