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Hi, how are you doing? This site is really freaking addicting. I'm a comic book and animation fan. My Sitcom Archnemesis here is JesseBaker. JaimeGumb is also becoming a serious troll here on the Wiki. Be on the lookout for anyone using a variation of "k9feline5".

Laughing all the way at the whiny little b*tches who complain about Red Hood and the Outlaws. They really crack me up. XD. Hell, make that in regards to the whole DCnU. And Lewis Lovhaug is a fucking hack who can't write to save his life.

Currently reading A Complete Turnabout. Also currently playing L.A. Noire & Heavy Rain.

Created pages for:

And am currently mulling over the decision to create a page for Cry For Justice. (Yes, I am a huge comic nerd, but am proud that I'm not a... *ugh* Fan Boy.) Just aquired both Dead Rising 2 AND Last Window. Awesome. Let me say it know: I DO NOT HATE CRY FOR JUSTICE. It is my honest opinion that the hate towards it is largely overreactive. The exact same goes for Rise and Fall. Major contributions to (abridged):

My favorite animated shows that are on right now:
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (To list all the reasons I like this would take too long GOD DAMN IT R.I.P.)
  • Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (Same as above; also, if this show doesn't get those elitists to change their minds about all animation today being sucky, they can blow it out of their asses because then they're just lying.)
  • Regular Show (At least Cartoon Network doesn't have their heads COMPLETELY up their asses... cuz this is awesome)
  • American Dad! (Seth Macfarlane aside, this show at least gives you what you expect as opposed to Family Guy's eventual molting into the political machine.) Also can actually be funny.
    • The Cleveland Show... most of the time. At the very least, it is infinitely more bearable than Family Guy is.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: It's different, but still kickass.
  • Phineas and Ferb (Two words: Totally awesome)

Wiki Vandalism

Rbx 5: Holy crap. Making pages for those two Morrison works alone is quite an undertaking, but to take on the two other Crises as well? Kudos to you good sir/madam.

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