Trivia / When the Wind Blows

  • All-Star Cast: Jim and Hilda were voiced by the likes of Sir John Mills and Dame Peggy Ashcroft, both very popular British character actors. They both won Oscars for supporting roles in in two consecutive David Lean films, Ryan's Daughter for John and A Passage to India for Peggy.
  • Write Who You Know: Jim and Hilda Bloggs were quite probably modeled after Raymond Briggs's own parents, at least if his later comic Ethel and Ernest is any clue. Why anyone would model two characters who die due to radiation sickness after their parents is a mystery, though.
    • This is actually due to the fact that the Bloggs are the protagonists of a previous book that Briggs wrote, Gentleman Jim, which was a study of working class Britain; knowing that, it makes a lot more sense that he would discuss working class people by using his parents as a reference. Also, the Briggs were supposed to be likeable to make it more harsh and anvilicious. The sweetest older people one knows are usually the own parents or grandparents.