Nightmare Fuel / When the Wind Blows

  • The animation used to depict the bombing- showing people being vaporised by the heat and shockwave of the blast, sheep tossed across the countryside like balls of cotton wool, a train blown off the tracks, crashing over the side of a bridge and into the river it's crossing and houses blown apart- all to an utterly chilling and violent death metal score underlying it.
  • When the Bloggses think they can smell roast pork, it's heavily implied to actually be the seared flesh of the dead, cooked by the heat of the blast.
  • Once the bombs have dropped, the Bloggses' naivete creates an incredible sense of horror simply by being juxtaposed against the post-nuclear wasteland.
  • The end of the credits where it pans over the dedication to the children born to the crew during the development of the film (and their futures), there is a type of Morse Code being played. This code stands for M.A.D.- or, Mutually Assured Destruction.