Tropers / KKnD2

and now that there is time, you can get to know us.

Fan of science fiction and Fantisy, who has anon contibuted to several pages, such as the Sword of the Stars and Master of Orion ones. Recently started pouring it on to the Adeptus Evangelion page, a work for which he is on the credits!

Trys to fill things with witty banter, often fails.

Game Master of several systems, including Dungeons & Dragons,(3.5 4th, both are good.) Dark Heresy, and Adeptus Evangelion. With enough amusing storys to fill a Troper Tales page or two.

Aspiring author, and active in fanfiction (if slowly) on

Enjoys such things as Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Big O, Vatta's War, Gaunt's Ghosts, The Protomen, as well as the 10% worth getting Tanged for.

Trying desperately to avoid falling into Small Name, Big Ego.