[[caption-width-right:134:[[BadassCreed Justice is blind.]]]]

--> "Contrary to popular belief, [[IndyPloy I]] ''[[IndyPloy do]]'' [[IndyPloy know what I'm doing."]]

Dark is the shortened (and now only) handle of Dark [[Franchise/FinalFantasy Chocobo]], a.k.a Dark [[VideoGame/ChronoTrigger Chrono]], a.k.a [=DarkLink987=] (from his old {{Creator/Nintendo}} Nsider chat days), a.k.a Thread Of Fate, a.k.a [[Franchise/StarWars Alpheridies]] [[TheAssassinsOfTamurin Lale]].

He's an avid gamer, being the proud owner of a {{UsefulNotes/SNES}}, {{UsefulNotes/Nintendo64}}, {{UsefulNotes/Wii}}, {{UsefulNotes/Xbox360}}, UsefulNotes/PlayStation3, UsefulNotes/PlayStation4, and has long been among the ranks of PC gaming. At the start of 2014 he achieved his dream and finally joined the video game industry, working as an indie developer.

He is both a DeadpanSnarker and CloudCuckooLander, leading him to often tell people to disregard what he says and that listening to him is a bad idea.

He majored in Computer Science with a concentration in video game design and development before pursuing (and getting) a master's degree. When he's not working, he writes, plays games, or tries to do both at the same time, with the expected results. Tabletop [=RPGs=] are also a common foray.

He launched the long-overdue Creator/NathanFillion and VideoGame/LifeIsStrange pages (as the game has taken over his life), both of which he pays particular attention to. He greatly expanded and tends to the {{Creator/Nintendo}} page, but the rest of his edits tend to get lost in the dreary mists of time or some other equally poetic sentiment.

Also, [[MattSmith Eleven]] is the best one.