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[[caption-width:240:''All according to keikaku. :3'']]

->"''<+coyo> hot action in the kitchen! time for [[CookingContest Chef Coyo]] to put the [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean batter in the oven!]]''"\\
'''Coyo''' to ''{{winterwyn}}'' and friends in ''[[{{Wiki:IRC}} one of the IRC channels]]''

[[CoyotesSong Coyote's Song]] is a somewhat idealistic Hacker who wants to gather his {{Nakama}}.

He is 21 years of age, born in [[EverythingIsBigInTexas Dallas, Texas]], [[EagleLand United States of America]], Earth, Sol, Milky Way ... , majoring in [[PlayfulHacker Computer Software Engineering]], specifically in [[CyberSpace communications protocols, both synchronous and async]] with a minor in [[TrueArtIsAngsty Electronic Arts]], was [[RaisedByWolves raised in an state orphanage]] and not allowed to become the geek and hacker [[SecretLegacy like he should have]]. (He is [[GeeksAreSexy rectifying the situation!]])

He is profoundly interested in new ideas, new concepts, new frameworks, new world views, [[ExecutiveMeddling new paradigms]], [[TechnoWizard new whatever]].

[[ChaoticGood He tends to fight the power for his family and nestlings]], and he is a bit of a [[CloudCuckoolander odd one]], but he really is a [[DoggedNiceGuy good guy at heart]]. Anybody with a [[WeaselMascot couple of ferrets]] [[PetTheDog can't]] be [[CompleteMonster bad]].

Now that he has [[JumpedAtTheCall made friends among the other tropers]], he hopes [[ToBeAMaster to learn many things]], and build an intentional community for the exclusive use of his nestlings to allow them to [[ChangelingFantasy be]] [[ForHalloweenIAmGoingAsMyself themselves]]. Coyo would be the [[PlayfulHacker sysadmin]] for the [[HackerCave public servers]] once the enclave has been founded.

This dream is beginning to [[{{Squee}} come true]]!

Coyote's Song is a [[TricksterArchetype fun-loving guy]], more specifically (within character) someone's future [[StealthMentor daimon]]. He is working hard to earn the right to play the [[TheShepherd Shepherd]] of various communication channels, such as IRC.

People suspect that he is really [[CuteShotaroBoy 14 years old]] and pretending to be older, due to his youthful enthusiasm and idealism, but part of it was being [[RaisedByWolves sheltered]].



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* [[CoyotesSong coyo]] looks just like Synapse's philosophy professor. ∑(O_O;)