Funny / Vegas (2012)

  • The stupid grin Ralph made in "Money Plays" when he was unloading a shotgun in front of Savino's sedan as he was driving by.
  • The Lamb family couldn't figure out what "LASTUS7" meant in "Money Plays" until Yvonne Sanchez, the Sheriff's office receptionist told them that it meant Las Vegas-Tucson at 7 o'clock. When they looked at the blackboard, Yvonne had to explain it again.
    Jack: "We were suppose to know that?"
  • Jack mocking Dixon for enjoying doing paper work in "The Real Thing".
    Jack: "You said that? Oh, you're an idiot."
  • Grady shrugging his shoulders to defend himself in "The Real Thing" from accusations that he sabotaged the broadcast of the mayoral debates.
  • Dixon and Jack stare at each other in "Estinto", wondering what the hell they were doing at the Savoy.
  • Pretty much every scene in "Road Trip", starting with Vincent and Those Two Guys getting stranded in the desert after their car breaks down on the way to a deal, the henchmen trying to survive the night (one starts randomly shooting in the dark at coyotes while the other spends a considerable amount of time trying to rub sticks together to make fire only to remember that he had his lighter the whole time), the goofy "Wild-West-Show" clothes they pick up at a roadside store, and finally the way the deal goes down when they eventually get there.