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Hello! Yack Fest's resident crackpot social democrat and oddball.

I'm a 22-year-old Canadian male from British Columbia. Fiercely patriotic, actually. I'm also a physics undergraduate in university, and am hoping to graduate with a high enough GPA to pursue a graduate degree in engineering of some sort.

I am probably one of the more vocal science people on the fora, and generally rather opinionated.

And blunt. Can't forget blunt.

Try not to take offense if I say ridiculous things, because I say them a lot.

Throw graffiti below:


Your page's virginity has now been taken, welcome to the Blue Link Club.

YOU ARE NOW BLUE-LINKED. Do you know what else is Blue? Why it is the Card that gives one EU citizenship! ~ Inhopelessguy

I'm feeling like a true hipster with you around! - kay4today

You are a source of endless amusement. Always a good day when I see your posts. - Parable

More has still not been put here. This page is misleading. ~SlendidSuit