Tropers / Ikkin

Terra lovers, unite! —angelistoftenshi

Damn, I was gonna be the one to turn this page into a blue link! Also, I thought you were a guy for the longest time. Sorry. .__. —Suspiciouscookie
  • Actually, I'm guilty of that as well. Must've been your Zack avatar leading me astray. My apologies, fair maiden. - X2X
  • So I guess that makes 3 of us. I wanted turn this into a blue link.>.< - Vanitas
  • Four, actually. And I thought you were a guy even with the Aqua avatar... <_<' - Folt
NO MORE BISHIES! P.S. You x MX -Vanitas Wouldn't we look cute on a wedding cake together?! ~Zack Fair
  • I can't believe I haven't vandalized you yet~ You are still Izumi Curtis forever in my eyes. Maybe I'll donate some internal organs to you or something. XD —Serenitas
  • Hi Ikkin! -Azzie