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Not really sure what else goes here, so a list of tropes that apply to me will have to do for now:

All The Good Women Are Gay / All The Good Men Are Straight - I have a disturbing habit of falling for lesbians and straight men, the only two orientations that can never fall for me. - I post there as Lemon Flavoured. The relationship is somewhat circular though.

Asperger's Syndrome - I was diagnosed with it at the age of about 17 (quite late). Mostly impacts my social interaction.

Berserk Button - Don't accuse me of doing something I haven't done. Also don't accuse my parents of sleeping around unless you want things thrown at you.

Bi the Way / Depraved Bisexual - Depending on my mood and who you ask...

Crazy-Prepared - Not that much, but I do carry all sorts of random things around in my coat pockets (and indeed the lining of my coat, since the pockets are more hole than pocket)

Chaotic Neutral - I like to identify as this alignment, but, because life is not as simple as D&D alignments, I'm probably more accurately on the corner between Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good, True Neutral and Neutral Good.

Name's The Same - As a Chinese / American comedian apparently.

She Is Not My Girlfriend - Often happens, with at least one of my close female friends (although usually they ask her if I'm her boyfriend)

Sorry I'm Gay - I've had this done to me 8 times by girls (and if anyone does it again I'll just say "9" and walk off). Plus twice when they actually were gay (see above).

Waxing Lyrical - I tend to do this, but annoyingly, it's usually with songs that no-one knows.

There are more for sure, but I can't think of them right now