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[[caption-width:134:[[BadassCreed Justice is blind.]]]]

->"That was a well, not a pit full of water! [[{{Beat}} ]] Oh, wait. Damn."\\
"Contrary to popular belief, [[IndyPloy I]] ''[[IndyPloy do]]'' [[IndyPloy know what I'm doing."]]

Dark is the shortened (and now only) handle of Dark [[FinalFantasy Chocobo]], a.k.a Dark [[ChronoTrigger Chrono]], a.k.a [=DarkLink987=] (from his old {{Nintendo}} Nsider chat days), a.k.a Thread Of Fate, a.k.a [[StarWars Alpheridies]] [[TheAssassinsOfTamurin Lale]].

He's an avid gamer, being the proud owner of a {{SNES}}, {{Nintendo 64}}, {{Wii}}, {{Xbox 360}}, {{PlayStation 3}}, {{PlayStation 4}}, and has joined the ranks of PC gaming. At the start of 2014 he achieved his dream and finally joined the games industry.

To describe him entirely in tropes:

TheUnchosenOne + DeadpanSnarker + IJustWantToBeSpecial + sizeable amounts of CloudCuckooLander + LoveableRogue + being one half of ThoseTwoGuys.

He majored in Computer Science with a concentration in video game design and development. He enjoys hanging out with his crazy friends (both on and offline) and playing video games in his spare time.

He's a frequent employer of the HitlerAteSugar trope, always for laughs, and he cannot sit through a movie/TV show without [[MST3K riffing]] it.

The pages he's added examples to have been long forgotten (though he did launch the long-overdue NathanFillion page), but he enjoys VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI, WebVideo/DrHorriblesSingAlongBlog, and Literature/TheAssassinsOfTamurin. The best TV show ever was and always will be {{Series/Firefly}}, with {{Series/Castle}} or {{Series/Scrubs}} bringing up a close second, though {{Series/Community}} is certainly giving {{Scrubs}} a run. Maybe he just likes shows with one-word titles. {{Series/Leverage}} has recently joined those ranks, very near the top.

He also launched and pays particular attention to the ''VideoGame/LifeIsStrange'' page, as it has taken over his life.

Also, the [[MattSmith Eleventh]] [[DoctorWho Doctor]] is the best one.

Chat him up if you want. His email is dcffvii -at- gmail -dot- com. He's always up for meeting new people.