Tropers / Joseph Ripken

Joseph Ripken is the host of Cheeseburger Shakespeare, a little watched web series exploring the worst episodes of TV. The brilliant dimensional duplicate of a Niagara Falls telemarketer, he created a sliding device on his world and is stuck here due to our planet being technologically inferior. He refuses to work and spends all his time assimilating our world's culture through television.

Episodes can be found here.

The show has been cancelled due to time constraints and technical limitations, but episodes will remain up until such time as Blip purges them.

Joseph Ripken provides examples of

Accentuate the Negative: He reviews the worst of TV.

Alternate Universe: The technologically superior world he comes from.

Catch-Phrase: "This is the worst fucking thing I've ever seen!"

Complaining About Shows You Don't Like: Pretty much the whole point of Cheeseburger Shakespeare.

Fanservice: Gratuitous fan service is a particular pet-peeve of his

Follow the Leader: "Inspired by the works of Lewis Lovhaug"

For Want of a Nail: Sliders is a much better show on his world due to being aired on NBC instead of Fox.

In-Name-Only: How he describes the second season of Boomtown.

In Spite of a Nail: Despite being more technologically advanced, many shows that were made in our world seem to exist on his.

The Multiverse: Our world is desribed as being one of many.

You Can't Go Home Again: He can't until the march of technology on our world catches up to his.