Tropers/ChrisX is a Contributor who is known by a lot of names in the internet. Sometimes he is known as Neo Juste Belmont or Bloody Tears (Named after some things in ''{{Castlevania}}'') or Soul Stealer. He's not a great internet persona like TheAngryVideoGameNerd, and neither does he strive to be that infamous. He just prefers to be the way he is.

He's mostly credited to sparking the idea of the creation of the CharacterSheets. On the other hand, he likes to edit things here and there in TV Tropes. However, one thing he's infamously known far is that he's someone who thinks that favorite characters are SeriousBusiness. [[SoBeautifulItsACurse It felt like a character is cursed if he/she ever becomes a favorite of ChrisX]].

Series he likes: ''{{Bleach}}, Castlevania, SuperRobotWars, FireEmblem, TalesSeries, BlazBlue, MarvelComics, SuperSentai'' (to name a few...)

[[ Has also became]] [[IWannaBeTheGuy The Guy]].

[[ Mounted a defense for a certain]] [[BlazBlue Boobie Lady]] so she is no longer misunderstood until the next game is out. [[ And also a defense for the]] [[MortalKombat Edenian Queen]] after [[MortalKombat9 ocertain events]].

Currently authoring the ''FanFic/SuperSentaiVsSuperSentai'' fic, quite probably the most epic fic he's daring to take for the moment. It... goes to hiatus, and now he turns towards ''FanFic/ShadowsOfTheAzure''... until he took it down.

Available on [[ Tumblr]].

!Tropes associated with him:
* BerserkButton: ''Never'' insult his favorite characters OR make [[MassEffect snide insinuations/disingenuous assertions]] about them ''half-heartedly''. For him, it ''is'' SeriousBusiness. Preventing him to express his liking to these characters aren't recommended either.
** Also saying [[CompleteMonster Terumi Yuuki]]/[[BlazBlue Hazama]] is 'entertaining' and 'hilarious' without much justification can rile him up a bit. For him, that bastard's [[SmugSnake smug disposition]], [[InvincibleVillain invincibility]] and [[MoralEventHorizon crossing the line way too much]] has put him on the same despicable, unforgivable level as [[MegamanZero Dr. Weil]] and [[DigimonSavers Akihiro Kurata]].
* BuxomIsBetter: Most of the time, he likes female characters with big boobs. But... it needs to be combined with [[RapunzelHair some long hair]] to make it on full force liking.
* CatchPhrase: "Ya think?"
* [[FanOfUnderdog Fan of Underdog]]: Many of the characters he liked are characters mostly ignored by the fandom, or in other cases, unjustly hated.
** In a subversion, said Edenian Queen ISN'T his favorite character or lady. But he still felt her unjustly hated.
* FiveStagesOfGrief: Experienced one... but now on Acceptance phase
* SeriousBusiness: Favorite characters.
** OOCIsSeriousBusiness: As far as writing fics goes. He does not like it when characters he knew became OOC because the author just doesn't know.

!Now let the vandalizing begin. Come at me, bros!

No business is too serious. No business is too serious! Also I'm the first one here yay. - @/{{Risetteer}}

ManlyTears! - @/{{Dorkus}}

[[spoiler:k]]eep [[spoiler:u]]p th[[spoiler:e]] g[[spoiler:oo]]d w[[spoiler:o]]rd for L[[spoiler:i]]tch[[spoiler:i]]! Sh[[spoiler:e]] me[[spoiler:an]]s [[spoiler:the]] bes[[spoiler:t]]! g- GIHIHIHIHI! - @/{{Doctor Diabolical}}
* Um, why do you have to speak in spoilers like [[BlazBlue Arakune]]? Thanks anyway.
** 1) 'Cuz he's my fave and 2) because I figured praise in the style of the one Litchi would herself like to hear it from would be fitting. You are welcome!

Good luck with Litchi. I hope a bittersweet ending will be in store for her next game. - Tropers/RawpowerEx
* How about a GOOD EarnYourHappyEnding instead? That's what I hoped.
A Happy ending is good too. Also, don't let Terumi get to you. He's just another guy from fiction. [[ArsonMurderAndJayWalking And I think I just caught your Blazblue fever.]] - Tropers/RawpowerEx

To think my meeting with an awesome guy like you began with a DrStrangelove joke...... @/{{Emperordaein}}

ALL GREEN!! - @/{{EviIPaladin}}


Princess Celestia is best pony.
* But I didn't watch My Little Pony...

[[EmpireAtWar Asteroids ahead! Switch shields to - double front!]] -[[@/{{desdendelle}} Red Leader]]

Here i am, your humble [[StarWars padawan]], follwing the path of SeriousBusiness on beloved charaters - @/{{Akiyoshi}}
* Put simply, thou failed.

I think I got it. Your favourite characters are off-limits. @___@ - @/{{kay4today}}

So if for example you saw a certain Doctor stuck in a Groznyj Grad prison cell after a "night on the town" with that lovely Colonel Volgin, what would you do and how would you help her? -@/{{MightyKombat}}
* Uhm, which doctor? There's a lot of female doctors...
* Why, you're old girlfriend of course. Boobie Lady. ~~~~
* -sigh- There is a fine line of difference between 'favorite female character' and 'girlfriend'. She's the former. You don't want to acknowledge that and still [[NeverLiveItDown never let me live it down]]? Your loss, buddy. -goes back to ''Persona4Arena''-

Hey, Chris. Just want to let you know that I feel your pain, and that the time we spent chatting with each other show that we have a bit more in common with each other than we think. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to hear you out, you know my AIM. - @/{{CerotechOmega}}

I do hope the wedding goes well Chris. Litchi is sure to say yes. But seriously you do realize that Litchi is a collection of pixels fashioned into the shape of a sexy doctor in other words not real and thus has no baring on you or anyone else right?- @/{{StrawberrytheSecond}}
* .... I never said anything about wedding, nor did I plan on marrying a 'collection of pixels that are not real'. What the hell are you talking about? -sigh- You people do love to take a wild jump on conclusions for trolling attempts. Didn't you read the statement above about 'favorite female character' and 'RL girlfriend/wife'? I know the difference. It's not my fault I treat favorite characters with a good deal of attention and there's nothing wrong with it.
* Best wishes to the happy couple. Just try not to get your dick stuck in the disc slot. I wonder what your kids will look like. Should I send out an invitation to miru? He's been considering popping the question to Rouge. He could be your best man! ~ @/{{GameSpazzer}}
** @/{{StrawberrytheSecond}}, @/{{GameSpazzer}}, Stop teasing/trolling him. Just because he just likes a sexy underrated character with boobs (Which I don't a fetish of.) whose "obsession" is to save a blob monster, doesn't mean you have to bash him/her for it. As for my opinion on her, I'm Neutral. - Tropers/{{Troy56}}.
*** Don't even bother, Troy. They can do whatever they like. As far as I'm concerned, all these are happening on their heads, therefore not really mattering to me, so long as I don't personally think like that. Also, Spazzer! If you wanna vandalize, the place is over here, not there!

There you have it. You've been vandalized. Cheers! - @/AmusedTroperGuy

* Well, uh, you're... Devoted. -@/MobileLeprechaun