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Trivia: Tru Calling
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: The penultimate episode features William Sadler as the Victim of the Week that Tru attempts to save.
  • Missing Episode: The final episode wasn't seen by fans in America until Season 2 was released on DVD, because the season was postponed until spring (the episode was set around Christmas).
  • Old Shame: Zach Galifinakis apparently hated the show to the point that it caused him to be a huge Jerkass on the set. Eliza Dushku is also said to have very mixed feelings regarding it.
  • Retroactive Recognition: One episode had Robin Scherbatsky attempting to frame Tru's brother in a plot to murder her estranged husband, Colonel Sheppard.
    • To say nothing of Davis, played by Zachary Galifinakis before he was widely known to the general public
    • Tru's best friend is JJ and her major love interest in the first season, is none other than Neal Caffrey. Major connections to the FBI
    • Jeffrey Dean Morgan appears in one episode as one of the victims asking for Tru's help.
    • One episode has Tru attempting to help a soldier see his estranged girlfriend one last time before his death. Did I mention that said girlfriend happens to be Ramona Flowers?
    • Tru's professor boyfriend cheats on her with Andy McNally
  • Screwed by the Network: Slotted against CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Survivor, cancelled six episodes into the second season, which was then postponed for months - and then the final episode went completely unaired until the Sci-Fi channel picked up the series. One of the worst treatments of a good Spec-Fi show since Firefly... probably less surprising when you learn they aired about a year or two apart on the same network.
  • What Could Have Been: Jensen Ackles was originally going to play Jensen, but had to drop out due to his then-commitment to Smallville.
  • Word Of God: After the show was canceled, one screenwriter posted four liveblog journals detailing the direction the second season arcs were going.

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