Trivia / 28 Days

  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $43 million. Box office, $37,170,488 (domestic), $62,198,945 (worldwide). It opened at number two behind Rules of Engagement and dropped down soon after, likely due to its generally negative reviews.
  • Creator Killer: Screenwriter Susannah Grant, whose other, more successful film that year, Erin Brockovich, opened around the same time, didn't write again until 2005's In Her Shoes.
  • Method Acting: Sandra Bullock would drink up to three cups of espresso before scenes where she'd have shaking attacks.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Sandra Bullock was pretty up front about saying money was the reason she did the film. So much so that the interviewer thought she was kidding, only for her to tell him stone-seriously she was telling the truth.