Trivia / Vegas (2012)

  • Fake American:
    • Irish Jason O'Mara as Jack Lamb and Canadian Carrie Ann Moss as Katherine O'Connell.
    • Chinese-American Tzi Ma as Japanese American Hiroshi Watanabe.
  • Screwed by the Network: On March 7, 2013 the show was moved to the Friday Night Death Slot and its original post-NCIS: Los Angeles timeslot on Tuesdays was taken over by Golden Boy. Even worse, CBS kept the series on hiatus till April 5, more than six weeks after the previous new episode. (This was partly due to the NCAA Basketball Tournament, as the early rounds run on a Thursday-Sunday schedule.) As expected, the ratings plunged and as of May 10, 2013 (the day of the finale, no less!) the show has been canceled. Ironically, Golden Boy didn't get a second season either, and at least Vegas didn't end on a cliffhanger.
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