is a thirty-something pop culture/worthless information collecting know-it-all originally hailing from Philadelphia, PA, now living in Southern California. She is a high school English teaching, {{Hot Mom}} of two boys, and wife. Being born in {{The Seventies}}, raised in {{The Eighties}}, and endured adolescence and adulthood in {{The Nineties}}, she has attained a wealth of knowledge that apparently only fellow tropers care to share/discuss. Known to be a {{Deadpan Snarker}} and {{The Daria}} before the animated series existed. Tread carefully.

She enjoys the following to bide her time:

Music: Pop, Rock (e.g. Classic, Alternative), Dance, and R&B (pre-2000).

Television: {{True Blood}}, classic shows from {{The Sixties}}, {{The Seventies}}, {{The Eighties}}, and {{The Nineties}}

A lot of cinema, but not all.

You will find her in most {{Music}} and other pop culture tropes dating from the 70s-90s.

Turn-ons: [[{{BrainsandBondage}} spanking]], [[{{audioerotica}} waxing philosophically]] during "happy time" IfYouKnowWhatIMean, [[{{Bishonen}} pretty boys]], and ankle socks on men (it's the way they cup the ankle - don't ask! She also has a thing for both [[{{EverythingSoundsSexierinFrench}} English and Irish accents]]

Turn-offs: Willful and Content Ignorance, Laziness, Most of the World's "isms" (e.g. Racism, Sexism).